Download Mortal Kombat Deception Pc

!!!For PCSX2 you need the online patch (step 1 and 2) or this cheat file!!!
(pnach is also in the download package below)

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Things you should keep in mind against DVD/USB players:

  • Boot the ISO, not the disc
  • Set “Slow Motion Adjust” at 70% or 80%
  • To avoid desync problems:
    • (1) Enable Slow motion with SHIFT + TAB as soon as you or your opponent accepted the challenge
    • (2) Select your character but stay in the slow motion mode
    • (3) Disable it with SHIFT + TAB as soon as you see the arena
  • Rematch message appears and wanna fight again:
    • Press yes and enable slow motion and disable it as soon as you see the next arena
  • and so on …

It’s the only solution to avoid the fast loading times between the matches on PCSX2 vs USB/DVD.

Bottom line
Press SHIFT + TAB and whenever the game tries to load the character screen and press SHIFT + TAB again as soon as you see the arena.

Configure the DEV9 plugin, Slow Motion Adjust and the online settings

Download mortal kombat deception ps2

Let’s go:

Dowload this package

The memory card inside has a profile (Leon) were everything is already unlocked (XXXXX is the password, thanks to WilHiteWarrior).

Extract the zip file on your PC. It should look like this:


1.) Install npcap-0.99-r9 and activate the following options

2.) In PCSX2: Config -> Plugin/Bios Selector -> DEV9 Plugin -> Configure

Mortal Kombat Deception Pc Zip File Download

3.) Enable Ethernet and click on options (Windows asks for admin rights).

Connetion Method: Choose WinPcap Bridged

Adapter: If you are connected with WLAN, choose WiFi. On my side it’s WiFi – Microsoft.

PS2 IP Address: Enter a local IP.
Hint: Open the Task Manager, click on the tab Performance, click on your adapter (see left) and you see your local IP. Just copy this and change the last two/three numbers.

Here it’s 33 and I changed it to 199. The max. number you can choose is 254.. (the screenshot above is old).

Mk Deception Download Pc

Download mortal kombat deception ps2

DNS1 IP: Enter the OpenSpy IP:


Back to the main window in PCSX2: Config -> Emulation Setting -> left tab GS

Set this part to 70% and press OK. You’re now ready to boot MKD.

Download Mortal Kombat Deception Pc

If you select the online configuration, there are two possibilities:

“Setting 1” is available and you can connect to the server

The game will say something like this

If the second one is the case, we’ve to create a new file and the old one will be deleted. Now CREATE OR MODIFY the networks settings.

Ignore the rest. Just restart your game.

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