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Liberator Ltd was established in 1991. Liberator are a market leading supplier of Augmentative and Alternative Communication solutions that focus on language development and support independent and spontaneous communication to enrich lives. The Chat Editor Installation CD includes the Chat Editor software, the device driver and the Microsoft Voices. The Microsoft Voices provide a voice for the Chat Editor Software to use. The device driver is needed if this is the first time connecting a NOVA chat device to your computer. Insert the Chat Editor CD into your computer.

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Payment Reminder

As a reminder to any new, current, or returning student who enrolls in a class at NOVA, the student is responsible for the payment of that class after enrolling or the student must have other payment arrangements in place (payment plan, Third Party Billing, Veterans Benefits, financial aid etc.).

NOVA chat Editor, owned by Saltillo Corporation Microsoft Voices, owned by Microsoft Corporation Microsoft's agreement states: INSTALLATION AND USE RIGHTS. You may install and use one copy of the software on each computer on your premises that you use to exchange data and software with portable devices powered by a Microsoft operating system.

If a student decides to NOT take a class or not ever attend a class, the student is responsible for going into their MyNOVA account in SIS and dropping that class before the 'Last day to drop with a tuition refund or change to audit (census date)'.

Failure to drop the class prior to the 'Last day to drop with a tuition refund or change to audit (census date)' will result in the student being charged for the class. NOVA will not drop you from your classes for non-payment.

For more information, please visit the Student Financial FAQ page.


  • Technology requirements: Recommended computer specifications for students
  • All services are accessible remotely

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Nova Chat Editor For Mac

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