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When you think of the most iconic titles of the PS1 era, the minds of many players would jump to platformers, RPGs, racers or fighting games. These were the genres that led the way throughout this time. However, there were a few games that broke the mould, offering a new experience unlike any other. Twisted Metal was one such franchise that did that. This game would introduce the gaming community to the destruction derby genre, a genre that to this day, is still led by the Twisted Metal franchise.

This game forged a genre for itself meaning that at the time of release, there weren’t many games like it. However, since then some games have surfaced which are comparable. These would be games like WWE Crush Hour, Destruction Derby, Full Auto, Carmageddon, Death Rally and Roadkill. This series may not garner the same fan attention as it did back in the day. However, in its day, this game was a real fan favourite. We find out why in our review of Twisted Metal.

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Chaos and Carnage


If we were to sum up Twisted Metal in one sentence, it would be that this game is a fighting game where you control cars instead of humans. If you’ve ever seen the destruction derbies that take place in America, you’ll understand this concept very well. This usually involves drivers tactically crashing into opponents until they are the last car standing. Well, Twisted Metal takes this concept and gives the player a wealth of over the top and violent options to make this a reality.The player gains access to rocket launchers, machine guns, elemental effects, land mines, flamethrowers and much more to take out the competition. With the overall goal of being the last car in the arena that hasn’t exploded into little pieces. It is a wacky concept that offers fun and fast-paced gameplay which while not the deepest or nuanced we have ever seen, still provides hours of fun.

Motorised Mayhem

The game offers a wide range of vehicles to choose from, including monster trucks, police cars and clown-themed ice cream vans to share a few with you. Plus, the game offers a variety of different areas to battle in too, all within the Los Angeles area. These stages are well designed and offer enough variety in layout to provide a different challenge each time you play through a stage. However, what we will say is that these stages are in short supply. You can easily power through all six stages in a matter of hours, so in terms of value for money, the campaign mode for this game leaves the player wanting more.

However, when you take into account the replay value and the multiplayer aspects of this title, the shortcomings of the campaign mode become less of an issue. The pick-up and play battle modes the game provides lend themselves to long multiplayer sessions with pals.

The Verdict

Overall, Twisted Metal is a genre-defining title and for good reason. This type of game lives and dies by its gameplay and thankfully, that’s where this game excels. The vehicle, weapon and arena variety add to the replayability, the multilayer functionally means that this game is one you can share with friends. Plus, although it is short, the campaign mode is fun too thanks to the aggressive AI and the subtle story aspects.

Sure, this game hasn’t aged brilliantly, but as a piece of gaming history, Twisted Metal deserves your respect and if you have never witnessed this game first hand, we would urge you to treat yourself to some motorised mayhem.

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  • Gameplay is fun and fast paced
  • Vehicle, weapon and level variety adds a replayability factor


  • Story mode is too short
  • Visuals show their age
Overall rating: 8

Another game in this franchise is nothing spectacular. What's interesting about Twisted Metal 4 is that it serves more as a sequel to the third installment. Contract disputes with former developers lead to the games getting a bit of a reboot, so to speak. If you're a fan - I wouldn't worry too much - it's near impossible for vehicle-based games to stray too far from their core values.

Twisted Metal 4 is yet another rock 'em, sock 'em auto mayhem game that preys on the fantasies of petrolheads everywhere. Nothing much ever changes in these games, so one would think that players would get a bit tired with each release. We'll see if there's anything at all that keeps this franchise fresh in the fourth offering.

The Creepy Clown Returns

I, like many, have a bit of disdain for the characters centered around Twisted Metal - those creepy clowns. They do give you the shivers whenever they come on the screen - but perhaps that is part of the intrigue in the series. The fourth game features a clown named Sweet Tooth passionate about the Twisted Metal competition that rival clown Calypso runs. Low and behold, he takes over the tournament, and mayhem ensues.

Like all the other games - you'll be presented with a selection of suped-up vehicles to choose from. Each with their own unique abilities to head forth and unleash fury on the other cars in the arena. It's pretty straightforward - a choice between a competitive tournament and a deathmatch will test our skills as top dogs in the Twisted Metal trade.

While the romping vehicle destruction is fun - the controls still feel a little stiff. There are improvements from its predecessors, including physics, visuals, and overall gameplay tweaks. Also, not forgetting the addition of Rob Zombie as a playable character! Of course, the narrative is a little crazier - which is entertaining - but like many games of the genre, Twisted Metal 4 becomes stale pretty quickly.

What the game accomplishes - it serves well as a thrilling destructive battler should you have a few moments to kill. It's also great as a brainless party game. If you're hoping to immerse yourself in plotlines and find challenges with a good learning curve, you're not going to get much out of it. Every Twisted Metal game only tends to take baby steps outside its tried and tested format, and there's little change in the fourth installment.

Cars Go Boom

While newcomers may not take much interest in the Twisted Metal franchise - there are some dedicated fans. The developers seem to appreciate that hardcore players aren't too interested in any heavy-set mechanical or gameplay features and additions. They only seek the intensity, destruction, and bizarre narratives that come with each game.

Twisted Metal 4 does only that - it's vehicle combat for fans - not really anyone else. It's a fun as a party game - but simply shelved after a couple of hours. The game only narrowly beats out the entertainment value of competitors such as the Vigilante series. Honestly, I'd give it a miss if you're looking for a vehicle game that will deliver the ultimate thrill.


  • Sharper visuals and more refined vehicle combat
  • The bizarre narrative that surprisingly works with the gameplay
  • Great for parties as you can get stuck in straight away

Acdsee system all products keygen generator. Cons:

  • Control schemes are a little stiff
  • Gameplay gets boring after a couple hours
  • Not much offered in the way of customization

Twisted Metal Game Download For Android Emulator

Overall rating: 6
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