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  • Wwe 2k15 Ppsspp Download. WWE 2k16 Game is so popular Sports game which is developed by 2K, Inc.The WWE 2k16 Game is a Wrestling game like WWE 2k, WWE 2k17, WWE 2k18, WWE 2k19 and WWE All-Stars, all these games are so popular wrestling games. This version of WWE is very fabulous because of its high graphics and the simple gameplay.
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Dec 11, 2019 Download WWE 2k19 Android Apk. Download WWE 2k19 OBB File DOWNLOAD. Download WWE 2k19 Save Data. WWE 2k19 Android Overview. As you know that WWE 2k19 professional wrestling Simulation online game developed and published by collaboration amongst Yuke’s and Visual Concepts and published by a famous game corporation of 2K video games.

WWE 2K16 is another part of the best series of games about wrestling. The series has got a long tradition – its beginnings are dated on 2000 with the arrival of WWF Smackdown on the markets. Initially, THQ group developed the series but after the bankruptcy, the rights to the cycle were taken over by the 2K Games Company in 2012. They are responsible for another parts (along with Yuke’s studio. If you want to become a virtual wrestler, WWE 2K16 Download is available to get!

WWE 2K16 Download on PC

The production should appeal to most of the players, even those who are not fans of the discipline presented in this game. This is the exemplary edition that the series develops in the proper direction. As it’s in many regular sports games, we will witness some improvements in terms of gameplay in this one as well. The physics and animations of the players were improved. For example, hair or the sweat on the wrestlers’ bodies look very realistic. What’s more, the system of counters is also worth noting. Now their number is limited. Some players have more, some less. This is where the strategic elements appear. Now, we will start to wonder which moment is the best to perform the counter and it will be difficult, because the mechanics itself are quite challenging. In order to do it, we have to press the right button in the right moment what in the fierce battle will not always be the easiest thing. If you want to check if you are good enough, WWE 2K16 Download will let you test it! Except that, the aiming system was changed. Now, it lets us hit the rival in any part of the body and he will react adequately.
In the game we fight as a professional wrestler, who we create at the beginning. Our rivals are the biggest wrestling legends, the top of the present wrestlers, both male and female former legends. In the specific pantheon we will find, among others, Steve Austin, Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, or Paige and Finn Balor. Some of the raising stars of NXT have found their place as well. What’s more interesting, each figure characterizes with not only appearance but also differed fighting technique or unique moves. One of the positives of this game is the amount of playable characters. In the previous year there were 67 of them. In this year we acquire 120. Detailed and accurate model of athletes deserves praising as well. People who are following the actions of the top of the wrestlers will immediately recognize their idols. Another strong side of this production is soundtrack, especially the announcements and comments of the announcer.

As for game modes offered by the production, the MyCareer mode is still the fundamental mode, in which we develop the self-made player through the ranks. With time, we unlock new moves to ease crushing the enemies in successive duels. Another mode is called 2K Showcase, where we participate in the most iconic wrestling duels. Yet another mode is WWE Universe, where we can freely optimize the game. In addition, we have a lot of interesting choices in multiplayer mode both through the Internet as well as on one console. Prove if you are the greatest virtual wrestler in the world, get your own version of the game thanks to WWE 2K16 Download. WWE 2K16 is currently the best video game about wrestling, so if you are hungry for adrenaline, entertainment, great events and powerful punches, then this position might be a game just for you. WWE 2K16 Download right now and become the battle today!

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Since the days of THQ and Jacks Pacific, the WWE or WWF if you’re from that generation, has always been a subject for video games. Whether it was WWE Smackdown! Here Comes The Pain, Smackdown! Shut Your Mouth or Smackdown vs Raw, there was always a licensed game on hand to let you play as your spandex-wearing heroes. While the licence has changed hands to 2K, the same holds true in today’s gaming landscape. WWE games are still being made on an annual basis and WWE 2K15 was 2015’s attempt at bringing the action of Smackdown and Raw to your TV screens.

This game plays much like a wrestling game like we mentioned above, with a roster of wrestlers to choose from, a story mode to play out, various creation settings and a cavalcade of game modes and match options that make these games capable of providing endless hours of fun.

Wwe 2k15 Zip File Download For Android

At a push, we could say that this game is similar to the UFC game series seeing as the same developer creates this title but nothing really replicates the action present in a licenced WWE title

A Change Of Pace

One thing that you could always count on in these games were matches that were fast-paced, frantic and full of action. However, it seems with the change to current-gen consoles, a change was also made to the pace with which you fight in this game. The controls feel more cumbersome and calculated which in one way provides a sense of realism to the same but on the other hand, it slows the action down and significantly reduces the fun factor.

However, this change in impetus seems to have brought a few fixes to the game. One of which being the various glitches that were present on the PS3 and 360 seemingly being a thing of the past. If only they knew what would happen in WWE 2K20. Occasionally you will have some clipping and physics issues with inanimate objects and weapons but overall, the improvements are welcome.

Wwe 2k15 Zip File Download For Android

A step Backwards

Wwe 2k15 Zip File Download For Android Pc

Since 2K took over proceedings in the production of WWE titles, the story mode has been growing in quality ever since, with more intricate details being added, voice acting being on point, sub-stories and feuds being peppered into the main plot, training and publicity were a factor. There were different stories for those who chose to be heels. Overall it has been a real coming of age story and 2K15 should have been the culmination of all this progress to produce a masterclass in entertainment.

What we got, however, was a bland story with a handful of side plots that were uninspired or interesting. A few additional details beyond the necessary and the main plot that is streamlined to the point that it’s oversimplified and just plain boring. There is the showcase mode that allows you to recreate the most amazing moments in WWE history but even this feels a little stale and some inclusions just seem thoughtless and the omissions seem even more so.

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Cutting content

There seems to be a reason why the story mode seemed so simplistic and streamlined. The whole game has picked the previous sequel for parts. The creation mode has been scaled back drastically, with no way to create custom stories, custom belts or even a female wrestler which is baffling, even five years ago.

Even the match types have taken a hit from the previous year’s roster, with matches such as the ‘I Quit’ match, the elimination match and the four-man hell in a cell match all being canned. This even translates to the wrestling cast with names of the time like Sin Cara and Zach Rider inexplicably not making the cut. It just seems like 2K wasn’t ready or prepared for the step-up to next-gen and made cuts to fill in the cracks.

Stop the Damn Match!

This game has some strong points in the form of its graphical detail and showcase matches. It has some divisive assets such as its slower-paced action. Though, what stands out above all is the abundance of weak points with this title.

There is a severe lack of personalisation or creation that can be done within this title which is a staple of the series. There are so many cutbacks to make the step up to next-gen, the story mode is the weakest in years and above all, its just not as fun as it was merely a year ago.

WWE games have a rich history of titles that deliver some of the most fun moments in gaming history. However, we reckon you’ll struggle to find a moment like that with this game.


  • Graphically, a step up
  • Glitches are less common
  • Showcase matches can be really interesting


Wwe 2k15 Apk Download Free

  • Story mode, creation mode, modes and rosters have all been cut back
  • The gameplay feels much more sluggish

Wwe 2k16 Android Free Download

Overall rating: 5.5
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