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OsiriX DICOM Viewer. With high performance and an intuitive interactive user interface, OsiriX is the most widely used DICOM viewer in the world. It is the result of more than 17 years of research and development in digital imaging. It fully supports the DICOM standard for an easy integration in your workflow environment and an open platform.

Comprehensive image processing application designed to help professionals view and analyze DICOM files produced by imaging equipment

What's new in OsiriX MD 12.0:

  • macOS Big Sur:
  • OsiriX is fully optimized for macOS Big Sur. Safely install Apple’s latest Operating System version and enjoy all its new features!
  • Apple Silicon:
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Specialized medical imaging devices produce files that comply to the DICOM standard and require advanced applications that offer support for the respective DICOM class in order to be viewed.

OsiriX MD is one such utility, designed to help you open, visualize and navigate multidimensional images, and is capable of receiving files transferred through the DICOM communication protocol.

Fully certified app that can be used for medical imaging in clinical environments

It is worth noting that the Demo version of the application available for download, OsiriX Lite, is not designed to be used as a commercial medical device for diagnostic imaging. It is not FDA/CE certified, therefore, in some regions, such as the United States and Europe, it can only be used for reviewing, research or teaching.

OsiriX MD, however, is fully certified for medical imaging, including primary diagnosis, and, as a result, it can be used by specialists in clinical workflow or patient care.

Comprehensive application that provides all the features necessary for DICOM image processing

OsiriX MD is specially created to aid in the navigation and visualization of multidimensional and multimodality images. It can function as a 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D viewer, while also supporting all modern rendering methods: multiplanar reconstruction, volume rendering, surface rendering and maximum intensity projection.

Essentially, the application is a DICOM PACS workstation for imaging and a processing tool for radiology, nuclear imaging, functional imaging, 3D imaging, molecular imaging and confocal microscopy.

Powerful image processing solution that is quite intuitive and supports additional plug-ins

Osirix For Windows Free Download

While OsiriX MD is clearly designed to be used by medical professionals and researchers who have some experience in the field, it is intuitive enough not to give any headaches to users who may not be familiar with such applications.

In addition to the already comprehensive functions, OsiriX MD can have its capabilities extended thanks to its support for a complete dynamic plug-in architecture.

Overall, OsiriX MD is a complex, feature-packed application designed to process DICOM images produced by specialized equipment and is fully certified for usage in clinical environments.

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OsiriX MD was reviewed by Catalin Chelariu
  • OsiriX Lite:
  • Not FDA-Cleared
  • Not CE IIa Labeled
  • Not for medical usage
  • 'NOT FOR MEDICAL USAGE” tag is displayed on all images
  • User Manual Plugin not supported
  • Lower performance
  • No email support
  • Pixmeo Website Account not supported
  • Cannot open 500+ images series
  • Web Server user limit: 2
  • DICOM Nodes limit: 2
  • DICOM Editing not supported
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OsiriX MD 12.0.1

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For long, it has been perceived that the health sector is not one of the fields to automate and thus most of the functions were left automated due to the fear of failure. The fear was mostly due to the delicate nature of the field and totally no room for failure.


  • Blood Pressure Checking Software

However, with time, we have seen a considerable amount of development in the field and more so radiology though human intervention is always the first line of defense.


This is a PACS-DICOM viewer that designed to give you a unique experience in medical imaging. It has fluid panning and zooming functionalities as well as brightness and contrast control. It also has a pen tool for freehand drawing thus making it very resourceful and one you will ensure you never look back.


This is one of the comprehensive medical imaging soft wares that has multiple tools that users can choose from. Of great importance, it has cine, zoom, pan, magnifier, windowing, and comfortable series preview bar that has thumbnails. It is one of the best tools available in the market and preferred by many.


It is a web-based software that allows for the storage and viewing of medical images. The software is available for free and is designed so as to enable viewing of this images in a manner that is compliant and at the same time effective from a network or from a VPN.

Other Platform

The amount of effort required to deliver radiology is really immense and a thing that requires heavy investing for the development phase to be accomplished. This being the case, compared to other categories of software, they are slightly fewer. However, all platforms are well represented by an equal share of soft wares available.

AbbaDox Rad for Mac

AbbaDox is a radiology software available for the Mac platform. It is interactive and at the same time offers a complete solution that is dependable and efficient. With this software, you can be in a position to view images from multiple sources and studies thus enabling comparisons.

Live Radiology for Android

Osirix Imaging software, free download

Live Radiology is an Android app that lets you share and access radiology images on a global platform. With this app, you are able to give as well as receive second opinions on different cases and at the same time be in a position learn from cases from other practitioners.

Mango for Windows

Mango is one of the radiology software available across all platforms. With the version for Windows, users can gain access to wide variety of tools that will certainly change their experience as well as be able to be more productive. The software is also capable of handling a wide variety of file formats.

Most popular Soft of 2016 – OsiriX

OsiriX is a heavy imaging software for the Mac platform that is very comprehensive as well as useful. It supports messaging through POST and GET and supports a wide range of file formats thus a very important tool. The multiple tools are able to present has made it a favorite among radiologist.

What is a Radiology Software?

So that we can be in the best position to effectively answer this question, it would be of greater importance to first understand radiology as a field and then come to the soft wares later. Radiology is a field of medical science that uses imaging to detect, diagnose and treat conditions seen in the body.

The field relies on quite a number of tools to be in a position to achieve this. Some of the most common include X-rays, radiography, MRI, ultrasound among several others. Now, a radiology software is one that captures this data and makes an analysis to help in diagnosis.

Osirix Viewer Free

Technology has really improved how we perceived things previously. In radiology, we have been able to achieve a lot with its use, and it is certainly important. It is likely that with time we will continue to see even more advanced soft wares though so far we have seen our fair share of them.

Osirix For Windows Free Download Windows 7

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