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On each image set you must choose (and click) correct monkey. One of six. Correct answer will increase your score, while wrong answer will decrease it (same amount). You can try only once (per each image set).

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Here is easy (level 1) sample:

This game is no longer available. The team, BlackMonkey-Pro, had disbanded and closed their website.

You can see that monkeys are different - they have different glasses (five 'light blue' and one 'no glasses') and mouth (all six are different - with tongue, with cigar, smiling, etc).

You must find what item/thing/visual is absolutely identical (same) on five monkeys, while one monkey have 'this' different. And monkey that have 'this' different is the correct answer. Read this twice. This is main and only winning rule.

On sample above 'glasses' is key - monkeys #1, #2, #3, #5 and #6 have identical glasses, and monkey #4 is different (has no glasses). Monkey #4 is the answer.

Sample number two:

We see 3 different item/thing/visual types:

  1. Glasses: 3 light blue transparent and 3 light blue non-transparent;
  2. Mouth: 5 'meh' and 1 with tongue out;
  3. Body (shirts and pants): 2 red, 2 with black-white stripes; 1 blue jeans and 1 white;

To find correct answer we need find 5 monkeys with absolutely identical items and 6-th monkey with different one. Mouth is key here, and monkey #5 is the answer.

Sample number three (try to guess yourself before reading answer):

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What we have there?

  1. Hats: 2 black-and-white striped, 1 green banano bandana, 2 'carlos' caps and 1 warm hat with banano logo;
  2. Glasses: 1 yellow and 5 light blue;
  3. Mouth: all 6 are different;
  4. Body (shirts and pants): 1 'none', 1 blue jeans, 2 red pants, 1 light blue pants, 1 black-and-white;

To find correct answer we need find 5 monkeys with absolutely identical items and 6-th monkey with different one. Glasses is key here, and monkey #1 is the answer.

Once again: you must find item/thing/visual that is absolutely identical (same) on five monkeys, while one monkey have 'this' different.

Sleepover free download

You almost ready to play, but I have several important notes for you:

  • Never play using same ban_ address in different browsers/tabs/devices simultaneously! Use different addresses.
  • Keep ban_ address you play with in secret! Bad guy can play it too and decrease your score.
  • TraceID is very important, include it into screenshot when you make a screenshot (for any reason).
  • Once you reach x00 (100, 200, 300 etc) score - you will not fall below this level in case of mistakes. Checkpoint :)
Black monkey game

Enough rules and manuals, RETURN TO GAME. Good luck.

Do you want to know why game called 'Black Monkey'? Read about black sheep in wikipedia. If you speak Russian, you may read about белая ворона.

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