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Mini Golf Rivals. Still on the topic of best Golf games for your Android device, Mini Golf Rival is yet another highly recommended Golf game for your Android device. Mini Golf Rival Passes as a sequel of the already mentioned Golf Rival game. Mini Golf Rival follows the trend of Golf games that have a multiplayer feature. Getaway Shootout. New Eich Games 4.4 558,900 votes. In Getaway Shootout you race three others to the extraction point. This is no ordinary race however, as you can only jump your way to the finish line. Try out-jumping the computer, or one of your friends in this two-player game. On your obstacle filled way to the finish, you'll find all sorts.

I bet you are a fan of shooting/fighting games just like me, well, in this case, you will love to hear that there is a new top-level game from this category and the name of this awesome new game is Getaway Shootout.

So the game is pretty entertaining and the main reason what it makes so entertaining is challenging gameplay and difficult opponents. I like a big map of the game as well, I like the navigation menu above the game which shows your location and the location of your opponent, I like that in the game you can pick up different weapons, etc.

The game features rag-doll physics thus making character control extremely hard. I will just list the buttons here below, but you will have to practice a lot in order to master character control well.

– Turn

W button and E button

– Jump

Let go W and E to jump

– Use power-up

Press E (or R)

Get to the getaway objective to win the round, first to 3 getaways wins. Cannot win on a tie.

How to play:
First of all, try to find a good weapon in the game, pick it up and find your opponent. You may also take a good strategic spot in the game and camp there, just prepare your weapons and wait for your opponent to approach you.

Like I have said before, the game allows you to pick different weapons, each weapon is unique and can be used differently in different scenarios. Try to master all of the weapons and you will improve your gaming skills in no time, also learn map carefully, pay attention to weak spots in it, and find strategic locations.

Weapons appear in random locations, keep that in mind! The same goes for a medkit and other objects, random spawn locations is a general rule for all dynamic objects.

You can play with various characters in the game, at the beginning you can choose only standard characters, but in time you will manage to unlock new ones with the help of different achievements.

Unlocked characters have different abbreviations such as: special, action, map player, etc. It is important to note that each character has a unique look, unique style, etc. For some players this is a really important feature and makes the game more enjoyable for them, I personally don’t pay so much attention to small details.

Interactive items:
Game is full of different interactive items and objects, for example, elevators. You can also pick up weapons that are scattered across the map in random locations, weapons are considered as interactive items as well.

There are skeleton opponents in the game as well. They are not players, they are considered as NPC units and they attack you, you will have to protect yourself from other players and from skeletons as well.

You can also heal with the help of a medkit, they are placed in random locations.

As you can see Getaway Shootout is a pretty interesting and entertaining game, there are a lot of different features in it and a lot of different opportunities.

At some point game reminds me of PUBG, where you have to survive, it may also look like Rooftop Snipers. A mix of PUBG and Rooftop Snipers, pretty good idea don’t you think?

Now I know you think that you know everything about this game, I am sure that you think that you are a pro gamer. Don’t rush with decision making please, this game is pretty hard, take a moment and watch the following video below. It might help you to get some ideas, to improve your skills.

Getaway Shootout Download Android

Play it on your device:
Mobile gaming is not new thing these days, a lot of people (including myself) enjoy playing online games on their devices, well now you can download phonev version of the game as well and play it from there. Take a look, links are listed below.

Final word:
There are so many racing games out there that simply listing them here would take forever, but none of them and I repeat, none of them can provide the same thrill, same action, and adrenaline as Getaway Shootout. This game is not an ordinary racing game that you got used to, it involves using various weapons, various objects, medkits, etc. objective is simple to reach the finish line, but your opponents won’t allow you to achieve it so easily, they will use every tool in their arsenal in order to stop you, you will have to show your gaming skills in order to be victorious, in order to become number one and escape zone with the chopper.

Happy Wheels Full Version

I’m so glad that I have the opportunity to present your brand new and full version of the popular flash game – Happy Wheels. This is a truly unique game and hardly ever you will see something like this anywhere.

About the game:
Game belongs to the racing category, but unlike other dull racing games here you will encounter serious obstacles, you will face a lot of traps and other barriers that will make passing levels not only hard, but deadly as well. Another huge difference from other online games is that, time hardly ever matters here, your main objective is to reach the finish line alive.

Happy Wheels full game has a lot of different characters, each character has its own unique abilities and these characters are funny as well.


The full version also has a map builder option; people can create their own tracks and place their own obstacles. Some people have a very creative mind and their maps are extremely popular and millions (!) of people play these maps daily. You can also try this feature and who knows maybe you will become the rock star of Happy Wheels.

Apart from playing the game itself, I want to suggest you checking videos of this game on YouTube. Many top YouTubers have funny videos with millions of views and I’m 100% sure that you will love it.

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Getaway Shootout App

Have fun guys, enjoy the game and don’t forget to visit the About us page to learn more about us and our future plans. If you have some questions visit our FAQ page, if you still have some questions or specific suggestions use our Contact form.

Have fun and stay in touch by following our social media pages, cheers 🙂

Well, what are you waiting for? Scroll up and start playing.

Looking for graphic violence, road rage driving and swearing now that you finished playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City? Well, your prayers have been answered with the release of The Getaway developed by Team Soho. You play Mark Hammond, former member of the Soho-based Collins Gang, intent to live a quiet life with his wife and son. Best intentions don't guarantee results, as his wife is brutally gunned down by a rival gang and his son kidnapped. Now, the only chance of getting his son back alive is performing jobs against his will, for rival gang leader, Charlie Jolson. These jobs send Mark around a 40 sq km, faithfully recreated London, leaving an enormous accumulation of body bags and car wreckages.

Initially I was frustrated by the controls as well as the game play, but as I got further into it, I really started appreciating the finer points of this game. The graphics are stunning and character movements, in the game and cut sequences, have a fluidity and realness that immerses you in the game action. The voice actors are professionals and it shows, but what really puts this game over the top is that it was scripted like a movie, and the dialogue, while often littered with swearing, seems to reflect the talk of London street thugs. So much work is put into the cut sequences that the game forces you to sit through them over and over again.

The game developers strove for realism in this game, but what does this really mean? Well, in addition to the fine graphics, acting and dialogue, the game is noteworthy in that it has nothing to clutter or distract you displayed on the screen during game play. Since there are no maps or compasses, this required some strange user assistance like, when driving through the city streets your taillights indicate which direction you should travel to arrive at your required destination. While they do indicate the quickest route, they often send you the wrong way on one-way streets. If your car takes too much damage, it will start blowing smoke and oil and slows down to a crawl. You can carjack one of the many vehicles around you, including police vehicles or a British bus and start plowing through traffic. Be forewarned: break any traffic laws and the police will be in hot pursuit, attempting to run you off the road, usually resulting in more innocent civilian deaths.

Getaway Shootout Download For Android Game

There are other useful game tricks used to enhance playability, like auto targeting to get around the difficulty of aiming while in third person mode. Regaining health doesn't rely on powers ups, health pills or painkillers. Instead, they rely on forcing your character to rest up against a wall. While this effectively gets around having to add elements out of character with the environment, it does tend to slow down the action, as you repeatedly retreat a few rooms to heal yourself up after a gun battle.

The bottom line is that while this game won't appeal to all gamers, if you enjoy the Grand Theft Auto, Dead to Rights or Max Payne type of lawlessness and being hunted by both sides of the law, you will definitely get your money's worth out of this one.

Getaway Shootout Download For Android Download

Overall rating: 7
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