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Iomega Home Media Network Hard drive Cloud edition. For advance setup, download the latest software from the iomega site. The Lan cable is too short for any practical use. No noise at all, except a HDD noice occasionally. Really a good stuff. Works with my PC as well as Mac and with smart tv. The iphone app can be optimised a little. Iomega’s Home Media Network Hard Drive has a simple setup process, advanced features, and an easy-to-use interface. Of the home media servers currently on the market that are Mac friendly, the.

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Iomega Home Media Software Download


Iomega External Hard Drive Software Download

Hi, I am having problems accessing an Iomega NAS (Home media network harddrive, cloud edition) on my network. I followed all setup instructions, the drive is connected straight to the router (a zyxel NBG4615). I can see the drive in windows explorer but cannot upload anything to it. 12 -Format USB drive in FAT32 and unzip the file: 13 -Mount your Hard Disc in Storage NAS. 14 - GOAL - We go a recovery the our storage. The pendrive we have to connect our NAS (i connect the usb back) once connected and enjoy and connect the network cable so when it appeared on the network you can do the last step.


- Fixes a bug when default slideshow is disabled
- Repairs a minor security issue

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Iomega External Hard Drive Drivers

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