Ultrasonic Library Arduino For Proteus 8 Professional

Ultrasonic Library Arduino For Proteus 8 Cracked Arduino Ultrasonic Sensor library for Proteus As the name implies, ultrasonic sensors employ sound waves to measure the distance between the sensor’s position and an object placed in front of it. This video is about the interfacing of ultrasonic sensor with Arduino in the proteus software,i will guide u if u need help. Ultrasonic sensor normally used is HC-SR04, which is also used here in this library. Let’s get started with Ultrasonic Sensor Library for Proteus, Ultrasonic Sensor Library for Proteus using which you can easily simulate this Ultrasonic sensor in Proteus and can also interface it with Arduino boards. Components we need is: Arduino Uno R3.

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The HC-SR04 is a popular ultrasonic distance sensor that is used in project designs to measure distance. I have used it to design a distance measurement device and also a water level indicator using Arduino. But, do you know you can simulate ultrasonic sensor projects on Proteus before carrying out the real design? Watch the video below and see how it is done.

To do that, you should have Proteus already installed on your computer system, then add Arduino and ultrasonic sensor libraries to the Proteus library folder, once you have done that, you open Proteus and draw the circuit diagram as shown below.

You must make sure that the virtual terminal has same baud rate as the Arduino code as explained in the video, to see how to do that and how to upload the Arduino code to the virtual Arduino used on the Proteus watch the video above. The Arduino code for the simulation is shown below.

You can as well check out other nice Proteus simulation videos like: how to simulate a step-down transformer, how to simulate Arduino on Proteus.


This library is for the HC-SR04 ultrasonic ranging module . The module is very easy use , now with the library , user just need a function then he can get the distance .

Ultrasonic Library Arduino For Proteus 8 Professional Product

Library includes 3 functions for user :

Arduino in proteus

Ultrasonic(int TP, int EP)

This is a initial function for ultrasonic ranging module, choose the pins for module Trig and Echo pin. You need using this function before Setup() to define the pin map.example: Ultrasonic(13,12);then you define the digital pin 13 of Arduino for the Trig pin of HC-SR04. And the pin 12 for Echo pin.

long Timing()

Trigger the ultrasonic ranging module work and return the duration that Echo pin keep high level.example: long time; Ultrasonic hcsr; time = hcsr.Timing();Then you start the HC-SR04 for ranging and you get the time the Echo pin keep high, you can change the time corresponds to the distance : Distance = ((Duration of high level)*(Sonic :340m/s))/2

long Ranging(int sys)

Ultrasonic Library Arduino For Proteus 8 Professional Free

If you don't want to change the time into distance yourself , this function will help you get the distance immediate. And the function has a parameter sys, you can use CM or ICN , than you get the distance show as centimeter or inch. This function will call the Timing() and you don't need to use the Timing() before it.example: long distance; Ultrasonic hcsr; distance = hcsr.Ranging(CM);

Proteus 8 Professional Library

;) Hope it help.

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