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Download Modelsim For Windows 10 64-bit

CSE 140L, Fall 05

ModelSim Student Edition Unavailable We’re sorry: Your requested software is temporarily unavailable. Recent changes in US federal regulations have temporarily delayed our ability to deliver free software online. Download modelsim 10.1 for free. Business software downloads - ModelSim by Altera Corporation and many more programs are available for instant and free download.

Modelsim Student Version Download


How to creat a Xilinx account ?

An account on Xilinx website is required to download the softwares we need. Creat a Xilinx account at

How to download and install Xilinx ISE WebPACK ?

We recommend to download the latest Xilinx ISE WebPACK 7.1i on your PC. To do this,

Go to

Type in your username and password if necessary.

Xilinx offers two types of installation: WebInstall and single file download. Either is fine. If you choose single file download, make sure you download the Complete ISE WebPACK Software - include programming tools, which is 372Mb.

Go to to download the latest service pack 7_1_04i_pc.exe (325Mb).

Install the WebPACK 7.1i first, then the service pack. After installation, launch Xilinx ISE, go to menu Help->About Project Navigator, make sure your version is 7.1.04i.

Note: The CSE basement lab only has ISE WebPACK 6.3i installed. Nevertheless, the lab assignment can be done in both 6.3i and 7.1.04i. If you prefer to have 6.3i installed on your PC, here are the links:


Service Pack #3 for ISE WebPACK 6.3

How to download and install ModelSim Xilinx Edition-III (MXE-III) ?

Login to download MXE-III Starter 6.0a (100Mb).

During the installation, select MXE III Starter - Limited Version of MXE III (Free).

Ease of use andintuitive tools are where its at for me. Even the local reseller couldn't give me the info Iwas looking for. I don't do large commercialprojects so there isn't much in the way of collaboration except with mystructural engineer and he doesn't care what I use.I also don't have to be using the latest and greatest but my version 2000 isgetting to be a bit TOO old! I am a 1-man shop and all these 'productivity' enhancementsreally don't translate into actual savings when you factor in the learningcurve, lost productivity while learning etc. Autocad 2007 full version. Right now I'm doing my research for what tomove to when I do upgrade.

Select Full VHDL as library installation type;

Use default values for the other options.

Go to; In the Update Type drop-down list, select MXE Libraries. Continue to download ModelSim Xilinx Edition 6.0a Simulation Library Update 7.1i SP4 Libraries: (20.6Mb).

Unzip the simulation file, you'll see a xilinx directory. Copy the entire directory to the place where you installed MXE, e.g., c:ModelTech_xe_starter. Overwrite the existing xlilinx directory if necessary.


You will need a license before you launch MXE.

Under Windows XP, go to Start -> All Programs -> ModelSim XE III 6.0a. Select Submit License Request. This will take you to Xilinx website for license request. Fill in your information, a license file 'license.dat' will be sent to you by email.

Save license.dat to a local directory. Start licensing wizard.

Indicate your license file location.

Follow the instructions to finish license setup.

Run the license wizard again. If your license is properly configured, you should be able to see something similar to the following:

Integrate Modelsim with Xilinx ISE

Usually MXE is automatically tied up with Xilinx ISE. But if by any chance you don't see the ModelSim options when you click on a Test Bench Waveform file, you will need to integrate MXE with Xilinx ISE manually.

Click on the Edit menu in Xilinx ISE 7.1, then click on Preferences.

In the Preferences window, indicate the ModelSim installation directory in Integrated Tools Options.

Click OK.

Download Modelsim For Windows 10nload

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