Windows Xp Confirmation Id Code

To format and install Windows XP, read our tutorial 'Windows XP - Format and reinstall'.

Nova chat editor for mac. To activate 'Windows XP', there are several methods. Either by Internet or by telephone.

Windows Xp Confirmation Id Code
  • To be honest I never activated an installation of Windows XP legitimately, with one major reason being I'm located in China where codes like MRX3F can be found online everywhere. I'm not advocating piracy but the truth is, no one cares about this 2001-era antique anymore, so most likely you'll find any working solution satisfactory.
  • HOWEVER, I found a really nice method to activate Windows XP that doesn't requiere any software or search for new keys. Basically, some guy cracked the private key used to sign the hash of the product key, and made a keygen for WinXP and Server 2003 keys.

By p.j.hutchison 17 years ago In reply to Confirmation ID The Product ID is supplied on the back of the packaging for the XP CD (if its a retail version). Its a Yellow Sticker with a Key picture. In this example, Windows Explorer in Windows XP confirms each read-only file during a bulk file move. Better just to copy the read-only files without asking, or postpone handling these files and present the confirmation at the end of the task.

Note : When you format your computer and you reinstalled Windows the same, it is possible that the Internet activation does not work. You will need to use the method by phone to reactivate your Windows.

Windows Xp Confirmation Id Code

Go to 'Start Menu -> All Programs' and click 'Activate Windows'. If you do not see this line then is that your Windows is already activated.

If you did not enter the serial number of Windows XP during the installation, the wizard will ask you now. If this is the case, enter it and click the 'Update' button.
Note : If you do not have Internet, you can activate by phone by clicking on the 'Phone' button.

Get Windows Confirmation Id

If Internet activation is not working, it is possible that this is not the first time you installed Windows XP. In this case, you have to activate by phone.
Select the Country where you are and call a phone number 2 is displayed. For information, toll (free) works only from a landline phone.
In 2 cases you will come across an answering machine that you require :
- Choose your language : French 1 for
- If you are an individual or a professional : one for individual
- The number of computers on which you installed this copy of Windows : default 1
- ..

Then the system prompts you to enter the numbers shown in step 3 (Group 1 , Group 2, .. and the last group). If everything goes well, you will hear the following message : 'Your input has been accepted now please enter confirmation ID starting with the group A'. If you misunderstood group or you do not follow the numbers dictate by the responder you can press the '*' key on your phone to make him repeat the current group, otherwise press '# (hash)' key to go to next group. Once the confirmation ID entered, click 'Next'.

Windows Xp Product Code Keys

Normally, you should see the following message : 'Your copy of Windows has been activated'. Click 'OK' to exit the window.

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