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Click the 'Install Game' button to initiate the file download and get compact download launcher. Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game. Released in 2001, third-person action adventure game The Mummy Returns was inspired by the story of the movie of the same name.

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There are some things in this world which are doomed to failure before they were even dreamt of by some mad inventor in his squalid laboratory. Things like mint-flavoured peas, ying-yang shaped coffee tables, or a toothbrush that doubles as an earwax remover. It applies to computer games as well; decent Playstation ports come once every century and good film license conversions are so rare, they're a protected species. So when a port from a Playstation game, which also happens to be a film license comes along, it should, by all the laws of common sense, be an absolute disaster. Nothing in the history of videogames, or indeed in the history of anything, ever, says this is a good idea and it's going to work. So why have Rebellion, respected developers of the more than respectable Alien vs. PredatorFiat can km tool download. , made the game? Answers on a postcard to: Rebellion's Big Bulging Bank Account, Switzerland.

Cynicism and possible lawsuits aside, The Mummy is a game aimed fairly and squarely at the younger audience, and as a result isn't particularly suitable for anyone over the age of seven. This is a tad unfortunate because ELSPA have given it an 11+ rating. Anyway, if you've read this far, I suppose you'll want to know more about the game.


The Mummy follows the basic plot and characters from the film. You are Rick O'Connell, a Foreign Legionnaire who narrowly escapes with his life from a battle raging above the ancient and deserted city of Hamunaptra. He later returns with Egyptologist Evelyn Carnahan and her treasure-obsessed brother Jonathan. The adventure begins when Evelyn reads from the Book of the Dead and accidentally reawakens Imhotep, a long-dead Egyptian bad guy who commands his army of mummies to wreak havoc on O'Connell and the crew who delve deeper and deeper into the pyramid.

As you might expect, the story is largely ignored and takes a distant second place to the Tomb Raider -esque running and jumping antics which dominate the game. But if you're looking for a spiritual successor to Tomb Raider, then you're bound to be disappointed. Yes, you run about a lot shooting bad guys, yes you have to jump from ledge to ledge quite a bit as well, but for all its Lara-like pretensions, The Mummy falls short by a long distance.

The first disappointment comes with the graphics. Now, the poor graphics on Playstation ports are nothing new, but when games like Sacrifice, Giants and Severance have graphics so sweet, they'd melt in your mouth, the downright ugliness of The Mummy becomes more apparent and even more inexcusable. Textures are bland and lifeless with a ridiculously low resolution, the real-time lighting is prehistoric and the animation is, frankly, a joke. O'Connell runs like he's in a Charlie Chaplin movie, with back ramrod straight, knees kicking up to his stomach and arms at perfect right angles. Tell him to run at max speed and he just ducks his head down and waves his arms and legs around faster, which looks as silly as it sounds.

Backing away from enemies is also a waste of time because your character walks backwards at the heady speed of ten feet per hour, which often means you get chewed up in no time. Footprints look like someone slapped a black and white .pcx file where his feet went, but perhaps the worst offence of them all, is the sudden drop into darkness. Yes, I know this is supposed to be a pyramid and any light is blocked out by thousands of tons of stone, but why can you see perfectly for about 15ft and the rest of the world is plunged into darkness? My (ill) educated guess would be that it's to keep up the framerate on the ageing Playstation.

But poor graphics don't necessarily make for a poor game. Just look at Civilization - when I first started playing that I thought catapults were really offensive quill pens, but it was a cracking game none the less. Unfortunately The Mummy falls down on just about every other element, as well.

The Controls?

Yes, the controls. You see, whereas on the PSX, you had a nice little joypad to twirl your character around, with the PC, you've got a big, unwieldy keyboard. Now this is fine for first-person shooters, flight sim's and strategy games, but for stuff like this, you really want a joypad. Trouble is, you can't use one in The Mummy. No problem, you think, I'll configure the controls. Sorry, you can't do that either. You have to use the default controls that straddle the length and depth of the entire keyboard. Mavis Beacon would have a fit if she had to play this. There is an option to use the mouse, but I'm not even going to go there.

