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  1. FREE DOWNLOAD STYLE SONG YAMAHA FREE DOWNLOAD TomJonesLoveMeTonight You Belng To My Heart Yesterday Young L.
  2. Free Yamaha Styles Pack for all Yamaha PSR Arrangers. Here are a wonderful free Yamaha styles pack, they are suitable for every PSR keyboard, these ones was especially designed for the PSR-8000 but it is compatible with almost all Yamaha PSR series. All styles have four variations and they are in total 82 styles! Here is the list: 8BAdri.sty.

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Sample Yamaha MIDIs


Bee Flat Blue
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Electric Monks

Sun Dude


In the mid-90s (1995, 1996, and 1997) Yamaha produced a number of very excellent XG midi files, which were provided as an XG Midi Library for PSR740 owners. The Yamaha site with this XG Midi library is no longer available on the internet. Thanks to Onacimus Sahayan, however, we can provide you with many of these original XG midi files.

The original file names were quite cryptic. However, the midi file itself often has information about the correct song title, the composer, year, and producer. The 'producer' in these files is listed as 'Yamaha' or 'Yamaha MusicSoft Europe' or 'Groveland Road Productions, ' a company that produced midi files for Yamaha. There are quite a few composers included, and many of these are renowned for their compostions for movies, tv productions and multimedia. I'm not sure who actually prepared the midi files, but since they are all copyrighted by Yamaha, I've used 'Yamaha' as the 'performer' for these midi files.


I have renamed these files with the correct song titles and divided them into three sections. The first includes those midi files that are still available for download from Yamaha (in case you've already downloaded these.) The remainder are divided into those where the composer is provided, organized by composer, and the rest, organized by category.

In addition, also thanks to Onacimus who has been able to extract some of the midi songs used as demos on some Yamaha keyboards, we are also providing midi files of those demos. If you want to show off what your keyboard can do, these files may be just what you're looking for.

Current XG Midi Library (134 files, 3.6 hours)

Download All (1.5MB)
BalladLove You by David Kelly, Pink Flamenco, Regrets, Twilignt, XGISGOD
ClassicalBarber Spoof, Beet Rondo, Organ Phantom, Waltzy, William Tell
CoolFunkyCoolie by Mark Newby-Robson, Slunky, Smokin' by Sam Sketty, Squiggles
CountryWBluegrass XG, Cajun Down Home, Country Git, Country Hoe Down, Down Home
Dance(Ambient, Cop Out, Fizzy, and Space Cat) by Sam Sketty, CymCongas by Mark Newby-Robson, Galactic Invasion by David Reading, DEGROOVE, JazzJung, Lost, Matrix
HotRocksAOR, Beach Party, (ELEC, GRV 2, ROCKXG, RS2XG) by Mark Newby-Robson, Foot Prints, Mountain Rock, Rock Mellon Vamp, Rockin Robn, RokChick by David Kelly, Shuffle Up
JazzSPianoBIG BAND, BOPCOMPO, Honky Wallbal, INTERLU, Jazz1/2/3XG, Jazz Slow1/2/3, JazzBRT1/2/3, JazzMed1/2/3, RNR End, Wallbal
LatinFarolillo, Latin Playboy by Rob Robson, LatinXG by Mark Newby-Robson, Samba Tropique by Kurt Bestor
RedHotFunkBig Deal, Epic, FUNCT_U, FUNKXG, HANGIN, ITSARAP, (Jalapeno; Jazz Drops; Turn Up, Strut In, Chill Out) by David Reading, JAMMY, LOVIN, RNBXG by Mark Newby-Robson, Stanley
SmoothJazzAnimate1, Electric Path, Em Dance, Energy Rider, Jazz_5 by Mark Newby-Robson, Jazzmosphere, Jive XG, Low Down by Sam Sketty, Piedradu, Steely by David Kelly
SoundEffectsBell Ring, Big Bell, Bow1/2/3/4, Bulb Crash, Bulb Flash, Chase-Robo, Dadsarm, Fanfare, Hanuted House, Horror1/2, Hourse, MonkeyUp On the Phone, Organ Phantom, Short Train, Star of Wonder, Star Out, Suspense, Train Sound Tune Up, Twiline, Umchah, WindRib
SoundTrackBusiness Bounce, Industry One, It's Possible by David Reading, Jock Rock by Rob Rowberry, Prints, Punch by Sam Sketty, Serenghetti, Showtime by Paul Harris, Stars by Mark Newby-Robson, Urban Life
WorldMidiAura Lee, Funiculi-Funicula, Greensleeves, Jingle Bells, Londonderry Air, Oh! Suzanna, Silent Night, Swanee River, Tannenbaum, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, When the Saints Go Marching In

