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Are you bored when running adjustment program for epson. The adjustment program always showing “Error, this program cannot be used” or showing message “Error, this program cannot use because it expired“. This caused the program has expired. Although the program has expired but it can be used by changing date setting on the your computer according with the type of adjustment program. On this tutorial you can solve the problem and run the adjustment program without error again. Example adjustment program on this tutorial I use Resetter Epson C90. This tip work for all version of adjustment program.

Before re-run adjustment program, follow this steps (it’s important to prevent error again):

  1. من فضلكم أريد برنامج تصفير طابعة epson xp 225 اسمه adjustment program reset epson xp225 أر الكاتب: james87.
  2. من فضلكم أريد برنامج تصفير طابعة epson xp 225 اسمه adjustment program reset epson xp225 أر الكاتب: james87.
  4. Download the Epson R280 adjustment program from Save archive and unpack using WinZip 3. Change PC date to 10 April 2008 or another earlier date. Just double click in the right bottom of your screen and change date. Run AdjProg.exe program using Windows XP. Press ACCEPT. In new window, check Particular Adjustment mode.
  • Delete all folder in C:Adjustment Program
  • delete all registry key in : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE EPSON PTSG
  • Then change the date setting at computer accord with adjustment program type

This tutorial is a step by step guide for you to fix Epson L210 – this will be our example (any other Epson Printer will do with the right version of the resetter) Waste Ink Pad Counter. The app is called Adjustment Program (AdjProg) resetter. It can reset your Epson printer unlimited times. Download the program here – FREE.

How to Know Date Setting of Adjustment Program

For example I use adjustment program for epson C90 (resetter epson C90).

  • Extraks adjustment program, then go to the extraded folder.
  • Click menu then select detail ( setting windows Explorer to detail view)
  • Vew date modified the AdjProg.exe ( date setting = date modified ), for AdjProg.exe epson C90 is 11/07/2007 (11 July 2007)
  • Then before re-run adjustment program, change the setting to 11 July 2007

How changing date setting in the PC :

  • Double click the clock in the systray or click Start – Control Panel then select “Date and Time”
  • Because the example using adjustment program Epson C90. Date setting for this adjustment is July 11, 2007. So that change the date setting on PC to July 11, 2007 (for Adjustment Epson C90) – apply – Ok

Now run the Adjustment Program again, if you not see error message, you have success running adjustment program on you computer. Maybe you interest how to run adjustment program adjustment program epson C110 and Adjustment Program Epson C90, C58, C67, C79, R270, R390, RX650, CX3900

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  1. plss help me for my t10 epson cause the computrer sait… one part of your printer is end of srvice life.. plzz help me

  2. Hello, I downloaded this program but it said “error communication” could you please help me ? tell me how to procedure to solve this problem, I tought it wouldn’t be working anymore, regards!

  3. @Bluesky, maybe this article is a solution for your problem, I hope it help solve your printer problem..! 🙂

  4. heloo
    I have a epson 1800
    the printer print twice
    For example if I want to print a picture
    It prints two duplicate copies at the same page of paper
    How can I fix it
    thank you

  5. Congratulations my cx3900 worked at last .Thank you very much , she was fool.

  6. Hello, I downloaded this program but it said “error communication” could you please help me ? tell me how to procedure to solve this problem, I tought it wouldn’t be working anymore, regards!

  7. Also got the ‘error communication’ message

    Set adjprog.exe compatibility mode to Windows XP
    This solved my communication problem.

  8. Hi All,
    got connection error on Windows Vista 32. Resolved with “Set adjprog.exe compatibility mode to Windows XP” as Frank said.
    Tnks Frank, tnks to all.

  9. I have an Epson R220 Printer, after resetting waste ink pad counter I restarted the printer then I pressed Get Staus button but it shows “Inc Out Error, Clear the error and click the [Get Status] button”. Please help me

  10. thank you for your information. it really help me. because I live in village in indonesia far from city. and hard to get software for epson. this web is very usefull for me. if any1 tobe my friend sent Email to [email protected] thank

  11. my c90 work again after I download the resetter and doing step by step according the tutorial “How to Run Adjustment Program for Epson Printers Whitout Error (for All Version)”. thank a lot for all

  12. thanks man……ur so helpful…… my printer is now good. God bless!

  13. Fz y it alway show me “The program can’t start because apdadrv.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.” Can you teach me how to settle this problem?

  14. Sx610fw my printer, Epson Adjustment program resetledim kulland?m.mürekkep pad, but went to all the printer settings.
    1 – Printer Cartridges T0711-T0712-T0713-T0714 tumor
    ?imdi101-102-103-104 seems to be.
    Although the
    2-Despite the looks full of empty cartridges
    3-Absolutely Can not Print

    Have the settings menu in the recovery program, how can I become old.
    Would you please help me.


