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10.8.5 corresponds with OS X Mountain Lion. The last GW client for Mac that Novell produced was GW 8.0.2 HP4 but. That was subsequently pulled due to legal issues so GW 8.0.2 is. Currently the latest version of the Mac client available from Novell. However it is still possible to find gw8.0.2HP4-clientmacen.dmg. Can't get the Mac client to work/connect in Mac OS 10.14 - Mojave. Works great in earlier versions of Mac OS like Mavericks, Sierra and High Sierra. The Novell Messenger clients says it can't make a secure connection to the server. The vast majority of our network servers are Novell ( 4.11 now with 5.1 just about to install ). Novell no longer provides AppleTalk protocol. ( We can buy an NLM for each server to provide that service, but the third party company wants lots of $$$ for it ). I just visited a site that has a package for OS X for NT type connectivity.

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As long as the backend NetWare or OES servers support either CIFS or AFP, you should be able to browse to them in Finder and access the content without installing any sort of client at all on the Mac. You would then use your eDirectory credentials (the same credentials you use in the Novell Client for Windows) to authenticate and mount the volumes.

The free email service is at and the site includes info about configuring many PC email programs to access their Novell mail server. While the info is for PC mail programs you just need to pop the needed info into the equivalent places in mail. For example, in Mac OS X 10.3, create a new account and add:. Account Type: POP.

Novell Groupwise Client For Mac Os X El Capitan

Another thing to look into is to ask the folks administering your Novell environment if they've installed Kanaka. Kanaka is a free entitlement to OES customers current on maintenance that eases the access to resources from OS X. You would install the Kanaka Client in OS X and when you logged in to your Mac it would automount all of the same NetWare/OES resources as the Windows PCs do based on the login script mappings. Auto tune video editor. It's a great solution for Mac.


Novell Groupwise Mailbox


Novell Groupwise Client For Mac Os X Downloads

Novell Groupwise Client For Mac Os X Catalina

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Novell Groupwise Client For Mac Os X 10 11 Download Free

GroupWise Client 2018

2018 1-Click Install(build 132367)

2018 Full Install(build 137385)

NOTE: To provide feedback or report a bug, please send a message to the GWFeedback mailbox.

GroupWise 8.0.2
Linux: Follow the same general steps outlined above in the 2018 Windows installs.
Mac: Clicking a link will download .DMG file to your Downloads folder. When the download completes, double-click on the .DMG file to expand it. Then drag the GroupWise application to your Applications folder.
GroupWise Instant Messenger
Novell Instant Messenger Client (exe)
GroupWise Instant Messenger (exe)
Windows: 3.0.3 Novell Instant Messenger (build 2016-03-03)
Windows: 18.3.1 GroupWise Instant Messenger

Linux: 18.3.1 GroupWise Instant Messenger

Mac: 18.3.1 GroupWise Instant Messenger

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