Original XG Library - Composers (78 files, 3.3 hours)

Download All (1.1MB)
David J ReadingSerenade in G#, Out of Reality, Greg's Mantra, Allsorts ofLicks, Storms Over Jupiter On 'til Morning, Cybergate
David KellyAlways, Cool, Darkness, Fields, Movie 3, Relax, Rondo, Science, Sigma, Techo, Tekclass, Tranz, Trip, Triump, Tubular, TV_Theme, Workout
Mark Newby-RobsonSosxg, Jopling, Bagpipe, Barking, Somerxg, Rithim, Kingxg, Nightxg, Fazeout, Rebel 2, Timely, REGXG, Dance1, Venos, SIesta, Journey, ARIELXG, BEATXG, ACOU1XG, Northnx, Paulo, Sleaze, Sitarxg, Choppy, Snap, SECRETX, Chase, Whato, Michael, Smoky
Rob RowberryProcessional XG, Guitars and Flute XG, Amorio, Colesseum Fanfare, Berry Hill Road, Giddyap, Wild Chase, Recovery, Somebody's Island
Sam SkettyAmbient, Chat Show, DJ's Delight, Fussion, Shell Shock, Stupidis
Festive Overture by Martin Burns, Electric Monks by Kurt Bestor, (Dreaming XG,Technocrat XG) by Sam Cardon, (Mozart, Rachman, Sad, Satie, Strauss) by Paul Harris

Original XG Library-Categories (155 files, 4.4 hours)

Download All (1.8MB)
ClassicDonkey, Choral, Roosters, Though Amaryllis, Turtle_ina(Reed Pipes), Danse Macabre, Bruckner 7, Aria (JS Bach, Partita IV), MAHLESQU, Th 14th March, Pianists, Handel It, Fossiles, Swan, Bach Prelude
IndustrialAnimate1, Industrial 50, Industrial News, Industry Bell
JazzBee Flat Blue, BlueNte, Contempo J, EPIC_BRASS, EPIC_DRUM, EPIC_SAX, EPIC_TPT, EPIC_TPT2, EPIC_TPT3, Sun Dude, V V Drive
LiteAgogo Lite, Atmosphere XG, Em Dance, Evening, Metropol, Midwest, Newa Latina, Summer
MediumAtmos Keys, Benson, CafeJung, Canyon Breeze, Danger Man, Day Dreamin' Essence, Evening Song, Fairy Tale, Ferry Man, Harpmosphere, Haunted XG, Midnight, Mood Song, Moon Dust, Newage Samba, Not As We Know It, Space Walk, Twiline, Yuppie
PopRockAfternoon Magazine, Are n'Bee, Beacon Blues, Club, Laid Back, Move It, Retro, Rock Inn, Rock Wah, Rocking, Slo Heart, SRV2, Sweatness
ShortBack Again_A, Clown Up, Fanfarexg1, Fanfarexg2, I Saw Three Ships, Many MOre, RNR Intro, ThemePark1/2/3/4, Twinkle Joy
SpecialAction Isle, Atmos, Behind the Door, Bounce, Carousel, Clowning Around, Cruising Main Street, Drumz XG, Ganster Boogie, Geronimo, I Spy, Istanbul, Network Sports, Rain Dance, RY Smile, SHuffle Up, Sidewalk Surfer, Sporty, Stdeluci, Sticks, The ALiens, The Dixie Cups, The Works, Two Sides, Zambeze
TechnoChill, Cognito, Cuba, Danz, Desire, Electric, Energy Pulse, Far, Flares, Foxbabe, Jetski, Junle Fever, Kids, Lama Mama, Oxycute, Techno2xt, Techno Pop, Technoglobe, Vision
WorldAfro Drums, Arabian One, Bodacious Bhangra, Celtic1/2, Greek, Hooch, Island Ann, Mexa Rio, Ocean, Ocean1, Oriental-India, Oriental-Kalimba, Oriental-China, Oriental-Gagaku, Oriental-Okinawa, Ukranian Dancers, Whalers
XmasDeck the Halls, For Sale, Jingle Bells, Presents, Snowing, Snowing2, Twinkle Joy, Xmas1/2/3