  16. Guys anyone can help me please i cant reset my epson stylus tx100 … Waste pad overflow error.! when i use the Adjustment program there’s an error message… Error Code 20000210 i used this adjustment program last year and it works fine and solved the waste pad overflow error. i need to reset again my printer i need for my school papers please anybody help…. thnx

  17. i tried to delete registry key in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE EPSON PTSG
    but there are no PTSG.
    what can i do for it? the program still occered error

  18. Thank you thank you !!! i stayed two days trying to fix my printer but,
    I never give up, finally check you guys link a that was it well done!!
    Many thanks…

    My epson printer stylus rx560

  19. Help.. Tried using program but got error code 2000010e no communication. Checked cable.. all OK. ???

  20. hello dear i donwlaoded but it is not working it said error communication so can u help me to solve this problem with my printer i will be glad if i recieve reply from u tnx

  21. Communication error occurred.
    Check the I/F cable connection and power of printer/2000011/

  22. I love you guys. Mwah Mwah. I love you tricks-collections. My problem is solved.

  23. Hola:
    Estoy desesperada!!, tengo una epson cx7300, en windows vista, ya realice todos los pasos al pie de la letra, borre la carpeta de ajustes de programa, no tengo el dichoso PTSG, ajuste la fecha de mi pc de acuerdo al modelo y me sigue mandando “error” al ejecutar el programa de ajuste.
    Tengo duda!, al ejecutar el tricks.bat y registro la fecha sugerida, debo dar enter y seguir el procedimiento o sólo anotar la fecha y minimizar la ventana.
    Ayúdenme por favooooooor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. hello guys! i am really seeking for help with this one.. you can never imagine the time ive spent on finding you guys.. this is really great! i really hope this will work on my t60..

    i am able to use the adjpro.. it can detect my r290 printer.. the only problem is whenever i reset the waste ink pad it gives me communication error when it is processing it..

    im running win xp on my netbook..

    please help us guys.. i know theres a lot of guys out there who are having the same problem too..

    thanks in advance!

  25. If your using windows 7, left click the adjprog then click properties. Click compatibility then check and choose run program with windows xp. Then you can now run the program and reset it.

  26. hi thank you for this solution, but How to Know Date Setting of Adjustment Program ?

  27. Hi, I’ve been reading all this. I have a problem with my Stylus Photo R230. When I print, it automatically makes 2 copies. Even when I change the no’s from 1-anything, it makes 2. I read somewhere where Mac uses “custom” as its default, but I never “customized” it, only I change the amounts of prints all the time. Seems like its stuck and I cannot find anywhere where it addresses this problem. The epson tech people here are braindead and do not help, nor do they come. Any help in this??? Thank you so much. I am frustrated. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software about 5 times now. Always get an error message, cannot complete inastallation-communication error”, but the printer works, nontheless. Am downloading updater. Please advise. Thnx.

  28. Hello, a have epson stylus r 285 and i resett waste ink counter but now when i print my printer can’t print only blank paper even the printer i full of ink,
    please can anybady tell me where is the problem , a work with windows xp

  29. i have Epson stylus 1410 and it blinks light and waste ink error please help me how to get re-setter program for that particular printer

  30. Just used the program to reset counter and printer (Epson Stylus Photo RX640) works again.
    Than,ks for the help.

  31. I did it as mentioned in the ReadMe file in the folder after extract adjustment program for epson printers.
    – Change date of PC to February 1 2007
    – Run AdjProg. It will give Error message
    – Exit Program
    – Delete the folder c:/Adjustment Programs on your PC
    – Run AdjProg again and reset counters. It works perfectly this time
    – Power aff Printer
    – Power on Printer and don’t forget to replace the waste inkt cartridge or clean it with absorbic paper…
    This comment is mainly copied from the ReadMe after extracting program files.
    Good luck, Guido

  32. Hii Im having hard time downloading adjustment program to my pc now, actually It was easy for me to download driver from internet before , but after it was reformat I cant download now any adjustment program, it says that I dont have any permission to open the files.. please help me the way I need adjustment program for my epson t13 printer..

  33. Nice day! I still don’t know how to download adjustment program epson RX650 to my pc now. I use window xp. Please you kindly tell me now. Thanks!

  34. Hi all … Thank you very much my printer epson 1410 has been reseted. Hope more progress for you… regards

  35. i need the reset software please help me Epson model me101.
    [email protected]

  36. hi,
    i install program on my window 7 64 bit, and the software not detecting my printer. Very complicated. I tried but its not connecting to my printer. i try compatible mode but same thing. Please help

  37. anyone who have a waste pad ink counter; resetter for epson L120

  38. i need a resetter for epson L120 / waste pad ink counter

    thank you

  39. i need a resetter for epson L120 / waste pad ink counter

    thank you

  40. hi……..
    my printer is not working for this time

    service required

    on this time

    please help me

  41. same problem with epson L120, does anyone know how to fix it right?

  42. i need resetter for epson L120.. please send me email l.. thank you very much

  43. same problem with epson L1800 , does anyone know how to fix it right?

    Epson L1800 Adjustment Program,anyone get?

  44. Epson Stylus DX5000 Windows XP or OpenSuse Linux
    What Adjustment Program and Date I need?
    Can anyone help me?

  45. Epson Stylus DX5000 Windows XP or OpenSuse Linux
    What Adjustment Program and Date I need?
    Can anyone help me?

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