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About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. The next-generation consoles have opened the doors to both proving the best quality games and TV, movie entertainment to the user. PlayStation 4 provides a very large line of good quality games and HD video entertainment to the user with no hassle. Kodi is an app you can download for PS4 to get the rich video experience with the gaming machine. With Kodi PS4, now you can record music, view pictures and Podcast via the internet. Since Kodi is an HTPC application, it supports all common and familiar languages. What is the purpose of installing Kodi on PS4? Usually, with PS4, people used to play games. When compared to Xbox, PlayStation is much better to play games. Option for PS3 theme sound, e.g. If you select the PlayStation One theme, you will get the old boot sound when starting XBMC. Improved Christmas theme, with improved snowflakes animation Movie fanart backgrounds on home screen Removed background sound because of high ram usage (If you still want it I can send you a download link).

We take a look at the 'KODI' button on the new 128gb Playstation build from Nintendoman found at https://www.arcadepunks.com/128gb-fully-loaded-playstation-classic-pack-emulation-station-on-your-psx-mini-nintendoman-smashes-it/
We have not seen Kodi on a PSX Classic yet - so we are not sure it is, or just a shortcut to some media and a video player - either way - there are some great retro clips there!
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We are a few friends from around the World, who have a passion and interest in retro arcade gaming, retro console gaming and arcades in general - we love to 'get our hands dirty' and build/hack/destroy devices, cabinets and much more - as well as restore some classics to a modern day new life..
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