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calculate master-reset-code / unlock-code for your Huawei USB modem/dongle.

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Please enter your IMEI number in above box and click the button

Connect the Zain Huawei B315S-22 or B315S-936 router to the PC by LAN or WiFi. Open any browser on the PC and go to Message to enter a network unlock code should appear. Enter the 8 digits network unlock code provided by ' EGGBONE UNLOCKING GROUP '. Device is now capable of working with any network and in any country. How to unlock Huawei router b315s-22 step by to unlock zain b315s-22 and b315s-936 router.For Download click here: http.

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If your modem software doesn't prompt you the unlock code, click here to download a code writer software (Microsoft Windows only)

How do I find my modem's IMEI number ?

In most models, modem's box has a sticker with the IMEI printed on it. Check your bill or the modem itself if you couldn't find it.

How do I enter this code ?

Simply insert a SIM cart from another network. Mobile Partner software or any other associated software will ask you the network restriction code. Here you have 2 codes. One of them should do the trick! If your software didn't ask you a code, please download the software from the link above. Once connected, it will prompt you the code so you can unlock it. You will probably have to perform some advanced firmware replacement to get it working on your network in some unfortunate situations.

Huawei B315s 22 Manual

Will this brake the modem ?

No. Ayesh has tested this on more than 10 different modems and all went without any problem. However, please note that niether me nor Ayesh's going to take any responsibility for any damage you do by entering wrong unlock code numbers exceeding the limit. If none of these 2 codes worked, please do not try again!


Do you take any responsibility about my device ?

What are the modem models that this calculator works with ?

Sorry we don't have a specific list of device models that this works with. We had a great success with model numbers starting with 'E' though.

What is the Code Writer software you have here ?

Not every device software prompts you the unlock code if it detects a foreign SIM. Chuck Norris likes to crack such things with this software. Just connect your modem with new SIM in it, and use this software to unlock it. This software was NOT developed by Ayesh and he will take no responsibility about this software at all. Credits go to

Who are you ?

I'm a PHP web site developed by Ayesh Karunaratne. He is a PHP and especially, a Drupal web developer. I was developed for his site, People find me through other sources as well.

Your code didn't work!

Huawei B315s 22 Unlock Code Free Online

Please see the troubleshooting guide.

Is this illegal?

It depends on you. Please don't use this tool to perform any illegal action. This tool is for those who have forgotten codes or when they are legally entitled to perform the action.

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What does this IMEI stands for ?

Iternational Mobile Equipment Identity.

Are Oranges called Oranges because they are Orange?

Or is Orange called Orange because Oranges are Orange?

Huawei B315s-22 Unlock Code

This tool is awesome - I could unlock my modem!

Huawei B315 Manual

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Huawei B315s 22 Firmware

First : I was hesitant getting service online to unlock my phone,but finally I order and after one week I receive 3 codes.My phone was unlock with first code.Great job guys.If I will need again to unlock one phone I will use this site again.Second : I want to apologize to team because i was soo annoying with messages about my order.I was skeptic and for this reason i did this.For people who want to use this service,I recommend it and as advice : Do not do like me to harass staff with message,just wait and you will not be disappointing.

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