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Complete the conversation between a hotel receptionist and two guests. Then create your own conversation. It’s right here next to the subway. Let me check the reservations. Ok, here it is - a Deluxe King Size room. Brochure floor online outside reception reservations outdoor By the way right here Deluxe. English conversation: At the hotel Here is a list of useful words you can use for conversation between hotel receptionist and customer examples: on how to book a room in a hotel, to check in. ENGLISH FOR TOURISM INDUSTRY Hotel Vocabulary Word part of speech Meaning Example sentence adjoining rooms noun two hotel rooms with a door in the centre If you want we can book your parents in an adjoining room. Amenities noun local facilities such as stores and restaurants We are located downtown, so we are close to all of the amenities.

Laundry Attendant

Initial question:

Guest: What do I have to do when I want my laundry done?

LA: This is the laundry bag, and the laundry form. Please fill in the form if you wish to do the laundry…

Example conversation.

LA (Knocks at the door.) Excuse me please, is anyone in?

Guest (opening the door) Good morning, nice to see you!

LA Good morning Sir/Madam. May I collect your laundry today?

Guest That is very kind of you. Of course. Please step inside.

Free English Conversation Book Pdf

LA Please do not let me interrupt your work.

Guest Don’t worry. Please help yourself to the bathroom and the laundry.

LA Of course sir/madam. May I ask how you are today?

Guest Since I am in holidays, I am very well. Thank you.

Liquid detergent / Detergent soap

Guest What Liquid detergent do you use for you top loading washing machine?

LA Usually we use locally made detergent soap. In my experience it is as effective as any of the expensive brands but this way we support the local business.

Guest Do you also starch and iron fabrics yourself?

LA Of course, Sir/Madam. We want to offer the best service to our customers. That’s why we do all on our own.

Guest Nice to know. When will it be finished?

LA Your laundry will be finished tomorrow after 11am. I will gladly place it in your room for your convenience.


Room Attendant

RA: (knocking at the door). Room Service!

Guest: Ah! Finally! It’s open. Come in!

RA: Good evening Sir! Here is your nightly snack like ordered. Lobster with champagne. May I be of any further help for you?

Guest: Thanks a lot, mate! And yeah….actually I do have another question. I really need to get a new suite. Where is the best shop here in town?

RA: Oh that is quite easy actually. There is a very famous shop just down the road at the victory gate. It’s name is Mario’s! However, if you don’t mind me making suggestions, I could have one of Mario’s employees come over to get your sizes and they would tailor made a suite for you.

Room attendants should show service and have a sound local knowledge. Now try another conversation with another topic.

Public Area Attendant

In the Lobby….a guest looks stressed….

PA: Excuse me sir, you look a little tensed. May I help you somehow?

Guest: Oh well…yeah. Actually I am waiting for my friend here but I can’t reach him on the phone.

PA: Oh I see. Is he a guest here? I could call him on the room telephone if you want.

Guest: That would be great. Thank you. He sometimes just loves to sleep to long.

PA: No problem at all, sir. May I ask for his room number please?

Guest: Certainly. That’s 302.

PA: Thank you very much, I will call him immediately. Could you just give me your name so I can tell him who is waiting for him?

Guest: Sure thing. It’s John Mayer. M.A.Y.E.R.

PA: Perfect. Just a short moment please. I will call him immediately over there at the reception.

Guest: Thanks a lot!

Now change the topic!

Lost & Found

Hotel English Conversation Pdf Download

LF: Good morning madam. May I help you?

Guest: Oh god, yes please. Please! I lost my purse!

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LF: Oh I see. Do you remember where you lost it or where you had it the last time?

Guest: Not really. This morning, during breakfast, I still had it. But in the afternoon I tried to pay for my poodle’s hairdresser and couldn’t find it.

LF: Well don’t worry, madam. We will check every inch of the hotel to find it. However, if we won’t be successful we will, of course, assist you in getting substitute credit cards and everything you need.

Guest: Oh that’s just perfect. Thank you so much. I’m really worried right now.

LF: Don’t worry madam, everything will be fine.


Guest encounters a problem and blames it on the attendant

Guest: My laundry was not clean and some things were missing! That is incredible! How can you do this? What kind of hotel are you?

Attendant: I am very sorry, Sir/Madame. Please let me refer you to the reception and our manager. He/she will take care of your needs personally and ensure everything will turn out well. May I guide you to the reception?


At the reception

Attendant: (to receptionist) This is Mr./Ms. XYZ. He/She has the following problem: His clothes did not came clean out of the laundry and some things are even missing. Could you take care of it and make sure that everything will be handled to Mr. XYZs satisfaction, please?

Receptionist: Of course! (turns to guest). Mr. XYZ may I ask you again what exactly the problem is? I will write it down and immediately try to solve it.

Guest: My laundry is NOT clean! And some things are even missing! That’s an outrage for such an expensive hotel!

Receptionist: I understand, Mr. XYZ. I am very sorry for the inconvenience. I ensure I will do everything I can to find your lost laundry and we will, of course, wash your laundry again. In the meantime, may I offer you a free spa treatment in our wellness oasis in the basement?

Guest: Hm. Alright. I guess I can’t do anything else anyway. Alright.

Receptionist: Thank you very much Mr. XYZ. My colleague over here will guide you to the spa area. Please enjoy your treatment and once more, I am very sorry for the inconvenience today.

If the Guest is angry/upset it is the task of the hotel staff to make him happy again. Now change the conversational topic! Role play with: Room attendant, valet parking, spa, etc. Don’t be to nice!

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