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Step 2.Click the link “Lame v3.98.2 for Audacity on OSX.dmg”to begin the download process Step 3: The file is automatically downloaded to your default “Downloads” folder.

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If you are an Apple computer user, you must have known Audacity for Mac by now, an application that allows you to record audio files as well as perform other process on them. However, bad news is that this program has of late received loads of negative feedback from customers given that its performance is deteriorating every now then.

Lame Mp3 Encoder Download Mac

Some of the limitations that comes with Audacity Mac include occasional occurrences of crashes any time you try to launch the program, unavailability of RSS feed creation, lack of a built-in MP3 encoder, which makes it difficult to directly output an MP3 file from your recordings, complicated arrangements which makes it hard for pure novices to use the program, and the worst part is that creating large files using Audacity takes time in addition to technical problems.

Indeed, Audacity OSX has a string of disadvantages related to its performance, making it an unreliable tool for processing your sound files. This means that, as a Mac user, you have to look for other efficient applications that will satisfy all your audio recording requirements.

Luckily, we have good news for you! In the remaining part of this post, we are going to introduce to you the best Audacity alternative in the market; an efficient program that has a high quality audio output on top of other powerful features which will be discussed in the course of the article! This program is known as iSkysoft Audio Recorder for Mac.

The Best Audacity for Mac Alternative (macOS High Sierra Fully Supported)

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Well, before we dive into the specific details of this program, let's start by familiarizing ourselves with what it is. iMusic is an audio recording application for users to record high quality music files and even output them in your preferred audio format. This Audacity for Mac OS X alternative comes with many wonderful features:

  • Record free music from online sources without losing the original quality- yes, you heard it right: this application allows you to record loads of free music files from YouTube, Google Play, MySpace, Yahoo Music, LAST.FM, iTunes Radio, BBC Radio Audio and so on in a s single click. What's more, you can create ringtones with the recorded music.
  • Record sound from online video streaming sites- if you would like to record a high quality sound track from a video site such as Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion, Hulu and so on, just click on the Record button and you will have the file inMP3/M4A audio format in your PC in a few seconds.
  • You can now record quality MP3 music without losing their original quality, thanks to this iMusic amazing sound recording application. To maintain the original quality of sound, the application comes with a virtual sound card which then automatically converts the recorded files into MP3 format.
  • The program supports ID3 Tags, meaning that it can identify and tag the music you record with the artist, title, genre, album, etc.
  • It enables you to directly record music files to iTunes-. This app comes with an 'Add to iTunes' button which allows you to directly record music to iTunes.

Guide on How to Record Audio with Audacity for Mac Alternative

Step1. First of all, download and install the audio recording application on your Mac PC.Next, launch the audio recorder and click 'GET MUSIC' > 'Record'. Hp laserjet m1136 mfp user manual pdf.

Step 2. Click the red record button at the lower part of the software. Go to the online source of music where you want to record files from, e.g. YouTube or iTunes. Select the audio file you would like to play and click the play button. Once you start playing the file, the application will automatically detect it and start downloading it automatically.

Recording your favorite audio files with the same quality as the original files and saving them on your local hard drive have never been this easy and fun, thanks to iMusic for Mac. The application is the best alternative to Audacity OS X, given that it covers up all the limitations experience when using Audacity Mac.

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