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  1. Paltalk Build 806 Download
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Paltalk Old Version Download

Paltalk Build 806 Download

Paltalk 11.7 came out with not that many new features that I have noticed. I try it out to see if all the programs work for this version and so far after testing all the paltalk programs all seem to work fine for this new Paltalk version. If you find that some of the programs are having problems and are not working, let me know.

Updates for Mac & Windows Users:

Paltalk announced their first MAC version of Paltalk Messenger for Mac Computers. A new Windows Desktop version has also been announced for later Release as a BETA. We will let you know when the Windows Version is out. You can Download the MAC Version from here:

Thanks for downloading Paltalk! Once the download is complete double click to run PaltalkSetup.exe. Once the download is complete double click to run PaltalkSetup.exe. Once the download is complete double click to run PaltalkSetup.exe. Once the download is complete. Extend your social network with Paltalk by choosing from over 5000 public chat rooms with as many different topics. Each one of the Paltalk channels has its own set of rules you must follow. You can browse until you find something you want to talk about with other people, or create your own personalized room and meet others with the same interests. The largest video chat room community. Explore thousands of free online video chat rooms and meet millions of friendly members worldwide. Paltalk Classic is the old version of Paltalk. I’ve been getting a lot of question about this Paltalk build so I made this post, so you guys can get the latest build. Even tho Paltalk 11.8 is consider to be the classic version, most people don’t know and I receive PMs about it 🙂 For the most part this build are not longer working. With Paltalk, you can connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime with video chat, video and voice calls, text, and more. One-on-one chats or group meetings - we've got you covered. Last update 5 Dec. 2012 old versions Licence Free OS Support Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 Ranking #9 in Instant Messaging & Communication.

What’s in the new version (Version 11.7):

Download Old Version Paltalk 8 2

* Favorite Rooms has become Rooms I Follow. All rooms you follow on are now listed for easy access
* Complete 1-on-1 IM history saved on your computer
* Your status message is automatically set as the room you’re currently in if you’ve enabled the setting in My Paltalk
* Admin code removed. Now only designated admins can join a room as an admin
* Improved stability overall
* Reliability improvements made in connect logic and authentication
* Multiple Crash fixes
* Additional quality improvements for stability


So @chike pointed this new stuff out 🙂
It open rooms list at startup.
All they do are changes for future scams to squeeze money from people

Paltalk 11.7 Older Builds:

Download Paltalk 11.7 Build 648

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