Super Mario Odyssey Rom Download Yuzu

Doom ROM (XCI) is the file in XCI format that will allow us to run the game Doom on our Nintendo Switch Emulator: Yuzu, EggNS, Ryujinx. This first-person shooter video game is developed by the company with the same name DOOM. It is about a marine who is stationed in space, specifically on one of the moons of Mars. After a glitch in the teleportation system, a door to hell opens and a bunch of demons are released. Doomguy, as he is known to the fans of this game since he has no name, will have to travel to hell, and he has to fight against demons and undead. In one of these trips to hell, when he returns to earth he finds it overrun by demons. Doomguy will face a large number of enemies of different aspects, zombies, and robotic demons.


  • Pistol
  • Power saw
  • Machine gun
  • Shotgun
  • Rocket launcherç
  • Bio Force Gun 900
  • Plasma Rifle

Super Mario Odyssey Rom Download Yuzu


A new version of the Yuzu Switch PC emulator allows PC gamers to enjoy Super Mario Odyssey and Pokemon Let's Go smoothly in 60FPS. The latest Yuzu Canary release offers various improvements to. Super Mario Odyssey features a ton of worlds for you to explore. The creativity in these worlds is amazing and while all the attention was given to New Donk City before the game was released. There are many fun kingdoms for you to explore, my personal favorite was Bowser’s Kingdom.

This is a game that has received very good reviews from the public, and some consider it the pioneer in first-person shooter games.

Super Mario Odyssey Emulator


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  • 1 Download Doom ROM (XCI) for Nintendo Switch Emulator (Yuzu)

Download Doom ROM (XCI) for Nintendo Switch Emulator (Yuzu)

Download Doom ROM (XCI) for Switch Emulator (Yuzu) is very simple, just follow the instructions below step by step:

  1. Download Doom ROM (XCI) by clicking on the link below:
  2. Your computer may ask for download permissions because it is an unknown file. Please accept these permissions. Please note that our links are tested and virus-free.
  3. Wait for the file download to complete.
  4. Locate the ROM on your computer, most likely it is in the download folder. If not, check to see which folder you have selected when saving the files.
  5. Now all you have to do is follow the installation steps.

Install Doom ROM (XCI) for Nintendo Switch Emulator (Yuzu)

Super Mario Odyssey Rom Download Yuzu Game

To install Doom ROM (XCI) on the Nintendo Switch emulator you need to do the following:

Super Mario Odyssey Rom Download Yuzu Rom

  1. Once you have downloaded and located the Doom ROM, go to the location of your Switch emulator.
  2. Run the Switch emulator you have, for example, Yuzu.
  3. Once open, look for an option that says “Add new game Directory”.
  4. The file explorer will open, find the folder where you have the Doom ROM (XCI) downloaded, and click on it.
  5. In case you have not unzipped the file, if it is in .zip or .rar format, you will have to unzip it before adding it to the Emulator.
  6. Click on “Ok”.
  7. The next time you access Yuzu, it will appear directly in the game directory, so you will not have to perform this process but only once per game.
  8. Enjoy Doom ROM (XCI) for Switch Emulator.
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