Combine this with the tacky animation and you've got some really serious control issues, especially when you throw in the dodgy collision detection. Problems arise when the ground is anything other than spirit level flat. Should a bump appear, no matter how tiny, you'll have to jump over it. To put this into perspective for a moment, there are even some cases where you can't climb the stairs the level designers put in for you to climb. Which all begs the question why they included a room with bobbing tiles on the floor? So you could get stuck on half of them?

Well what about the gameplay?

The gameplay? Repetitive, frustrating and exceedingly difficult, especially when you consider its target audience. The Mummy, like so many games of late, has no mid-level save function. This will put a lot of people off straight away - which is a good thing, but it needn't be like that! Implemented properly, the lack of an in-game save can add tension and greater immersion in the game, but get it wrong, and the player will end up going over and over the same piece of ground more times than even the most masochistic of gamers wants to. Throw in the fact that every level contains the same old stuff over and over again anyway, and you end up with a very monotonous experience. Most of the time you simply have to kill a certain number of enemies until you can progress, with no explanation as to why.

The reason it's really frustrating has more to do with the difficulty of the game. You see, it's extremely difficult to avoid being hit by the mummies and they have a tendency to gang up on you. Things aren't so bad one-on-one but it's more often five-to-one and you've rarely got enough ammunition for your weapons to keep them at bay. This means you have to resort to your close combat weapons which are about as offensive as a toothpick.

Ok, how about the AI?

These are mummies; they're the living dead. They have no brains, no consciousness, and more often than not they don't have all their limbs, either. Having said that, though, they do seem rather toodense. Now obviously you can't expect them to act like they were members of a SWAT team in their past life, but there are certain standards. For instance, many are convinced they can walk through solid stone to get to you. They can't, of course, but they're determined little buggers and won't stop trying. They do have some manners, though. It's not often, but now and again a mummy is polite enough to let you see off his friend before he starts his attack. Very gentlemanly.

So, it's crap then?

It's not often this happens, but now and again I genuinely struggle to find good points about a game. The humour in the cut-scenes isn't bad; when Evelyn wants to open the Book of the Dead (which is the start of their problems), O'Connell asks her 'And that would be good because..?' The musical score is pretty enjoyable too, but I've got more than a sneaking suspicion that it's been ripped from the film.

It really would have been pleasing if The Mummy broke the mould and actually turned out to be rather good. It certainly had the developers to do it but, as it happens, it ended up being just as bad as most people expected it to be. Graphics, animation and controls aside, The Mummy is too dull and repetitive for the hardcore gamer, and yet too hard and unrewarding for young children. Not recommended.

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Comments and reviews

Mummy player2021-07-080 point

Not a great game, but worth it if you have played when a child then it is worth it.
about 6 hours long

cooaki2021-06-012 points

I love this game

lunatic soul2021-05-241 point

for guys who have doubt regarding this, first you have to download both nocd file and the mummy file iso version..then youll have to extract the downloaded mummy file..youll have to right click the file and there will be an option called extract to mummy win en iso version then youll have to click the extracted file and there will be some icon ,read me etc..there you will have to click 'launcher' and the game will work..

J.D.2020-10-210 point

a side from childhood nostalgia, it's surprisingly decent movie tie-in game, a very underrated game and also might be the only good 'The Mummy' tie-in game since the sequel games don't come even close. the settings took a while with the 'non-disc' downloaded exe file to play it properly. the only down-side is that my PC (Windows 10) can't do full-screen mode otherwise it crashes, but in window-mode the game works perfectly. the keyboard layout are weirdly placed, but thankfully its easy to get used to them. the audio/voice and sound effects are properly intact (no need to play with the setting for audio fix) and it's magic to my ears to hear the late Jerry Goldsmith's musical score. the PC version is the best way to play this game. it plays, sounds and looks so much better then the more common inferior 'PlayStation 1' version (which looks and plays like garbage). fans of the first 2 mummy movies and maybe classic Tomb Raider will enjoy this underrated game.

