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  1. Java Audi Connect Download Client Free


Commercial Solutions

ErgoTech OPC Gateway

Overview of the Java EE Applic ation Client. Although a Java EE application client (thin client) is a Java application, it differs from a stand-alone Java application client because it is a Java EE component, hence it offers the advantages of portability to other Java EE-compliant servers, and can access Java. Serum serial key.

A more targeted product is ErgoTech's OPC Gateway. ErgoTech is a producer of Java components for manufacturing, and the OPC Gateway is designed to work with that company's Virtual Instrumentation Beans (VIB) product. VIB is a collection of visualization and data server components designed to be used with real-time devices.


Odense Production Information (OPI) of Denmark takes a different approach with its Java OPC client API. JOPCClient is restricted to the Windows platform only, and uses Sun's Java Native Interface (JNI). This technique allows Java developers to access the functionality of OPC using only Java calls and without needing knowledge of COM and DCOM. JNI is supported by most Java Virtual Machines (excluding the Microsoft JVM), and JOPCClient is compatible with JDK 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3.

A free evaluation, limited in the number of connections, groups and items which may be added, may be downloaded from OPI.

NetModule JOPC-Bridge

NetModule's JOPC-Bridge allows OPC client programs to be coded in Java.

Supported OPC specifications include DA 3.0, 2.0 and 1.0, as well as AE 1.1. Java classes are provided which mirror OPC-specific server objects. Java Native Interface (JNI) is used to interface to the actual OPC server, via a JOPCBridge DLL coded in C.

NetModule claims tested compatibility with OPC servers from Siemens, Rockwell, B&R and K&W.

Free Source Code

JEasyOPC Client

Antonín Fischer's Java OPC Client is now greatly enhanced and hosted on SourceForge. It uses a JNI layer coded in Delphi. Full source code (both Java and Delphi) is provided.

Features exposed via JNI include access to OPCEnum for locating Data Access servers, and DA server address space browsing. The current version supports both DA 2.0 and 3.0.

Antonín is keen to hear from anyone who would like to collaborate on future enhancements to JEasyOPC.

Java Audi Connect Download Client Free

Utgard - pure Java OPC library

Utgard is an open source project offering an OPC library written in pure native Java, i.e. with no dependency on JNI or other DLLs. It is licensed under the GPL.

Support is currently provided for DA 2.0 client development, with server enumeration now implemented. DA 3.0 client and DA server side are planned to follow.

Utgard is a contributor to the larger OpenSCADA project, and uses j-Interop (see below) for DCOM interoperability.

Java-COM Bridges

Intrinsyc J-Integra

Intrinsyc Software's J-Integra enables development of OPC clients using Java, allowing OPC data to be made available on pretty much any operating system.

J-Integra bridges between pure Java and COM, and the Intrinsyc website includes sample Java code for communicating with an OPC Automation server. J-Integra is available as a time-limited download for trial purposes.

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J-Integra was originally developed in the UK by Linar Ltd.; Linar was later acquired by Intrinsyc.


j-Interop is a Java Open Source library (LGPL) that implements the DCOM wire protocol. Thus it allows development of pure Java applications which can interoperate with both custom and automation COM components.

j-Interop is implemented as pure Java and does not use Java Native Interface (JNI) to provide COM access.

Other Java-COM Bridges

There are several other Java-COM bridging solutions:

  • JACOB, originally by Dan Adler and now hosted at SourceForge
  • jacoZoom by infoZoom
  • Java2COM by Neva Object
  • Jawin, open source, hosted at SourceForge
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The automatic download can sometimes be problematic. If it does fail, here are the very first things you should check:

It is recommended that the system have the latest patches and service packs installed.

It is recommended that Java have the latest patches and updates.

It is recommended that you have the Georgia Tech root certificate installed. You can find it here:- . This shouldn't break the download, but it may eliminate certificate warnings during installation with some of our VPN appliances.

If your installation fails with Internet Explorer and you have another browser such as Firefox or Chrome installed, try it again with the other browser.

The AnyConnect VPN client is a java based piece of software. Most of the reasons for the installer to fail is due to web browser or java issues, or Windows security settings.

If you are using Internet Explorer, it will first attempt an ActiveX install of the software. It may ask you to install an ActiveX control. If this fails, you might see this error:

That particular error may occur if IE 8 or 9 is in Protected Mode. Microsoft has some instructions on how to add Trusted Sites if you are running IE in protected mode. You will have to add and as trusted sites.

Ideally, you don't have to do any of that if you simply click 'OK' on the dialog box and hope for a successful Java or manual installation. In theory you will see this screen next while the ActiveX install times out. At this point you can choose to skip to a Java installation, or go ahead and click on Download.

If both the ActiveX and Java install fail, or you have clicked on the Download button, you will get this page which has a link to manually install the software. Click on that to proceed.

If none of the above suggestions work, please open a trouble ticket with the Technology Support Center for further assistance.

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