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Earlier, Colt had chambered it in the.44 rimfire used in the Henry and 1866 Winchester. But the Henry was on its way out, and the 1873 had trumped the 1866. Only 1,900 Colt.44 rimfire revolvers were built. Still, the idea of a cartridge that worked in both rifles and revolvers was brilliant—no fatal mix-ups in a fight! THE LEGEND OF THE CHAMBERED v3.3. New multiplayer support. The texture pack isn't updated for 1.6 update of Minecraft! Y ou need the texturender made by Dinnerbone to use it. This is a reconstitution of the little game by Notch with the same name. And where last year's Potter game had to construct an action-adventure from the mostly action-free first book and movie, the plot of Chamber lends itself more easily to a game. All of the cool scenes are here, such as Harry and Ron hijacking the flying car, fighting the creepy Aragog spider-monsters, and exploring the forbidden Chamber of Secrets.

Legend Of The Chambered Download
A screenshot from Legend of the Chambered

Legend of the Chambered was a game created by Notch. He later lost interest and gave up on it, as he said on his (now deleted) project page. It was released at an unknown date before May 27, 2008.


The game starts in winding stone chambers that needs to be explored. At the very beginning you will find a niche with a pile of loot on the floor. You can take the following items to put in your inventory:

  • Studded armor consisting of cap, chestplate, leggings and boots (their textures were included in the Indev 0.31 items.png file)
  • Leather armor consisting of cap, chestplate, leggings and boots
  • Sword (texture used for iron sword)
  • Amulet
  • Ring
Legend of the chambered downloads

The inventory has 4 slots to put armor, 2 for weapons, 1 for quiver and amulet, 2 for apple and 2 for ring, totalling up to 12 slots.


A comparison between the sprites from Legend of the Chambered and Minecraft

Prelude Of The Chambered Download

  • The textures in Minecraft were the same at first to the Legend of the Chambered textures but with time some modifications were made, and some items were completely removed.

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Legend Of The Chambered Download

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