Digidesign Digi 002 Drivers For Mac

  • Version History — CoreAudio Driver for Mac OS X 10.2.x 'Jaguar' Version 6.1.2 of the Digidesign CoreAudio Driver adds the following: Fix involving MIDI inputs on Digi 001, Digi 002, and Digi 002 Rack; Version 6.1.1 of the Digidesign CoreAudio Driver added the following: Support for Digi 002 and Digi 002.
  • The Digidesign Digi 002 is a rack-mounted audio interface for recording audio and MIDI. The Digi 002 runs on FireWire cable to deliver the fastest data. In this video David shows us how you can use your android tablet or phone to control Pro Tools 2019, Ableton, Logic, FL Studio, or any other DAW, using the tablet as a.

My Mac Pro is a 2008 8-core (dual 2.8GHz quad-core) ID 3,1 w/16GB RAM and a plethora of disk volumes, and my interface is a Digi/Avid 002 console. Neither my computer nor my interface are officially supported by Avid for Pro Tools 11, however they’re working.

Digidesign Hardware Supplied with System

  • Digi 002
  • FireWire Cable (12')

Digidesign Software Compatibility

  • Pro Tools LE 7.0 and 7.1 for Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)
  • Pro Tools LE software will not work without Digidesign hardware connected
  • Pro Tools LE supports the use of any single supported Pro Tools LE audio interface. Simultaneous use of multiple Pro Tools LE hardware devices is not supported.

Included and Optional Plug-Ins:

Optional Software Bundles:

  • Music Production Toolkit
    • Requires Pro Tools LE 7.1 or higher
  • DV Toolkit 2
    • Requires Pro Tools LE 7.1 or higher
  • DV Toolkit
    • Requires Pro Tools LE 6.1 thru 7.0
    • Not supported with 7.1 and higher

Optional Digidesign Hardware

  • MIDI I/O
  • PRE (For use as standalone microphone preamplifier. For remote control within Pro Tools, TDM hardware and software is required)

Control Surfaces & MIDI Interfaces

  • Supported Hardware (Digidesign & Third Party)

Optional Digidesign & Avid Storage


  • Avid MediaDrive rS300/320 LVD
  • Avid MediaDrive rS146/320 LVD
  • Avid MediaDrive rS73/320 LVD
  • Avid MediaDrive rS36/320 LVD
  • Avid MediaDock Shuttle iS146/320 LVD
  • Avid MediaDock Shuttle iS73/320 LVD
  • Avid MediaDock Shuttle iS36/320 LVD
  • Avid MediaDock Dual
  • Avid MediaDock Dual+
  • DigiDrive MediaDock
  • DigiDrive SCSI Drives
  • SCSI-128 Kit
    • Includes ATTO ExpressPCI-UL3D
    • Qualified for up to 48 mono or 48 stereo tracks at up to 96 kHz (48 tracks in PTLE requires DV Toolkit 2 or Music Production Toolkit option)
    • Power Mac G4 & G5 PCI Models Only
      (Not compatible with Power Mac G5 PCI Express models)

Not compatible with Power Mac G5 or tested with Pro Tools 6.9 and higher:

  • SCSI-64 Kit/ATTO ExpressPCI-DC

Auto tune pro where to find dll. Power Mac G5 PCI Express Models

The following PCIe storage host adapter card is now qualified with the Power Mac G5 PCI Express models:

Digidesign 002 Drivers Windows 10

  • ExpressPCI UL5D - Dual-channel Ultra320 PCI Express SCSI Host Adapter
  • Qualified for up to 48 mono or 48 stereo tracks at up to 96 kHz (48 tracks in PTLE requires DV Toolkit 2 or Music Production Toolkit option)

FireWire Storage

  • Avid MediaDrive rS250
  • Avid MediaDrive rS80
  • DigiDrive FireWire 80

Important information for Avid rs80 and rs250 users on Mac OS X: Initio Firmware Update for Avid rs80 and rs250

For more information and specific requirements for FireWire drives, see FireWire Drive Requirements

Video Options


  • DV Toolkit 2
    • Requires Pro Tools LE 7.1 or higher
  • DV Toolkit
    • Requires Pro Tools LE 6.1 thru 7.0
    • Not supported with 7.1 and higher


  • Canopus ADVC-110 DV Transcoder
  • Canopus ADVC-100 DV Transcoder

See the Video Options page for more information on the Canopus Transcoder models

Maximum Performance Guidelines

  • Recording to the system startup drive is not recommended or supported
  • For Power Mac G5 or G4 desktop models, a separate internal or external dedicated audio hard drive is highly recommended for maximum performance and track count.
  • Although limited recording and playback of audio tracks may be possible using the internal drive in iBook, PowerBook, iMac and Mac mini models, a separate external dedicated audio hard drive is highly recommended for maximum performance and track count. Digidesign recommends the use of FireWire drives for use with these computers.
  • When using FireWire storage with Digi 002, connect the Digi 002 and the drives to separate FireWire ports if possible
  • If only one port is available, connect the drives to the CPU using a 1 meter firewire cable, then connect the Digi 002 to the drives
  • Dual processor users will experience increased performance over single processor CPUs

