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Need for Speed MW is one of the landmark games with the series. EA released a newer edition of the game in 2012 that significantly improved its graphics, making those comparable to Carbon. Most Wanted stands out with its amazing police car chases, while Carbon has a better campaign. The Forza racing series is the most serious competition NFS has. Download gratis Need for Speed Carbon full version untuk pc atau laptop windows highly compressed. Need for Speed Carbon adalah simulasi game balap sequel dari NFS Most Wanted dari Electronic Arts. Carbon merupakan salah satu seri Need for Speed yang sangat serius. Permainan ini memiliki grafik yang tidak terlalu berbeda dari NFS Most Wanted, gameplay yang serupa, track yang mirip namun dengan. Hi, could someone here provide me with some legit download link for NFS Carbon, working with windows 10? All I managed to find is some shady stuff behind shady websites and shady paywalls, or some that could not be installed, neither launched. Will be very gratefull if some of you guys do!

Need For Speed Carbon Highly Compressed Pc Game

Need For Speed Carbon Highly Compressed is a streetcar racing video game. It lets you show your driving skills on the race track by speeding up your car and reaching the finishing line. It is a fast-paced card game that is an addiction for the racers and is a must for car lovers and admirers of speed. Also, it gives you access to a wide range of cars depending upon your choice.

Need For Speed Free Download lets the players to race in a fictional city, Palmont City. The storyline if it holds a car race where players make their control over the town. Released back in 2006, it is developed by EA Canada, EA Black Box, and Rovio Mobile and is published by Electronic Arts.

Need For Speed Carbon Free Download For Pc brings in totally different, engaging, and innovative gameplay for you, such as streetcar racing, gangs, crews, controlled racing environment, engaging racing events, improved graphical features, and a large number of options to customize the game upon your ease and choice.

Need for Speed Carbon PC Game free. download full Version

Moreover, Need For Speed Carbon Highly Compressed introduces many new elements for your gaming needs. One of the highly acclaimed features of the game is the Canyon event. It allows players to take part in racing events, by speeding up their sports car on canyon roads outside the game. These events include many racing techniques such as drifting your sports car on the way, and you can also perform sprinting on the racing tracks.

Need For Speed Full Compressed also brings for you Duel events that let more than one players to race against each other and speed up their gears to win the title. It also involves a storyline that allows you to act as a chaser and keep your car just behind your opponent’s car, or this can be done alternate as you can be the runner escaping the chaser.

It also brings for you many challenging events that allow you to gain points by winning them and playing them as per rules. As when you are chasing your opponent, you must make sure that your car is behind the one escaping, or you might lose points. Then comes a career mode, which is a bit different and attractive. In this, the player can win the race by just maintaining to stay ahead of other racers for only ten seconds. It also brings multi-player mode to enhance your gaming pleasure and show your skills on the racing track.

Need for Speed Carbon PC Game Free Download (Highly Compressed)

Need For Speed Carbon also offers a new challenging mode named Police pursuit mode, which enables the police to chase you during the race at any time, except in the canyon race. One more challenging mode is the Quick mode that allows you to split the screen or play online by bringing a multi-player mode for you.

Need For Speed Carbon supports PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, XBOX, XBOX 360, Wii, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Android. The game also comes in several portable versions that bring in the new gameplay, different storyline, and interactive settings of the game to increase your gaming pleasure and provide you a different experience of racing.

Download Need For Speed Carbon Untuk Android Untuk

It brings for you efficiently controlled cars, enhanced graphical features, interactive animations, unique storyline, engaging gameplay, attractive and catchy sounds, helpful settings of the game, and beautifully crafted and well designed tracks that for sure increase your gaming pleasure and lets you show your gaming skills on the track by speeding up your car to the finishing line to hold the trophy.

Need For Speed Carbon Key Features:

  • It brings in an exciting storyline.
  • This game comes up with enhanced graphical features
  • It improves animation that inevitably increases your gaming pleasure.
  • Smooth and manageable controls
  • Handling lets the racer in you make the best use of speed and win the ultimate challenges given in the game.
  • Enriched challenges give you a unique gaming experience.

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What’s new in Need For Speed Carbon?

The difficulty level of every level increases as you proceed through the game. Every single level brings different goals and events that you need to fulfill accordingly. The set rules of the game offer you to gain several points and bonuses by following them.

  • It also brings an overall new, challenging, and impressive game for the lovers of race and speed.
  • The enhanced graphical feature of the game
  • It increases your pleasure and lets you have a great racing experience.

Need For Speed Carbon Ps4 features gaming modes that offer you to create a tough competition in the race. These modes being The Career mode, The Quick Race mode, Challenging Series, and Multi-player mode. It is placed in the list of the best car racing games in the world. It includes Xbox-1,XBox 360,Play station2 & 3.

Need For Speed Carbon Game System Requirements:

  • Graphics: Ati Radeon x1650 pro or above once
  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 10.1
  • Processor: 3.5 GHz or higher once
  • Ram: 6 GB
  • Disk Space: 10 GB Space

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It is crazy to think that Need For Speed: Carbon was the 10th game in the series and it is still going strong today. Speaking of today, we are taking a look at the PC version of this hit game which is regarded as a really solid entry in the Need For Speed franchise!

Racing And Story

The previous game, Need for Speed: Most Wanted had an awesome story and the story in Need For Speed: Carbon actually follows on from that. You are a hotshot racer who is back in a city where you are clearly not welcome and you need to rise to the top and take down various gangs and prove your worth.

The story is not the best, but it is decent enough to keep you invested. The problem is Most Wanted was so great in terms of its story, it was always going to be hard to follow that up. Still, I do think that the story is interesting enough, just not as spectacular as the previous game.

Nice And Smooth!

Before I get to the gameplay, I must say that the visuals are awesome. I love how Need For Speed: Carbon goes back to the kind of NFS Underground way of having the races take place at night. Everything is dark, but also super bright thanks to all the cool neon that is around. It is a very visually striking game and I like that a great deal.

The cars also look amazing. While I am not a big tinkerer when it comes to cars. This is a game that went all-in with the customization aspect of making your dream car. So, if that is something you are into you are in for a treat here.

Let’s Race!

The actual gameplay is what you would expect. It is a lot of fun. I like many of the new additions to the game such as the crew system where you take over different areas of the maps from various gangs. You can also have a racing wingman that can help you which sounds kind of like a gimmick I know, but it actually works very, very well.

For Need For Speed: Carbon, EA really did not try and reinvent the wheel. It feels like a direct sequel to Most Wanted, but I do not think that is a bad thing at all. The duels, races and Challenge Series ensure that there is a ton for you to do outside of the career mode. For me, it is the multiplayer where this game really shines.

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As far as the handling goes, it is typical Need For Speed and I mean that in a very positive way. If you have played Most Wanted or any of the other games, you will be happy with the way the game plays overall.

I actually think that Need For Speed: Carbon is a pretty solid game in the series. It may be one of the more forgotten games and it is certainly overshadowed by its predecessor. However, I still have a lot of fun with this game and think that the way the game has more night racing in it actually does make it that extra bit fun. If you are looking for a fun racing game, you cannot go wrong with this.


Download Need For Speed Carbon Untuk Android

Download Need For Speed Carbon Untuk Android Di


  • Tons of different cool looking cars
  • The game still looks great to this day
  • Some of the new additions to gameplay are cool
  • Lots of stuff to do outside of the campaign
  • The actual racing feels great


  • The story is not as good as it was in Most Wanted
  • Not a ton of new stuff was added
Download need for speed carbon untuk android 2

Download Need For Speed Carbon Untuk Android 2

Overall rating: 8
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