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Creating engaging quizzes is easy with ClassMarker.

Create Multiple Choice, True/False, Matching, Short and Long answer questions and more.

Test takers can Bookmark Questions for to return and review before competing their online exams.

  • Types of multiple-choice questions. Yes/no questions (true or false) It’s actually very simple to create a question like this. All you have to do is fill in only two answer options (leave the rest of the answer fields empty) and save your question! Here’s what your user will see: Multiple choice with up to 10 answers.
  • Quiz #1 – Answer Key. Multiple Choice Questions: (5 points each) 1. Consider the following two statements. Statement 1: “A ceiling on rents reces the quantity and quality of du available housing.” Statement 2: “The U.S. Should ban genetically modified crops.” Most economists would. Agree with Statement 1, but disagree with.

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Serial Key Of Multiple Choice Quiz Maker Download

Upload Media elements into your Test introduction text, Questions, answer options and feedback.

Upload these items into your online Quizzes:

  • Images
  • Documents (such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Text Files)
  • Audio
  • Videos
  • Emded YouTube & Vimeo, Soundcloud
  • Also Link to any externally hosted resources and websites

A lot of homeschoolers avoid testing on principle, because they know that testing alone isn't an accurate measure of education.

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It's important, however, that our kids know how to take tests, especially if they're college-bound. A lot of homeschool curricula include fill-in-the-blank, matching, and multiple choice tests, but what about those fill-in-the-bubble type?

Unless a child takes a standardized test, he's probably not going to encounter these bubble test forms very often, if at all. So how do you help your child get familiar with that type of test form?

Serial Key Of Multiple Choice Quiz Maker Printable

It's easy. You can generate your own unique bubble test forms here. There are a number of customization options, including making the answers True and False instead of only multiple choice. Once you've created your form, you can print out as many copies as you'd like.

Serial Key Of Multiple Choice Quiz Maker Free


So if your curriculum uses a multiple choice or T/F test structure (or you make up one of your own), you might try generating a bubble test sheet so your child can practice taking the test with that method. It'll be a painless way to prepare them for taking college entrance tests (like SAT and ACT) as well as regular college exams.

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