Toyota Touch And Go Software Download

Latest version V14.10.020 Toyota TIS Techstream has been tested and verified working on issue by engineer.

Software version: V14.10.028

(Crack version. No Activation)

Year / Date of Release : 04.2019
Operation system: Windows 7- Windows 10 32 bit/64 bit

Download Toyota and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎Toyota app was developed to provide a convenient way to stay connected and informed about your vehicle. The Toyota app supports 2010 or newer Toyota vehicles and for Hawaii customers, 2018 or newer Toyota vehicles.

Multi-language: English/Chinese/French/German/Italian/Japanese/Spanish

Description : Toyota/Lexus/Scion diagnostic software.


Toyota Teschstream 14.10.028 has been tested OK with:

Mini VCI cables (SV46-D, SV46-D1), Mangoose VCI and Vxdiag Vcx Nano for Toyota

Free Download Toyota Techstream V14.10.028 Software

How to install Toyota Techstream 14.10.028 software?

Step 1: Install Setup
Open software CD

Open Techstream_V14.10.028 folder

Copy and paste Techstream_SetupNA_V14.10.028 to desktop
Run Techstream setup on desktop

Select setup language

Install Techstream InstallSheild Wizard
Press Next
Accept license agreement

Enter customer information, User Name: AADD, Company name: toyota, press Next

Install the program


Step 2: Install driver

Run MVCI Driver for Toyota-Cable 2.0.1

Install Mini VCI driver for Toyota TIS, press Next

Ready to install

Finish driver installation

Step 3: Crack Techstream
Open Techstream software on the desktop

If windows gives a Java Runtime error, press No to ignore.
Launch Techstream 14.10.028 software

If techstream requires a registration key, press Cancel

Select Setup tab->VIM Select, select interface: Xhorse-MVCI

Open readme.txt on software CD

Copy Techstream.exe”/395070/VM:1

Right click Techstream Properties on desktop

Replace MainMenu.exe by Techstream.exe”/395070/VM:1 in Target area

Then Apply

Step 4: Install Device Driver

Connect Mini VCI J2534 cable with laptop

Installing device driver software

Open MVCI Firmware Update Tool
Read Device Info
Device connected

Step 5: Run Techstream

Open Techstream software on the desktop
Initializing USB communication

Read vehicle information and confirm

Toyota Touch & Go And Go Toolbox Software Download

Start diagnose vehicle

Toyota Touch And Go Software Downloads

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The software update that enables Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support on select Toyota models is finally ready, and it has reached the web on several forums.

Toyota Touch And Go software download, free

Before checking out all details, it’s important to remind that Toyota recommends owners to upgrade their head units at authorized dealerships and to avoid doing the whole thing on their own.
First and foremost, a post on a Spanish forum reveals that the retrofit Apple CarPlay and Android Auto update is available for both the head units with navigation and those without it installed in European models.
The updating process, however, is different in each case – one method involves three different USB sticks that would first prepare the system for the update, then install the new multimedia software, and eventually enable Android Auto and CarPlay.
Up to this point, several Corolla owners have confirmed they updated their head units using the steps and the files provided on the page we linked above.
At first glance, updating the software and enabling Android Auto and CarPlay on a supported Toyota model isn’t really rocket science, albeit there are things that could go wrong.
Someone on the forums says they ended up bricking their head units and the dealership allegedly estimated the cost of the repairs at over 2,000 Euros (nearly $2,400). Others say they managed to update their head units but CarPlay and Android Auto weren’t activated for some reason.
No matter if the update is successful or not, the process can take up to 40 to 50 minutes, so make sure you give it enough time to complete should you decide to eventually try out the whole thing.
As far as the authorized Toyota dealerships are concerned, they seem to claim that the official update would become available for their clients in September or October. The new USB drives for the update have reportedly been ordered already, but it could still take a few more weeks until the new software version can be installed on the first cars.
For now, if you don’t want to take any risk and update the head unit on your own, it’s probably better to wait for your local dealership to get the new software version. At this moment, it seems we’re just a few weeks away from the point this is supposed to happen.
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