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Coax Line is a simple and fast app that allow you to calculate the loss of your coax line and calculate power output from your antenna system.; CocoaNec CocoaNec is a Mac OS X application intended primarily for the design and modeling of antennas.; DX Toolbox DX Toolbox gathers information from the web on solar and geomagnetic conditions that affect radio propagation. You should be also able to run CMS IntelliCAD 2D 3D Compatible CAD software on MAC OS X using hardware emulation virtualization software. Comment by Shayne O on Oct. 30, 2016 at 1:16 am Freecad is actually a really competent parametric soild modeller CAD, and sure it might not quite be as advanced as Autodesk inventor, its free and has a.very.

  1. 4nec2 Antenna Modeling Software

Create, optimize and verify 2D or 3D geometry structures that can be used for antenna modelling using this simple and straightforward app

Especially designed for antenna modelers, 4nec2 is a simple tool for designing, optimizing and verifying 2D or 3D geometry structures.

4nec2 is easy to use and comes with a basic 3D editor to help novices create antenna models, compare field patterns, generate SWR charts and learn in the process. However, it also features options designed to meet the requirements of more advanced users, such as the genetic algorithm based optimizers.

The interface looks rather crowded, but it provides fast access to all the options. It displays detailed information about the antenna parameters, such as the voltage, frequency, wavelength, impedance, the number of series and parallel components, input power, structure and network loss and the calculated efficiency.

The geometry editor provides real-time rendering of the model, displaying a 3D graphical representation of the model and enabling you to rotate it freely, zoom in and out, determine segment lengths or view the wire load.

Auto-segmentation, frequency sweeps. step-radius conversion, adjustable input power, memory usage options, customizable unit types are other features that this application comes with. Additionally, it can calculate area-plot and point plot data and display it on the screen.

4nec2 Antenna Modeling Software

The secret audiobook free download mp3. The built-in geometry builder enables you to set the configuration parameters (radius, angles, rotation, length etc.) in order to generate patches, boxes, cylinders, parabolas, helices or spheres. The application can evaluate the model and optimize the antenna and other variables, such as the resonance, efficiency, SWR or the F/B and F/R-ratios.

4nec2 is capable of running up to 11000 wires and/or segments and features a powerful real-time 3D geometry and pattern viewer. It is suitable for both experienced and beginner antenna modelers, providing all the necessary tools for designing fully-functional designs.

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4nec2 was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
New in 4nec2 5.7.4:Free
  • Some 300 extra categorized example files added.
  • Under certain conditions, in Geometry Edit all wires were saved as single-segment wires. This bug was fixed.
  • Bugfix because both Ri and Xi values were extracted from the same Nec Ri data-value when optimizing/sweeping a model containing split voltage/current sources.
  • Bugfix when using variable names longer than 8 chars in Genetic Optimizer.
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4nec2 5.8.16

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