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Want to learn more about MyChart?

  • View/print the MyChart brochure (PDF)
  • MyChart tip sheet (PDF)

MyChart Bedside for patients in the hospital

During your hospital stay, you'll have access to MyChart Bedside. MyChart Bedside is an application available to you in your room on a hospital-provided iPad. MyChart Bedside is free and provides you a clear understanding of what's happening during your hospital stay.

MyChart Bedside allows you to:

  • View your lab and test results, when made available by your doctor.
  • See your vital signs, such as your blood pressure, heart rate and temperature.
  • Learn about the medications your doctor has prescribed for you.
  • Submit non-urgent requests, such as changing your room temperature or asking to have trash removed.
  • Watch educational videos about your health.
  • Request spiritual care/support.
  • See your upcoming tests and procedures.

On the application, you'll also be able to sign up for a MyChart account before you leave the hospital. This will allow you to access the information from your hospital stay on your personal computer or mobile device after you've been discharged.

MyChart Bedside is currently available at these HonorHealth hospitals:

Want to learn more about MyChart Bedside? See the HonorHealth MyChart Bedside frequently asked questions.

Request access to another HonorHealth MyChart or MyChart Bedside account

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If you're taking care of a parent or other adult, you may need proxy access to his/her MyChart account to view and manage his or her health information. Once the patient agrees to allow you to serve as his/her proxy, please complete and follow the instructions on the form below.


Request for MyChart adult proxy access. (PDF)

Request for MyChart child proxy access. (PDF)

Sharing your health information with another app

For Honor Free Codes

If you'd like to use an app to access and import your health information from MyChart, HonorHealth gives you the ability to exchange information. You must have an active HonorHealth patient portal (MyChart) account because the security information you set – your username and password – will be your authentication for MyChart to share designated information with the app. Another security feature is a time limit for the session connection between the app and your MyChart.

For Honor Free E3

Follow the app's instructions. If available, the information you may choose to share includes allergies, conditions, medications, lab tests, family history, goals, immunizations, procedures, smoking status, vital signs and document reference.

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