Download Gta San Andreas 100 Save Game Files For Android

Main Statistics I Look at When Completing GTA San Andreas: Game Progress - 100.00% Number of Hospital Visits - 0 Times Busted - 0 Times Cheated - 0 Missions Attempted - 183 Missions Passed - 144 Gang Territory Under Control - 35.85% Total Playing Time - 80 Hours and 56 Minutes Other Useful Inform. Link: workingBest and safest way to get the GTA Sanandreas 100% complete save file. GTA San Andreas 100% Save Game for Android Mod was downloaded 44570 times and it has 10.00 of 10 points so far. Download it now for GTA San Andreas!

Hey guys, i'm back with another realistic save game. wherever i find a save game, that save game always have plenty of money, so i decided to create 100% save game with 350$ ( it takes so long time to waste my money on everything to make it turn 350$ :D )
Author : Ryukend
This is my 100% save file for GTA San Andreas Android started from scratch clean save no bugs no cheats or mod used all uniqe/special vehicle collection about ~40 vehicles in all cj garages saved in only one save file everything unlocked:
-350$ money (just like starting new game)
-save game at the beginning of the game
-white shirt and blue jeans (just like the beginning of the game)
-no weapon collected
-max health and armor
-infinite ammo
-all gang teritory taken over
-all houses bought
-all shools are gold
-all 6 girfrends
-all special uniform clothes unlocked
-all clothes bought
-all guns hitman level
-all skills 100%
-all submission complete
-all collectables collected
Uniqe vehicles Legend:
AP = ALL Proof no damage everywhere (BP/FP/EP/DP/MP)
BP = Bullet Proof
FP = Fire Proof
EP = Explosion Proof
DP = Damage Proof
MP = Melee Proof
UC = Uniqe Color
R = Rare
1. Johnson House
Cabbie ( for doing roleplaying as a taxi driver)
2. El Corona Safehouse
AP - Infernus
UC - dark scarlet Voodoo
UC - green Mesa
UC - black Perenninal
3. Santa Maria Beach Safehouse
AP/UC - white Vortex
UC - white Newsvan
UC - BF injection
4. Mulholland Safehouse
AP - Seasparrow (saved on the roof)
AP - Tampa (saved on garage roof)
AP - Sultan
5. Palomino Creek Safehouse
EP/FP - Camper 'Mothership' with Hippie paintjob
BP/FP/EP/MP - fortune
AP - HPV1000
AP - Sabre
6. Dillimore Safehouse
FP/UC - Majestic
AP - Admiral
7. Rockshore West Safehouse
BP/FP/EP - Savanna
AP - Glendale
8. Redsands West Safehouse
EP/FP - Banshee
9. Whitewood Estates Safehouse
UC - Pony offroad wheels
R - Tornado
10. Prickle Pine Safehouse
BP/MP - white walton
AP - Sentinel
UC - pink Windsor
11. Verdant Meadows airport
AP - Camper 'Mothership' with Hippie paintjob
AP/UC - black Maverick
AP - Firetruck
UC - light green Packer
EP - Mule
12. Fort Carson Safehouse
AP/UC - Buffalo
UC - black Bobcat
13. Doherty Garage
UC - yellow Burrito
BP - Tanker
UC - coffe Washington
UC - jizzy's pimpmobile
14. Hashbury Safehouse
UC - black Stretch
UC - black/white Stretch
UC - black Huntley
R - News Chopper
15. Calton Heights Safehouse
R - Berkley's RC Van
16. Paradiso Safehouse
UC - black ZR350 with offroad wheels
UC - khaki brown Camper
UC - maroon red Manana
UC - green Pizzaboy
17. LSPD Impound Garage
UC - black Elegant
- dark scarlet Tampa
- red Taxi Cabbie
18. LVPD Impound Garage
- Barracks
- Hustler
- cheetah
Extract downloaded file to sdcard/Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/files/'here'

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Gta San Andreas 100% Savegame

Download Gta San Andreas 100 Save Game Files For Android Free


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