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Team HD just released the unofficial English patch for the CryEngine3 version of Monster Hunter Online by Tencent. I haven't had the chance to re-download the game just yet, but I did want to give you guys an early heads up on the news. The game is totally free to play with no IP blocks so happy hunting to you all!

Tencent has always been welcoming Foreigners to play their game, so you shouldn't have to worry about being banned at all. In fact, you can even purchase game money and stuff from their other games including this game MHO using Paypal. Is this game P2W? In the time that I tested it, it wasn't. You can even sell your own game money for cash points, which is what I did in my tutorial video further down below. I sold some of my monies to buy cash outfits and other cosmetics. You guys know me, always gotta look Fabulous in my videos. (Updated) I finally finished downloading and made a short video of the English patch below. I'll post more soon, it looks good so far keep it up TeamHD!

Getting Started and How to Play by Aslind: Link
English Patch by Team HD: Link

Developer Tencent and Capcom
Publisher: Tencent
Game Site:
  1. MHOnline - Install. Setting up a QQ account. Go Here to get to this screen. Fill out the form and click sign up. You will be taken to the phone verification screen (althought I have heard of lucky souls who skip this process) Click on the red box to change the country for phone verification, then enter your phone to get the verification code.
  2. A Monster Hunter Frontier server emulator. Contribute to ErupeServer/Erupe development by creating an account on GitHub.
Hello there guys!
Is this really working? I haven't tried it yet, just DL-ing the server files, but I have MHFkr Installer and (I guess) the latest version of it already installed. Yes, they are really old and not MHFtw files, but I still have them somewhere (just for these occassions).
Where can I post them to help you with this project? Also note that I don't have Skype.
And before I post this, I'll let you know that I can't DL the server files... It says that there's an error...
I have successfully DL-ed the server files, but I don't know how to use them. I found my old MHFkr files, one installer (v110209), and the installed game files. I guess they aren't up-to-date as I thought, most of them are really old (2011-02-09 or maybe older), so I don't know if they'll do the trick or not, but they should guide you guys along the right track.
Will upload them as soon as I can, and post some links here.
EDIT #2:
Okay, I just Googled up LaLore (the emulator program), and it's for a game called La Tale. So this is not an MHFO emulator at all... my hopes are being crushed right now [IMG]http://www.***********.com/forum/images/smilies/frown.gif[/IMG]
Monster hunter frontier z pc download english subtitlesBut I'm still uploading the files of MHFkr, hoping someone will take a look at them
EDIT #3:
I wrote these at another forum, where people don't look and such, and thought if I share them with you it'll help.

Monster Hunter Frontier Z Pc -> The original files -> The unpacked files (with the original ones I guess)
My friend (who I can no longer contact) said this about the client:
'Man-in-the-middle (Proxy), or a Client Hook (bad for this project unless you're using 'unpacked' files, which is going to fail GameGuard, so you're better off trying to proxy this i think)
Packed Files:
gameguard.des: UPX 0.89.6 - 1.02 / 1.05 - 2.90 -> Markus & Laszlo [Overlay]
mhf.exe: ASProtect 1.23 RC4 - -> Alexey Solodovnikov
mhfo.dll: ASProtect SKE 2.1x (dll) -> Alexey Solodovnikov
mhl.dll: ASProtect SKE 2.1x (dll) -> Alexey Solodovnikov
Z:HanPurpleCapcomMonster Hunter Frontier Online
CRC32 [poly] :: 00025E39 :: 00426A39
CryptCreateHash [Import] :: 00031E1C :: 0043301C
CryptDecrypt [Import] :: 00031E20 :: 00433020
CryptDeriveKey [Import] :: 00031E24 :: 00433024
CryptEncrypt [Import] :: 00031E44 :: 00433044
CryptHashData [Import] :: 00031E18 :: 00433018
SEED :: 00039964 :: 0043B964
i think its better explained by saying this client looks pretty layered (dlls used to do stuff as opposed to everything in the exe)
btw, another thing u wanna look into... u wanna use a 'Dummy' to replace the one exe and grab the arguments passed to it by the web launcher
it passes it a long string of arguments (probably a session id or a user+password)
(23:25) Barry: but its not simple plaintext; its like Base64 + encrypted or some shit
probably Base64 Table/replaced'
He said all this, and I don't know how important this is.
You need to have an account. You log into the website, there you launch the game. The website launches a launcher-thingie, where you press play (I think it checks if you have the game installed or not, and downloads it for you, else you press play). Then GameGuard stuff pops up, loading yet another loader, where you can select your character (you can select it on the website too, but I think it's not working well), set options and stuff, update the game, and then launch it. It will load data and FINALLY you get into the game (where you can set options, get into hubs, servers, whatnot) -> Here are the files
These are all in the normal folder where you install the game. Also the folder structure is intact, and there was a 'dat' folder containing textures, models and such.

Monster Hunter Frontier Z Pc Download English Free

EDIT #4 (hoping to be the last):
As I promised, I've uploaded the files which you can download from here: -> This is the installer for the game (MHF_Setup_Full_v110209.rar, 894 MB) -> This is the game already installed (without launchers and stuff,MHFkr-Installed.rar, 783 MB)Frontier

Monster Hunter Frontier Online

I hope it'll help you guys out in some way, and if this really isn't an MHFO Server Emulator, then you guys should write one, if you can do it with the information and files provided by me (these are all some researches that I did in 2-3 years)
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