PSR Keyboard Demos (70 files)

I am sending you a number of Demo songs from the PSR730, PSR740, and PSR550 in MIDI format. I recorded thse in my PSR 3000 by connecting the other PSRs to the PSR3000 by Midi cable. I did some editing and made them sound better in the 3000, TYROS, CVP-3&4 series and S-Series. I am working on PSR1100 and PSR2100 Demo songs. -- Onacimus

Demo500Sweet Tenor 2, Sweet Trumpet 2, Cool! E. Guitar, Clean Guitar 2, Grand Piano 2
Demo730Trumpet, RYB, FilmScore, E.Piano, JazzGuitar, Accordion, Rock, GuitarBallad, CountryRock, BossaNova, Techno, Aco.Piano, Trance, W.Waltz, A.Guitar
Demo740E.Piano, Sweet Tenor, Sweet Flute, Spanish Guitar, Sweet Trumpet, Clean Guitar, E.Piano2, Grand Piano1, Sax&Brass, Distortion, Musette
DEMO540My Heart Will Go On (Other demos similar to those on the 740).

Midi Files For Yamaha Keyboard

Below are the PSR-510 demo songs given to me by one of our friends. I have also completed the PSR1000, PSR1100, and PSR2100 demo songs. They are in one zip file, which contains three folders: Voices, Styles, and Other. I have preceded each midi filename with the instrument it was from (1000 or 1100 or 2100). When recording the style demo songs, only Channels 1-8 were transferred from the master to the PSR3000. The styles were recorded using styles in the 3000, either preset or in the user area. The following style demos used the 3000 preset: 8BeatModern2, BigBandFast, Classic PianoBld2, Clubdance, QuickStep, R&BBallad, and SchlagerBeat. 6-8March and ClassicPianoBld1 used the PSR2100 style(moved to the user area in 3000). FunkyFusion used the style from the CVP210; OrchestralMarch from CVP309; PopSamba from Tyros1; and 8BeatModern1 from 1100. These songs are usable only in 3K and later because style demos use Mega voices and the other voices are re-voiced to Sweet, Cool, and Live voices and standard voices in the 3k.

Demo-510PSR510_1, PSR510_2, PSR510_3, PSR510_4, PSR510_5, PSR510_6
Demo-2100Voices: SpanishGuitar (1000); ElectricPiano, Musette, NylonGuitar1, Rotary Organ (1100); Cool!ElecGuitar, OrganFlutes, SweetFlute, SweetHarmonica, SweetMandolin, SweetOboe, SweetPanFlute, SweetSoprano, SweetTenor, SweetTrumpet, SweetViolinn (2100)
Styles: 8BeatModern1, ClassicPianoBld1 (1100); 6-8March, 8BeatModern2, BigBandFast, ClassicPianoBld2, Clubdance, FunkyFusion, OrchestraMarch, PopSamba, Quckstep, R&BBallad, SchlagerBeat (2100)
Other: FunctionDemo, Lyrics&Chords, Lyrics, SoundEffect (2100)

Free Yamaha Midi Songs Free

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Yamaha Keyboard Midi Songs

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