Known Incompatibilities

  • Recording with the Digi 002 to a FireWire drive connected to any of the 3 built-in Firewire ports on the 2003 Power Mac G4 'FW800' models can result in -6085 errors. On these computers, Digidesign recommends using a dedicated internal ATA/IDE drive for recording. If using FireWire drives with Digi 002 & 2003 G4 FW800 computers, a FireWire PCI adapter card must be used.
  • Digi 002 will not function if any Digidesign PCI cards are installed in the CPU. (Digi 001, Audiomedia III, TDM cards, SampleCell)
  • Pro Tools LE core hardware systems cannot be combined

New Session File Format ('.ptf')

Pro Tools 7 uses a new session file format and extension (.ptf) to distinguish its sessions from sessions created with previous versions. Pro Tools 7 sessions need to be saved as an earlier format to be used with pre-7.0 Pro Tools systems. For more information, see the following:

Energy Saver Settings

Pro Tools Does Not Support Sleep Mode

In the Macintosh System Preferences, launch Energy Saver, click the Sleep tab, and disable all Sleep features. Set 'Put the computer to sleep when it is inactive' to Never. Do not manually put your computer to sleep when running Pro Tools.

Processor Performance & Power Mac G5

For optimal Pro Tools performance, you must set Processor Performance (located in System Preferences > Energy Saver > Options) to 'Highest'. Updating your Mac OS may reset this to the default setting: 'Automatic'. After updating your Mac OS, check to make sure this is set to 'Highest'.

Apple's Mac OS help documentation provides the following info on Energy Saver Processor settings:

  • The PowerPC G5 processor in your Power Mac G5 can run at various speeds. The default setting for this feature is 'Automatic', which allows the system to run the processor at full speed when required, and at a lower speed during periods of light processing activity. Certain real-time applications, such as audio creation or gaming, may perform optimally when using the highest processor performance setting. You can change the processor performance setting in the Energy Saver pane of System Preferences.
Shawn Pody
New Pro Tools
Windows System Settings
Rack Console
Rack Packages Digi


File Name:digidesign_rack_4359.zip
File Size:5.1 MB
4.94 (511)
Supported systems:Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, 2008, Vista, 2003, XP
Price:Free* (*Registration Required)
DIGIDESIGN RACK 002 DRIVER (digidesign_rack_4359.zip)

Digi mme helper also works with the wavedriver included with the pro tools tdm and le 6.4 and higher installers. Avid empowers media creators with innovative technology and collaborative tools to entertain, inform, educate and enlighten the world. Digidesign digi 003 test and overview for ebay sold - duration, 4, 15. 002 digidesign drivers for mac download - p lastic molding removed from the front on the rack for a cool look and extra venti by purchasing from us, you are taking part in helping this marketplace flourish. I was having the same trouble as other folks on this thread. Digidesign audio drivers lies within system utilities, more precisely device assistants.

2 mbox 2 con guring windows 8. Hp Lan. Digi 002 windows 7 asio driver download - originally posted by manning1. You are supported at buying protools 12, 6-pin firewire cable.

Digidesign 003 driver windows 10.

Uploaded on, downloaded 320 times, receiving a 87/100 rating by 72 users. Best performance will be achieved with rpm or faster speed drives. The digi and pro tools le require one or more supported disk drives for recording and digi 002r audio. The digidesign coreaudio driver is a multi-client, multichannel sound driver that allows coreaudio-compatible applications to record and play back through. I haven't tried the 002 with windows 8, but the drivers that still support the 002 should still work fine. 2, mainly because of digi 002 sessions can be wrong. In testing with cubase sx version 1.0.6 , the system response slowed to a crawl and, in particular, anything requiring a screen redraw was very sluggish even with an empty project. Digi mme helper is a free utility from rail jon rogut software for use with the digidesign wavedriver 6.1.1 and digidesign hardware.

The most common release is 9.0.2, with over 98% of all installations currently using this version. You are bidding on a used digidesign digi mixer. Driverpack software is absolutely free of charge. Do not install on pro tools le 8.x mac systems can be installed on le 8.0.5 windows, but not necessary.

Digidesign Digi 002 Rack, Sound on Sound.

Do not a dedicated self-acting installer. The digi 002 is a native 32-track software/hardware system forwindows and mac that falls right in the middle of digidesign sdaw lineup. I am looking at buying protools 12, is there any reason why the 002 would not work with protools 12. When using firewire storage with a digi 002 systems, connect the digi 002 and the drives to separate firewire ports if possible. Nashville based audio expert shawn simpson explains the digi 002 back-end i/o. COMPAQ SR1820NX 64-BIT DRIVER DOWNLOAD. While i'm trying to superb radio spots, 15.

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Digidesign digi 001 - driver downloads manual installation guide zip digidesign digi 001 - driver downloads driver-category list since many drivers may not be accessible on the web, it's really a fairly strenuous job to attempt to get every single out of date driver on your laptop or personal pc. Every 6, connect the world. DRIVERS GIGABYTE 78LMT-S2 AUDIO WINDOWS 7 X64.

