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How to use QPST and QXDM to verify if phone is working. 1,287 posts Thanks Meter: 749. By Core Memory. Download and install QXDM (set it to run as Administrator and pin it to the Start Menu). In addition there are many other tools that can take rudimentary RF measurements from QC devices. CDMA Tool, MDMA (may not work on all phones) etc. Forums Archive Brew Tools qualcomm tools QPST and QXDM. Qualcomm tools QPST and QXDM. Wed, - 23:26. Forums: Brew Tools; hello all, where can i get Qualcomm tools such as QPST and QXDM? Is this freely available or licensed? If it is licensed could anyone tell the cost of it. Regards, Vijay. Mon, - 13:18. Qualcomm Product Support Tools (QPST) v.2.7.323 is software package used for phones based on Qualcomm chips: UMTS-based phones EF81, SXG75, SFG75, E81 and other (EF82, SL91, etc.). QPST software includes: QPST Configuration - COM-port selection to work with phone. EFS Explorer - file manager for phone file system.

Qualcomm tools - QXDM, QPST, QCAT, QXDM5, QUTS, support 5GQXDM 4.00.450QCAT 6.30.92QPST 2.7.00496QXDM5 5.1.252QCAT 6.30.101QUTS contact me. QXDM Professional license subscription includes content updates and download access to QXDM Professional QCAT QPST (for Windows only) Qualcomm USB Driver Tool technologies and features are activated by providing license keys to Qualcomm Package Manager Qualcomm Package Manager is included as a part of tool installer.

Qualcomm QPST tool (flash tool) v2.8 latest version 2018 free download for PC Windows. QPST flash tool crack full setup file is given for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10 having 32 bit and 64 bit. QPST works as QFIL (Qualcomm Flash Image Loader), so you can download QFIL latest version free here. This software tool is supporting for all Qualcomm products. All Smartphones with Qualcomm CPU can be flashed with QPST flash tool. It doesn’t require any box or anything else to work. QPST flash tool is working based on its versatile features. You can flash Android smart mobile phones and tablets at home, at office, at a shop. It contains inbuilt qfil flash tool in it. You can download QPST directly from the given downloading link below.

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Qualcomm QPST Tool Latest Version v2018 Free Download

Qualcomm Android Smart phones have become the most used mobile phones in the world. With the passage of time there is happening different issues with mobile software/ firmware/ pattern lock/ IMEI, etc. In such situations, the users of smart phones have been disappointed. They will not disappoint anymore, because the solution has come in the market as “QPST Flash Tool”. Whenever, you will have any issue/ problem with your Android smart phone. Then check its CPU type, if the CPU is Qualcomm then there is not big issue to fix the current problem on your phone. You should download the given software tool setup from below, and then install it on your PC. After installation follow the instructions to fix that issue at your home.

How To Use Qxdm

There are a lot of effective and useful features in this tool for example QPST tool contains the “inbuilt qfil flash tool”. QFIL flash tool use to flash stock firmware on Smart devices with Qualcomm CPU. The smart devices can be Android phones or Tablets. All the Qualcomm based device support to QPST flash tool.

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This mobile flash tool is helping users to save backup of their mobile data before the starting flash process. It creates NV (nonvolatile) memory data of your backup which will never lose automatically. Before going to use QPST Qualcomm, let’s see the latest features of this tool under here.


  • Configuration is right way
  • Download full features containing file
  • Contains inbuilt qfil flash tool
  • Latest service programming added
  • Contains RF calibration
  • & a lot more functions

Download Qxdm Tool Box

Download Qxdm Tool Windows 10

Get the latest version Qualcomm QPST flashing tool 2018 free from the given link below. The latest version of the time is v2.7.453. Direct download the latest flash tool here, and then install it on your PC. After installation you can use to flash all Qualcomm Android devices. So, get the latest version setup free under here.

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