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What’s your MAD score?

From Kotlin to Jetpack, Android Studio to the Android App Bundle, Modern Android development (MAD) is your blueprint for building better apps.

With the MAD scorecard, we've created a plugin for Android Studio so you can see (and share!) just how modern an Android developer you are.


A modern language that eliminates boilerplate, increases quality, and makes programming more enjoyable

Modern and expressive, Kotlin makes your app more impressive.

Android Studio:
Race Car Driver

The official IDE for Android development with advanced tooling support.

You're looking for the most powerful engine, like Android Studio, to enable a fast coding experience.

MAD Scientist

Jetpack is a suite of libraries to help developers follow best practices.

Reducing boilerplate, you create fantastic magic with Jetpack.

Android App Bundle:

The modern way to package your app, optimizing downloads and size on devices.

Packing efficiently, you use the app bundle to go farther and faster on your journey.

Install plugin

Through Android Studio’s plugin marketplace, find and download the MAD Scorecard plugin. Install easily and quickly through your Studio.

Run plugin

You can always find your MAD Scorecard plugin under Analyze in your main Studio menu. Click on Analyze, and Run to start creating your very own Scorecard.

Mad Father Free Download For Android

View and share results

Studio will show you a notification with your personal link. Click on it to access your Scorecard through your browser. Enjoy your results and share it out with others!

Introduction to MAD Skills

Welcome to Modern Android Development (MAD) Skills, a series of videos and articles we’re creating to teach you how to use the latest technologies of Modern Android Development to create better applications easier.

MAD Skills

Read posts about Mad Skills in Android Developers. The official Android Developers publication on Medium.

Mad Father Download For Android Pc

Explore modern Android development

Download Game Mad Father For Android

Development tools, APIs, language, and distribution technologies recommended by the Android team to help developers be productive and create better apps that run across billions of devices.
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