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23.05.18 Release Total Commander 9.20 beta 4 (32/64)
23.05.18 Fixed: TC main window didn't flash when clicking on it when a dialog box was open (32)
23.05.18 Fixed: Update of OneDrive overlay icon (cloud) for files available only online didn't always work (64)
22.05.18 Fixed: Compare by content: After clicking on 'Next difference' in binary mode, restore status bar to 'X differences found' (32/64)
22.05.18 Fixed: Wrong icon was shown for files with no chosen associated program: Instead of 'PerceivedType', use first entry from 'OpenWithProgIDs' subkey (32/64)
22.05.18 Fixed: New string 'Invalid input!' in attributes dialog wasn't used with internal English language (32/64)
22.05.18 Added: FTP: Allow to choose connection method via prefix: ftpes:// forces explicit ssl (AUTH TLS), while ftpis:// fources implicit ssl (encrypted from the start) (32/64)
22.05.18 Fixed: Command line edit control: cd pathfilename didn't place cursor on file, but showed read error instead with IgnoreDirErrors=1 (32/64)
21.05.18 Added: Use Shift+F7 to create directory in target panel, using the name under the cursor from the source panel as the default (32/64)
21.05.18 Fixed: Change attributes: Couldn't enter a time with 59 minutes, e.g. 23:59 (32/64)
21.05.18 Fixed: When copying/moving/renaming a file, show 'Invalid name' error when Windows reports an invalid name or path (error 123 or 161) (32/64)
20.05.18 Fixed: Incorrect decoding of multi-part MIME file where the individual file header 'Content-Transfer-Encoding' came before the header 'Content-Type' (32/64)
20.05.18 Fixed: Change attributes: Also report a time like 24:30 as an error. Allowed are 00:00:00-23:59:59 plus 5:00a/p or am/pm (am/pm is ignored for times >=13:00) (32/64)
18.05.18 Added: Multi-rename tool: Include [f] option also in dropdown list (Alt+'+') (32/64)
18.05.18 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: Translation of 'English in Titles' wasn't changed when changing language, only after restarting TC (32/64)
18.05.18 Fixed: FTP, edit two or more text files (with F4) from two or more different directories, save all within less than 1 second -> sometimes one was still re-uploaded to wrong directory, with error that server is busy (32/64)
18.05.18 Fixed: Create CRC checksums, no options checked: CRC for existing checksum file wasn't created when the user changed the name in the overwrite confirmation dialog (32/64)
18.05.18 Fixed: No overwrite confirmation when copying a file which can only be read as administrator (elevated) from a directory which can be read without admin rights (32/64)
18.05.18 Fixed: cm_RenameOnly would rename the file under the cursor instead of the selection when only a single file was selected (32/64)
18.05.18 Fixed: Change attributes: Load from target file could only be invoked via hotkey, not via click on the button (32/64)

Total Commander in Format. Contribute to rddim/TotalCommanderPortable development by creating an account on GitHub. Total Commander license file is a file manager for Windows replacement that offers multiple language support, Total Commander search, file comparison, directory synchronization, quick view panel with bitmap display, ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, UC2, TAR, GZ, CAB, ACE archive handling plus plugins, built-in FTP client with FXP, HTTP proxy support, and more. June 10, 2021: Total Commander 10.00 final (32+64 bit) for Windows released June 24, 2021: Total Commander 3.23 final for Android released October 13, 2019: Secure FTP client (FTP over SSL/TLS) broken by recent Windows update. Features in Total Commander 10.00 now include. Free total commander 9.21a wincmd.key download software at UpdateStar - Total Commander is an Explorer replacement for Windows. Total Commander is an Explorer.

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  • 64-bit+32-bit combined download (Windows 95 up to Windows 10, 32-bit AND 64-bit machines!)
  • Insecure downloads via http: 32-bit64-bit64-bit+32-bit combined


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  • Techspot (32+64bit and separate 32/64bit)
  • Softpedia (32+64bit and separate 32/64bit)
  • Straightvisions Germany (english page, 32+64bit and separate 32/64bit)
  • (Polish software site, 32+64bit and separate 32/64bit)
  • (Polish page, separate 32/64bit)
  • page, separate 32/64bit)
  • (Russian page, 32+64bit and separate 32/64bit)
  • (Russian software site, separate 32/64 bit)
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    • To update, please download the shareware/demo version from above, then follow the free update/upgrade instructions from any previous version!

    Using Total Commander on an Apple Mac?

    • You can use a Windows emulator like Vmware fusion, Parallels or Crossover for Mac to use Total Commander on an Apple Mac computer.

    • Or try Commander One - Free File Manager for Mac OS X with PRO Pack of additional features for advanced file management. Aimed to be an alternative of Total Commander for Mac users.

    • Or CRAX Commander, which makes it easier for true fans of TC to migrate from Windows to Mac. CRAX Commander makes possible browsing archives as folders, connecting to FTP / SFTP, multi-renaming files, navigating in app using TC shortcuts and much more.

    • DCommander for Mac OS X is another great alternative for Mac Users. It includes everything you would expect from an advanced dual-pane file manager, including FTP, SCP, archive browser, synchronization and more, all with minimal memory usage and multi-language support.

    • Nimble Commander for Mac OS X is a 2 panel file manager especially for power users:
      - External Tools integration support: Quickly open any application with a variety of parameters based on the current focus/selection/path, etc.
      - External Editors can be used with any virtual file system, and changed files will be uploaded back.

    New: Total Commander for Android and Windows Phone/Mobile/CE!

    Total Commander 9.21 Key Generator

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