Sentinel Hasp Driver Windows 10

Nov 11, 2020 Then. 1) Copy the downloaded “haspdinst.EXE” file to “C: HASP” folder ( you need to create a folder of “C: HASP”) 2) Right-click on the Windows “Start” button. 3) In the right-click menu, click on “Command Prompt (Admin)” menu. 4) Click on OK button in the warning message to allow it to run. 5) In Command Prompt box, type. Sentinel hasp driver windows 10. More Realtek High Definition Audio Driver 6.0.9088.1. REALTEK Semiconductor Corp. 168.6MB - Freeware. Symptom: Interact X 4.0 USB Key is Plugged in but I can't access the ComServer (or its states its in Demo mode). NOTE: The updates to make 4.1 compatible with Windows 10 includes updates to the HASP key drivers and it now uses Sentinel drivers so this FAQ only applies to earlier versions of InteractX. Driver Description. Download drivers for Gemalto Sentinel HASP Key other devices (Windows 10 x86), or install DriverPack Solution software for automatic driver download and update.

  1. Download Hasp Driver Windows 10
FactSage, Dongles and Drivers with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

The following instructions replace those given in FactSage 6.4 (or earlier).

  • 1. Install the Sentinel HASP drivers using FactSage 6.4 (or earlier)
  • 2. Install the Sentinel HASP drivers using FactSage 7.0 (or more recent)
  • 3. Errors while installing drivers

Aladdin MemoHASP dongles are now referred to as Sentinel HASP or more recently Sentinel LDK keys. A Sentinel HASP security key or dongle is a small chip that attaches to a USB port on the PC. The dongle enables you to run a standalone version of FactSage. When attached the dongle red light (or led) should glow constantly. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for the led to light up.

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For FactSage to access the Sentinel HASP dongle special drivers (files) must be installed on the PC. Failure to install the most recent drivers may cause errors such as:

  • the dongle red light (led) refuses to light up
  • the dongle red light (led) keeps blinking and refuses to glow constantly
or messages of the type:
  • 'Failed to Start Aladdin Device drivers - Failed to start a service in the Service Control Manager Database ..'
  • 'User has no access to registry - 0x2010000 0x0 0x0'
  • 'Operating system not supported'

If FactSage 7.0 (or more recent) is installed on the PC all the necessary files are included in the FactSage package. In this case go to 2. Install the Sentinel HASP drivers using FactSage 7.0 (or more recent). .

Download Hasp Driver Windows 10

1. Install the Sentinel HASP drivers using FactSage 6.4 (or earlier)

The dongle drivers distributed with FactSage 6.4 (or earlier) are outdated and should be replaced. You are going to download the most recent drivers and manually install them on the computer.

Please log-in under the account with Administrator privileges on your PC while performing the tasks below:

Simply click to copy a password or press the ' Generate' button for an entirely new set.Password RecommendationsYour online passwords should always be between 8-12 characters long (more is always better) and should always include a combination of letters (both upper and lowercase), digits and symbols. And, don't forget to change your passwords regularly.To help manage your online passwords, we recommend using either 1Password or LastPass, both are secure options.Credits & SourceBuilt and maintained by CircleCell. Keyscape r2r 2048 key generator. About RandomKeygenOur free mobile-friendly tool offers a variety of randomly generated keys and passwords you can use to secure any application, service or device.

  • 1.1 Download the zip file
    approx. size 15 MB.
  • 1.2 Locate in your 'Downloads' folder and extract the file haspdinst.exe to a separate folder (for example c:Temp). Do not run/execute anything at this time!
  • 1.3 Download the zip file
    Extract the files INSTALL.BAT, REMOVE.BAT and STATUS.BAT to the folder where you stored haspdinst.exe (c:Temp).
  • 1.4 Disconnect any local HASP key/dongle.
  • 1.5 Disconnect the network cable and disable the wireless LAN connections if applicable. This will isolate the computer from the network and the Internet and protect against viruses and malware infections if the antivirus and the firewall are temporarily disabled.
  • 1.6 Make sure you logged in as administrator, if possible temporarily disable any protection software such as antivirus and firewall.
  • 1.7 Navigate to the folder where you extracted the files (e.g. c:Temp) and run REMOVE.BAT in order to remove any old installation.

    When you get the request 'Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer: Sentinel LDK, SafeNet Inc.' - click on 'Yes'.

    You will get the message 'Please wait ..' and then 'Operation successfully completed' possibly after several minutes.

  • 1.8 Reboot the computer.
  • 1.9 Now run INSTALL.BAT in order to install the drivers. This may take several minutes.
  • 1.10 Connect the dongle and see if the red light (LED) is on. It may take a while to light, then blink a while and then finally glow constantly.

  • 1.11 To check the status of the drivers run STATUS.BAT
    and you should see the display Installed Package Drivers 6.64 ..
    with hasplas.exe 16.0 and hardlock.sys 3.85 loaded.
  • 1.12 If the dongle drivers have been successfully installed :
    • turn on the antivirus and firewall that were disabled earlier
    • reconnect the network cables or the wireless LAN connections to connect the computer again to the network and the Internet
  • 1.13 If you experience problems go to 3. Errors while installing drivers
2. Install the Sentinel HASP Drivers using FactSage 7.0 (or more recent)
    The Sentinel HASP Drivers are included in the FactSage 7.0 (or more recent) package :
    • FactSage 7 - How to Install the Sentinel HASP Drivers

    For more information run FactSage 7.0 (or more recent) and click on 'Tools > Sentinel Security Key ..'.