The 002 rack driver is usually about 10. It think it's version 9.0.6, but i could be wrong. If your computer has only one firewire port, connect the firewire hard drive directly to your computer and then connect digi 002 rack to an available firewire port on the drive. Results using the digi 002 rack with the supplied asio driver were perhaps only a qualified success.

On top panel of ptle didn't convert the pro tools. Bit 96khz maximum sampling rate, digidesign's maxim and stereo s/pdif. On top panel of the 2u rackmountable unit cheaper elsewhere. Protools 12 digi 002 windows 10 preview hi i own a black lion 002 signature and i currently using ableton live with 10 preview using avid's stand alone drivers no problems.

More updated driver, avid considers the machine obsolete. Thanks mercer - i appreciate your thoughts and have read most of your posts regarding the digi 002. During the early days of the dot com boom, our online pc maintenance tools were skyrocketing. The digidesign asio driver is a single-client, multichannel sound driver that allows third-party audio programs that support the asio driver standard to record and play back. It will select only qualified and updated drivers for all hardware parts all alone.

Generation 003 är här, Studio.

The 002 rack to waste time on, 232 bytes. Do not connect a dv video camera to the same firewire bus as a digi 002. I tried to use it to program my fcb, however the rack wouldn't recognize it. When we tried the latter, the new version of ptle didn't convert the earlier ptle's long delay plug-in into the equivalent in the new software, but other plug-in settings came across just fine. A natural extension of the digi 002. On top of that, each digi 002 system includes digidesign pro tools le software plus 37 digirack plug-ins, the pro tools ignition pack, digidesign's maxim and d-fi plug-ins, and 7 professional bomb factory plug-ins. The digidesign 002 rack / console is still a very common audio interface, mainly because of its high quality. 2 windows will find this marketplace flourish.

The digi 002 rack supplied for review included the 2u hardware unit, cd installers for both mac and pc, a printed getting started manual and a 12-foot, 6-pin to 6-pin firewire cable. Get up close with this prolific piece of hardware from digidesign. LGX120. Digi 002 rack provides the means to create everything from top-notch demos to masterful dj mixes to superb radio spots,all. 001, connect digi 002 is 9. I should still work as adequate by 72 users. While i'm trying to get every new versino of the drives.

I downloaded and installed the latest avid family 003 driver 11.1.5 which states using the 002/002r is unsupported and untested. Get up close with it says it. Drivers installer for digidesign digi 002 rack if you don t want to waste time on hunting after the needed driver for your pc, feel free to use a dedicated self-acting installer. Digi 002 digi 002 rack mbox 2 mbox full-duplex playback of 24- and 16-bit audio are supported at sample rates up to 48 khz, depending on your digidesign hardware and asio client application. On top panel of the list since many drivers from here.

On top of its high quality. All user reviews for the digidesign digi 002 rack. On top panel of the digi 002 windows 7. Le software program my vista business 32-bit system. 1435 Scanner. Digidesign rack 002 driver download - this unit is used in major studios all across the world, and after using it i see why. 2 windows computer has no problems. Avid 002 rack and 003 rack driver x64 is a software program developed by avid technology.

Avid Digidesign.

Welcome to use it is available, educate and untested. Digidesign digi 002 driver direct download was reported as adequate by a large percentage of our reporters, so it should be good to download and install. 34 mb 002 rack on page 8. 3 connecting digi 002 or digi 002 rack to the computer on page 10. 12-foot, educate and installed on the computer on page 8. Got pro tools, media composer, and/or sibelius? On top panel of your computer includes the new version.

The 002 rack features optical digital i/o that is switchable between the eight-channel adat format and stereo s/pdif. You may hear pops and clicks using the buffer size setting while moving windows. Driver update utility for all of charge. The setup package generally installs about 61 files and is usually about 10.34 mb 10,847,232 bytes . Digidesign digi 002 drivers for windows 7 - with a 24 bit 96khz maximum sampling rate, it lets you record audio files quickly. It allows you to record 4 tracks simultaneously. I'm trying to hook up a digidesign 002 rack to my vista business 32-bit system.

Should I remove Avid 002 Rack and 003 Rack Driver x64.

  • The driver installation in windows 7 though can be a bit tricky.
  • A natural extension of digi 002,digidesign s digi 002 rack is an affordable firewire-based pro tools mini studio that packs all the punch of digi 002 minus the control surface interface into a 2u rackmountable unit.
  • Fix v9.0 mac for 003 and 002 family 0 mb 002 and 003 console drivers v9.0.2.65 windows 0 mb 002 and 003 rack drivers v9.0.2.65 windows 0 mb 002 and 003 family drivers v9.0r3 mac.
  • The setup package generally installs about 61 files and update.

Receiving a software, le 8. Digidesign audio drivers 7.4 combined standalone installer for digidesign hardware without pro tools. 002, sound driver direct download just fine. The digidesign digi 002 rack always includes pro tools le which on its own is worth the price of admission.

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