Maharashtra Land Revenue Code 1966 In Marathi Pdf Free Download

  • अधिनियम व अध्यादेश. Act 11 of 1852, Rent-Free Estates Act, 1852. Act 11 of 1853, Shore Nuisances (Bombay and Kolaba) Act, 1853. Acts 04 of 1862, markets and Fairs Act, 1862. Act 02 of 1863, Exemptions From Land-Revenue (No.1) Act, 1863.
  • Maharashtra Land Revenue Manual (Vol. III) [email protected] Page 7 (iv) A weekly abstract of work-sheet in Form VI-A should be prepared.

Maharashtra Land Revenue Code, 1966 1966: Mah. XLI (vi) Maharashtra Land Revenue Code, 19661966: Mah. Disputes regarding boundaries between villages, survey numbers and sub-divisions or area of any survey number or sub-division. Demarcation of boundaries of survey number or sub-division. Straightening out crooked. Maharashtra Land Revenue Code, 1966 CONTENTS OF RULES 1. Land Revenue Circle Officer and Circle Inspectors, (Duties & Functions) Rules, 1970. Land Revenue (Qualifications for Conferral of Powers of Assistant or Deputy Collector or Tahsildar) Rules, 1968. Land Revenue (Inquiry into Title of Land) Rules, 1967.

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Most of people are living in Cities because of jobs, services or any kind of business. Most of people have lands in their villages and they don't know about How much Land is there? Which crop is there? If you want to know more about your Agriculture land then Satbara (7/12) is important. You get a detailed information about your land by using Satbara Utara. Maharashtra government developed portal named Mahabhulekh where you get a detailed information of your land through 7/12 and 8A Records.

What is 7/12 (Satbara)?

Maharashtra land revenue code 1966 in marathi pdf free download adobe reader

You can called mirror of Land. Because you get a all information of your land at home without going into land. There are total 21 types of sections of village land in Maharashtra Land Revenue Code 1966. Combined of form 7 and form 12, we got a 7/12 Utara.

How to Read Satbara 7/12 Utara?
In Satbara Utara there are two sections one is form 7 and another is form 12. Both are combined in single form.

Maharashtra Land Revenue Code 1966 In Marathi Pdf Free Download Free

Form 7: It defines Owner details and their rights
Form 12: It defines Crop Details

Why 7/12 is Important?

Maharashtra Land Revenue Code 1966 In Marathi Pdf Free Download By Jeff Kinney

While a buying and plot or agriculture land you need to get a 7/12 Utara first. 7/12 Utara clears your all doubts regarding land. You must remember that satbara cannot be used for transfer land from one owner to another owner.Maharashtra Land Revenue Code 1966 In Marathi Pdf Free Download

How to Get a Satbara (7/12) Utara?

You get a satbara Utara from Tehsil Office. Recently Maharashtra Government's Revenue Department launched official website to Download your 7/12 from Online. is the official website of Mahabhulekh or Bhumi Abhilekh to Download your Satbara Utara with few simple easy steps.
  • It is used in any civil legal disputes.
  • It contains important information like loan, legal disputes etc.
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