For any errors while installing the drivers:

  • Open Control Panel > Programs and features and uninstall any HASP-based programs.
  • Open Task Manager by right-clicking the taskbar (or by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc) and then clicking Start Task Manager. Select the Services window and stop any service (mouse-right-click > Stop Service) which starts with 'Sentinel HASP', 'Hasp', or 'HLServer'
  • Erase any aks*.* files, 'hardlock.sys' and 'haspnt.sys' from 'c:windowssystem32drivers'. In 64 Bit OS check for these files in the folder: 'c:windowssysWOW64..'
  • Change Device manager drivers:
    • Open Control Panel > System
    • Go to the Device Manager
    • Select the menu 'View > Show hidden devices'
    • Expand the part 'Non-Plug and Play Drivers'
    • Uninstall (right-click) each of the following if they exist: 'Hardlock', 'Haspnt', 'HASP fridge'.
    • Reboot the computer
    • Try again to uninstall (1.7 or 2.4) and then to install (1.9 or 2.6) the drivers.

For more information go to the SafeNet Admin Control Center Help at http://localhost:1947 for real time Diagnostics for Sentinel License Manager and other options.

[] [CRCT] [GTT]

Several types of License Managers exist, depending on the type of platform used.

>Integrated License Manager (Windows, Linux Intel, Linux ARM, Android)

The Integrated License Manager (Integrated LM) is included in the Sentinel LDK Licensing API and in applications that were protected using Sentinel LDK Envelope. A given instance of the Integrated LM is dedicated to the protected application in which it is included.

The Integrated LM is able to directly handle local SL UserMode keys, local Sentinel HL (Driverless configuration) keys. Admin rights are not required to install the Integrated LM.

The Integrated LM has no user interface. Under Windows, the Integrated LM can be managed with Sentinel Admin API (described in License Manager Tools). Under Linux, the Integrated LM can be configured manually as described in this section. Under Android, no configuration is required.

The Integrated LM can be upgraded by upgrading the Licensing API or by re-protecting the application with the latest version of Sentinel LDK Envelope.

>External License Manager (Windows)


The External License Manager (External LM) is contained in a standalone file: hasp_rt.exe. The hasp_rt.exe file must be placed in the same directory as the protected application. A given instance of the External LM is dedicated to the protected application whose directory contains the hasp_rt.exe file.

The External LM is able to directly handle local SL UserMode keys, local Sentinel HL (Driverless configuration) keys. (To handle SL UserMode protection keys, you must place your customized Vendor library in the same directory as the protected application.)

The External LM has no user interface. However, the External LM can be managed with Sentinel Admin API.

Admin rights are not required to deploy the External LM. The External LM can be upgraded by simply replacing the hasp_rt.exe file with a later version of the file.

NOTEThe External LM detects immediately when a protected application fails, and immediately terminates all remote sessions that were in use by the failed application. As a result, network seats that were consumed by the application are available for reuse without delay. This is especially useful when there are a limited number of network seats available.

>Admin License Manager (Windows, Mac, Linux Intel/ARM)

The Admin License Manager (Admin LM) is included as part of the Run-time Environment. The Run-time Environment also includes device drivers, data file encryption drivers, and Sentinel Admin Control Center, which is the user interface for the Admin LM. The Admin LM can also be managed with Sentinel Admin API.

The Admin LM can manage Sentinel HL keys, SL Legacy keys, and SL AdminMode keys. Under Windows, the Admin LM can also manage SL UserMode keys.

Sessions for protection keys that are handled by the Admin LM are visible in Admin Control Center. Sessions for SL UserMode keys are visible only under Windows.

The Admin LM must be present on machines where network protection keys are located.

The Sentinel LDK License Manager service must be active at all times on the machine where the Admin LM is used. This service is started automatically when the machine is started.

Installation of the Run-time Environment on a computer requires administrator rights. No special rights are required after the installation.

The table that follows summarizes the differences between the various types of License Managers.

AttributeAdmin License Manager External License ManagerIntegrated License Manager
Supported platformsWindows, Mac, Linux Intel/ARMWindowsWindows, Linux
Intel/ARM, Android
Management tools Admin Control Center, Admin API Admin API Admin API (Windows only)
Requires admin rights for installationYesNoNo
Easily upgradableYesYesNo
Requires additional filesYesYesNo
Supports Sentinel HL (Driverless configuration) keyYesYesYes
Supports Sentinel HL (HASP configuration) key and HASP HL keyYesNoNo
Supports SL AdminMode key and cloud licensingYesNoNo
Supports SL UserMode keyPartial1YesYes
Supports SL Legacy keyYesNoNo
Supports network key on a license server machineYesNoNo


1 - For more information, see Display of Protection Keys and Sessions in Admin Control Center.

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