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IRig BlueBoard is the first wireless MIDI pedalboard controller for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The application is ready to connect to the BlueBoard. No device found. This iRig BlueBoard is already updated with the lastest firmware. But after i upgrade it, my air2 doesnt find it, also the proprietary ik blueboard app. Before the update the app founds it. Irig Blueboard Garageband Mac How To Use Irig With Garageband Macbook In this feature I ditch the recording studio and take a look at the best portable interfaces for GarageBand musicians who want the freedom to record anytime, anywhere. It connects to your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad or Mac via Bluetooth with control up to 10 meters away, and when you press its foot switches, it sends out control signals that are converted to MIDI by the iRig BlueBoard app. The control messages sent from iRig BlueBoard to AmpliTube or other Core MIDI music apps can include bank up/down, MIDI. IRig BlueBoard App is available for iPhone/iPad and Mac.

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Epic Tutorials IK MultimediaiRig Blueboard review, tutorial & unboxing where we put IK Multimedia’s BlueBoard through it’s paces and teach you how to use it
The iRig BlueBoard app is available as a free download from the App Store.

This review by: Eliot Fitzroy

iRig BlueBoard Review:

The iRig Blueboard comes in the familiar IK Multimedia high quality packaging which I really like. It’s easy to open without ripping (perfect if you want to sell used later) and inside the box you get the Blueboard itself, four triple A batteries so you don’t have to go to the store before you start using this, a one quick start guide, an IK Multimedia product catalogue and finally and most importantly a registration card with a unique serial number on the back that you will need in order to use this with IK Multimedia apps.
In terms of size the iRig BlueBoard measures just 27 cm wide x 9 cm deep (10.6″ x 3.5″) and only 2 cm (0.8″) tall and is very nice and light and will fit perfectly in your backpack or gig bag and the iRig BlueBoard specs are:
  • Bluetooth Wireless MIDI Pedal Board
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), extremely low power consumption
  • Backlit rubber pads for easy identification in the dark
  • Completely wireless, battery powered (4 x AAA)
  • Completely customizable setup via the iRig BlueBoard dedicated iOS and Mac apps

Let me just start this iRig BlueBoard review by focusing on the build quality of the IK Multimedia’s Blueboard. It is made from high quality plastic that feels pretty sturdy and well made and features four backlit soft-touch pads that are really nice to touch with your hands, but as there is no click like standard guitar pedals you will only know you have successfully pressed it once you take your foot off it to see it illuminated.

On the side of the Blueboard you have two quarter inch inputs to connect expression pedals and on the bottom it has a battery compartment for the four triple A batteries to power the device and an on off switch. As the Blueboard uses Bluetooth 4.0 it uses very little juice and should last you ages and you the BlueBoard app will let you know what the status of your batteries is which is a nice feature.

The design of the iRig BlueBoard is spot on and dead simple. The soft-touch pads are a good size and spaced far enough apart that you can easily stomp on them without worrying about accidentally turning the pads either side off or on. There is a small LED under the bluetooth icon in the upper front right that will flash when powered on but not connected to the app and turn solid blue once a connection has been established. Whilst the BlueBoard hardware is very nice, this doesn’t mean anything if the software used is not up to scratch.

iRig BlueBoard App Review:

In order to use the iRig BlueBoard you will have to download IK Multimedia’s free iRig BlueBoard app from the App Store and it is available for both iOS and the Mac which is great news if you work on either or both platforms. You must run this app in the background in order for the iRig BlueBoard to communicate with any Core MIDI compatible app as it acts as an intermediary translating the signal from the BlueBoard foot-switch to something your app of choice can understand.

The iRig BlueBoard’s app interface is dead simple and very easy to use and has the ability to run in two different modes. The first is program change mode and this setting is used for switch amp presets in apps like Amipltube and Jamup Pro for example. You can move up and down through banks by tapping and holding either the A or B pedal for two seconds which means you don’t have to do any swiping in your app of choice, allowing to focus more and playing guitar!

The second mode is MIDI Control Change mode and this is used to send MIDI CC specific commands to compatible apps allowing you to do things like turn an effect on or off or stop and start recording. The iRig BlueBoard app allows you to create custom presets and choose not only which MIDI channel the signal is sent over (1-16 or all channels), but you can customise the individual soft-pad MIDI cc value, name it and load it whenever you want to use a specific app that uses those settings (we did this for Jamup Pro).

