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Device Overview

Name/Version:Somnitecs 4.1 surround panner 1.1
Description:A surround panner inspired by djatlas and kodamapixel.
Fixed the 'dip in middle' problem, made it automatable, and used .remote~ instead of .object so the undo history won't be clogged
This is a M4L device that allows a 4.1 setup with Abelton Live. Next to this device, you'll need to create 4 return channels. On earch channel you assign the 'Audio To'->'Ext. Out' to the coresponding outputs on your audio interface. Also set 'Audio To'->'Sends Only' on each channel you use this device on, to avoid problems.
V1.1 update:
Panner is midi controllable
Updated interface
Decreased CPU load
I've been trying to allow the recording of automation from the device, but can't seem to do it without clogging the system..

  • All Things Ableton: Live, Push, and Max. Our new 5.1 surround panner. Posted by 6 years ago. Our new 5.1 surround panner.
  • Sennheiser just released a free binaural panner plugin designed for mixing sound in a 3D space. This plugin is straightforward to use with a clean interface and simple controls. The idea is to place sounds within a 3D field of space without losing any quality in the overall sound, and AMBEO accomplishes this quite gracefully. This tool is specially designed to work with your surround sound.
  • Surround Paneer Ableton Download Free. Disk Space (in MB): 200. Memory: 16GB Sample Rate Support. 48kHz Dolby Atmos HT-RMU Software: Please contact RSPE for hardware and software requirements Cakewalk Sonar (RIP) had already up to 7.1 Surround mixing included.

Device Details

Live Version Used:8.2.1
Max Version Used:5.1.7
Date Added:Jan 09 2011 17:43:12
Date Last Updated:Dec 28 2011 08:27:02
Average Rating (1) 3
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Device Type:audio_device
URL (optional):
License (more info):AttributionShareAlike

Shift + cmd + I is a game changer for an overdub based workflow in Session View. /cara-aktivasi-windows-7-dengan-windows-loader-extreme/. Wish I found it sooner. For example a 4 bar Drum Rack Loop is playing and you to add some elements. Hit Shift + cmd + I, all playing clips are copied and already switched to the next scene, everything without hitting cmd+d and stopping the track.

Device Files

Device File:Somnitecs 4.1 panner v1.1.amxd


Thanks for this device! But other than drawing in automation how else can I can control the panner? Is there a way to assign L/R and F/B to knobs with midi? Thank you!

Awesome device. How can I assign the panner to MIDI and hows the 7.1 edition coming along? I would love to be able to use ableton extensively with my 7.1 rear surround music. Thanks again.
Posted on October 02 2011 by roninmbattousai (report)

Updated! Allowed the midi assigning.
A 7.1 version will have to wait, as I don't have a setup to test it with.

works great - thanks!

would love to be able to do clip automation - works fine in arrangement view, but not in clips.

Great plugin!!
Question: It seems like I can?t record automation moving around the little circle. The automation is only recorded when I move the triangles for Front/back and Left/Right balance which isn't enough for surround automation since I can't move them simultaneously. Is this possible to do or maybe a future feature??

Answer to my own question: Use the Max for live XY Pad.

add ,01 ms ramp time to all the line ~ objects to prevent zipper noise

Surround Paneer Ableton Download Free

how can i post an update to the author ? this site should support open source version updating. I cant paste the code here either .
you need a 5ms ramp actually (message box - $1 5) before the line~ to accommodate for bass sounds and also you need to stuck a utility to cut the right and left channels respectively per corner, or you get mono

the utility goes on the return tracks , set Left front to only left , rf to right, etc. Try with stereo track. now you get stereo in center and just right track when hard right just left when hard left etc. without this you are summing left and right to mono and panning that and also have mono and lose stereo when centered

This is great, because you have very little dips in amplitude between speakers thanks to the [p logs]. I have spent a couple of days in this. makes some important points, which I have been stuggling with.. how to split the stereo file / channel into L and R *at the start*, do independent Quad panning, I'm using 'nodes' - two nodes activated, one for left and one for right, and then finish similarly to your [p logs]; although I would like to use the cycle~ method of sqrt in there instead.
At the moment I'm looking at resorting to having to use a Master(Left) and Slave(Right) i.e. 2 channels per clip.
Any ideas?
Any tutorials on how to use this? Dildano and bugcompass, would you care to maybe also share your thoughts on it's shortcomings? I'm getting a bit lost with your comments regarding max4live programming :) So far this is the only max4live surround panning solution.

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Surround Panner Ableton Download

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Using a streamlined set of controls, Surround Panner gives you precise control of your surround field. The Rotate control allows you to adjust circular movement in a two-dimensional space. The Smooth control allows you to make fluid position changes, even when using stepped automation that would otherwise produce a jarring effect. Focus controls how much a signal positioned in one speaker bleeds into the other speakers in the array. And Center provides volume compensation for signals panned into the middle of the surround field [that usually sound louder]. Finally, a multi-dimensional crossfader enables experimental routing and advanced sound design.

Surround Paneer Ableton Download Full


  • XY controlled, multi-speaker panning device with smoothing functionality.
  • Rotation control for circular movement in a two-dimensional space.
  • Focus control for specific positioning and speaker separation.
  • Eight presets for a variety of speaker configurations.
  • Per-channel routing.
  • Shared output routing when using multiple devices.
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