Yogya Dhand2020-10-18-3 points

How to play the game full screen when we start the game a blue border comes . how to remove it please help.

Madhu2020-10-140 point

@CZIN..u need to download the game and no cd file too.after downloaded install the same,once done installation do not open the launch file just open the no cd folder and copy the game icon first then paste the same where the game installed will ask copy and replace u select replace and then run the launch file then it will work out

Dev2020-09-051 point

Game fast run kare Che jethi game no audio let chale che

SeLaMeT2020-08-151 point

The game works fine on the pc and we have the chance to play 1080p thanks to those who edit and publish :)

silambarasan M2020-08-030 point

the start button is disable after installation of THE MUMMY GAME. plz anyone clarity my doubt....

Shanface2020-07-190 point

It says incorrect cd... don't worry..just download NOCD zip file

Czin2020-07-16-2 points

it says insert the Cd help please

SUDESH2020-06-150 point


Poornanand India2020-05-311 point

Its not working, where i will get the full version

Nicolas abel de Oliveira2020-05-050 point

Eu adoro o filme a múmia e muito legal eu gosto mais do Rick o connel ele é brabo

ADI&SWATI2020-04-222 points

The game was working fine yesterday, no issues with the cd thing. But today when I am starting it, it's asking to insert the correct CD. Can someone help me? it worked fine yesterday.
Please help

Ricky2020-04-221 point

Keyboard not working after starting the game

Adi&Swati2020-04-21-1 point

Thank you so so much for The Mummy game with music. We had been searching it for almost a decade now., but always something was missing. Actually a blessing in disguise during this great lockdown.! Thanks a lot. Esp to the user RAJKUMAR for explaining the no cd thing.

Rajkumar2020-04-210 point

Game is play in my PC
When we install game after generate in desktop
(mummy) game exe short cut
after I right click on Mummy.exe Properties after
open file location
recopy on MummyPc
now can play Game from pc
without any insert CD
Download NOCD from this patel (size 414 kb)

aman2020-04-181 point

it is a asking a cd plese with out cd
plese help me

The Mummy Returns Game Free Download For Android

jj2020-04-171 point

its very good

Avinash2020-04-09-1 point

Dear sir it's error that insert the currect CD. Please help me

deepak saini2020-04-04-1 point

very short fani game

james2020-04-022 points

in my game start button its not working

Niks2020-04-020 point

How can I create CD for this game with existing extract I have.

shanu2020-03-261 point

nice game

Epstein dindt k*lled himself2020-03-17-1 point

Guy i have the solution
Download the 'No CD' extra along with the game
Extract it and you will see a .exe file
copy the exe file to the game folder and overwrite the original game exe with it.
Just like a crack.
Baixe o arquivo 'No CD' junto com o jogo.
Extraia e vc vai ver um arquivo .exe
copie o arquivo exe para a pasta contendo o jogo e substitua o exe original por esse novo
como se fosse um crack normal.

Abdullah2020-03-111 point

Ineed to find the answer about
Insert correct CD

shaikh2020-03-010 point

i want the this game how can download please help me

naas2020-01-282 points


To use this shorts in the game, press down and then press the S button. Ea sport cricket 2017 download. To play a lofted shot, press and hold the S button while moving.6.

Something2019-12-220 point

It says to insert the correct CD
What should I do?

The Mummy Returns Video Game

Chinni2019-12-030 point

Super game.

Victor Leal Souza2019-10-122 points

não consigo entrar no jogo nassa desgrassa desse computador da desgrassa o que eu faço pra entrer no jogo e me diz logo

prem2019-09-290 point

i failed to setup the game please help me

Victor Leal Souza2019-09-280 point

Não estou conseguindo intalar o jogo The mummy no pc

Guardian16762019-09-020 point

Subtitles are not synchronized with audio and video

elle2019-07-101 point

this didnt work

Ladiesman2172019-06-080 point

Finally got the real game.

download mummy2019-05-164 points

i love da mummy

XD242019-04-270 point

Thanks admin. Even tpbt didn't find the correct one. ????

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