Irig Blueboard Firmware Update

Don’t think this device is for guitarists only by the way. We have used it with Loopy HD (our favourite iOS loop station app) and it is a dream combination! Make sure your watch our video review and tutorial above to see this in action.

This review by: Eliot Fitzroy

To purchase, Check out iRig BlueBoard check it out on Amazon for the cheapest deal.

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Promo Video – iKMulimedia – iRige Blueboard

Irig Blueboard Mac App Download

I personally own a TON of IK Multimedia gear, using their products for recording, teaching, and other applications, so I always love to share their latest releases. The following is IK’s latest press release for an all new pedal board for smartphone and tablet owners…
IK Multimedia – the global leader in mobile music-creation apps and accessories – is proud to announce that iRig® BlueBoard, a groundbreaking new wireless MIDI pedalboard for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac, which gives guitarists, bassists, vocalists and keyboard players hands-free wireless control of mobile and Mac music apps, is now available from musical instrument and electronics retailers worldwide.
Hands free – cable free
iRig BlueBoard is the first wireless MIDI pedalboard for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac that uses Bluetooth technology to transmit MIDI messages to control app and software functions and features. Musicians can use iRig BlueBoard to control parameters in their favorite music making apps – such as stompbox effects on/off, preset patch-switching on the fly, volume or wah control, or any other MIDI controllable function. Set-up is as simple as turning on the power and launching the iRig BlueBoard companion app and assigning the backlit pads to the desired control function.

Irig Blueboard Mac App Download Pc

iRig BlueBoard uses Bluetooth 4.0 (LE – Low Energy) technology to transmit the actions of its four onboard, backlit footswitches and its two optional external devices to the mobile device or Mac. Then, using the iRig BlueBoard app (download from the App StoreSM) and software (download from the IK web site User Area), the Bluetooth signals are converted into MIDI messages and routed internally to the music app that’s running on the device.
The ultimate app control
Any music app or Mac music-software application that is MIDI compatible (the standard communication protocol for musical instruments) – such as IK’s AmpliTube, VocaLive, SampleTank, iLectric Piano, iGrand Piano – or any other Core-MIDI-compatible app like Apple’s GarageBand, can be controlled wirelessly. iRig BlueBoard is also expandable – musicians can add up to two standard additional expression pedals or footswitches via the unit’s two TRS 1/4″ expansion jacks, allowing for control of continuous rotary functions like wah effects, volume, EQ, gain control, etc.
For a guitarist or vocalist using a mobile multi-FX app like AmpliTube or VocaLive as a sound processor, iRig BlueBoard provides the foot-controlled functionality and convenience of a pedalboard, but with a form factor so compact and portable that it can easily slide into a backpack, a laptop bag or an instrument case.
Because it’s wireless, iRig BlueBoard puts musicians on stage without being tethered to their mobile device. The unit’s range is 10 meters (over 32 feet), giving players a great deal of mobility to roam the stage that would be impossible with a wired unit. Because the footswitches are backlit, they’re easy to see in all lighting conditions, even on a dark stage.
The fact that iRig BlueBoard uses wireless Bluetooth leaves all the wired ports of the device free, so they can be used simultaneously by interfaces or controllers that feature the 30-pin or Lightning connector, like IK’s iRig PRO, iRig HD, iRig MIDI or iRig KEYS, and adapters or microphones that use the device mini-jack such as iRig, iRig PRE or iRig Mic.

Irig Blueboard App

Ultra compact, ultra portable
iRig BlueBoard is extremely compact, light and portable, measuring only 27 cm wide x 9 cm deep (10.6″ x 3.5″) and only 2 cm (0.8″) tall. It’s extremely lightweight, but with a sturdy, stageworthy chassis and four footswitches made of soft-touch rubber and designed for durability.
iRig BlueBoard is battery powered using 4 standard AAA batteries (included), and because it uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), it draws very little power giving it extremely long battery life for extended operation.
iRig BlueBoard is compatible with iPhone 5 and 4S, iPad 3rd and 4th generation, iPad Mini, and iPod touch 5th generation. For Mac, it’s compatible with any model that supports Bluetooth 4.0 / Bluetooth Low Energy, like any MacBook Air, Mac Mini, or MacBook Pro that was released after June 2012.
As with other IK’s accessories, iRig BlueBoard is manufactured in Italy in IK’s own factory for the highest quality and reliability.
Pricing and availability
iRig BlueBoard is priced at $99.99 / €79.99 MSRP (excluding taxes), and is available now from IK’s network of music and electronic retailers around the world, and from the IK online store.

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Irig Blueboard Mac App Download

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