Sql 2000 Enterprise Manager Download

1. Open the SQL Server Client Network Utility: Start > Programs > Microsoft SQL Server > Client Network Utility
2. Click on the 'Alias' tab

  1. Sql Server 2000 Enterprise Manager Download 64 Bit
  2. Sql 2000 Enterprise Manager Download Free
  3. Sql Server 2000 Enterprise Manager Download

3. Click 'Add' and enter the following information:

Apr 13, 2009 cybersharks1 asked on 4/13/2009. Microsoft SQL Server Windows Server 2003 Microsoft SQL Server 2005. 4 Comments 3 Solutions 5266 Views Last Modified: 5/6/2012. How can you download Sql Server 2000 Enterprise Manager so I can give this to a customer who wants to remote connect. In SQL 2005 they can download Studio Express 2005 for free. To install Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Client Tools, do the following steps: Insert the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition CD and click SQL Server 2000 Components. Click Install Database Server. The Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition setup begins.

What they didn't say was what a nightmare it is to set up. /u-phoria-umc22-driver-download-mac/.

Server Alias - Galaxy (Your SQL Server Hostname)
Network Library - TCP/IP
Computer Name - (Your SQL server IP, see Notes below)
Port Number - 1533
4. Click OK
5. Click OK - This will close out the Client Network Utility
6. Open Enterprise Manager. Right Click 'Microsoft SQL Servers' and select 'New SQL Server Registration' This will open a wizard. Click Next.


7. Select 'Galaxy' (SQL Server Hostname) from the list of available servers and 'Add' it. Click Next.

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Manager8. Choose to connect using SQL Server Authentication
9. Enter your assigned username and password. Keep on clicking next until the wizard is completed.
Notes :
- You may obtain your SQL server IP

Sql Server 2000 Enterprise Manager Download 64 Bit

after you have created your MSSQL database inside your HELM/DNP control panel.
- Please make sure you have SQL Service Pack 3 installed on your terminal.
- Please make sure your local firewall is not blocking Port 1533
- This article only applicable to Windows 2003 hosting packages with MSSQL database support.


Enterprise Manager has been superseded by SQL Server Management Studio.

Enterprise Manager is the main administration console for SQL Server.

Sql 2000 Enterprise Manager Download Free

After looking at the above screenshot, those of you familiar with operating Windows servers will probably notice that Enterprise Manager sits within the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). For those who aren't familiar with MMC, MMC is the standard console for presenting administrative tools (such as the IIS web server) within Windows.

Enterprise Manager enables you to create database objects (such as databases, tables, views etc), you can configure user accounts, you can set up scheduled tasks, transfer data between databases, and more.

You can use Enterprise Manager to connect to as many databases on as many servers as you like. You can group these servers by configuring a 'server group'. The above screenshot has one server group called 'SQL Server Group'. This is the default name SQL Server gives to the initial server group. For each server group, you can add any number of servers. And, for each server, you can add any number of databases.

Sql Server 2000 Enterprise Manager Download

Most of the tasks performed with Enterprise Manager are initiated either from the top menu, or by right-clicking on an icon/object.

Throughout most of this tutorial, we'll be looking at the various things you can do via Enterprise Manager.

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