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Moreover, the Waves dbx 160 plugin incorporates unique and exclusive features not found in the original hardware, such as an MS Matrix, mix and noise controls, and a stereo component. The result is a versatile compressor/limiter that will drive your drums to the finish line. IK Multimedia Vintage Tube Compressor/Limiter Model 670. Download Free Compressor AU VST Plugins & VSTi Instruments Here is our colection of FREE software, VST plugins, VSTi instruments, audio utilities and DAWs. Should you know of anything that we have not listed here let us know. The fast-acting dbx 160 compressor was used in almost every major recording in the late ‘70s and throughout the ‘80s, and later models in the 160 series also became industry standards. Created in collaboration with dbx, the Waves dbx 160 compressor / limiter plugin is an authentic-sounding software version of this storied piece of hardware.

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  • Compression ratio from 1:1 through infinity:1
  • Easy to use - automatic attack and release time
  • Sidechain input and Low-Cut Detector
  • This product is only available as part of VINTAGE COMPRESSORS and can no longer be bought separately.


Classic compressor for added attack and subtle drive. Especially good on kickdrum, snare, bass or guitar.


A member of the VINTAGE COMPRESSORS Series, the VC 160 is based on one of the most famous VCA compressors found in studios all over the world. The VC 160 provides a continuously-adjustable threshold range and a compression ratio from 1:1 right up to infinity while still offering intuitive controls for immediate usability.
The VC 160 is mostly used for mixing drums, adding a definitive 'thwack' or 'knock' to even the dullest kick and snare. Also helpful as a mix-fix for troublesome bass, the VC 160 delivers additional attack and a gritty edge — well-suited to hip hop and retro styles, but versatile enough to deliver exciting results on a wide range of productions.
This effect is also available as part of the specially-priced VINTAGE COMPRESSORS bundle.


Produced in cooperation with Softube, the VC 160 also offers a host of additional features not available on the original. An added sidechain input not only allows for characteristic ducking and pumping effects, but also provides possibilities for a wide range of creative compression techniques.
A dry control makes parallel compression with the VC 160 a reality and a Low-Cut dial effectively tells the compressor to ignore (i.e. not compress) anything below the set frequency. This essential enhancement helps to avoid over-compression caused by unruly bass frequencies.

Based on a classic voltage-controlled design that adds attack and grit to tracks that need to hit hard. An unparalleled drum compressor.

Uad Dbx 160

  • Version 1.4.0
  • Mac OS: 78 MB
  • Windows: 65 MB

Dbx Software Download



VINTAGE COMPRESSORS is produced in collaboration with Softube. These 'Swedish rock ‘n’ roll scientists' specialize in incredibly accurate software emulations of professional audio hardware.
As well as working with NATIVE INSTRUMENTS, they make a wide range of their own products. Their reputation in the industry is exceptional.


VCA stands for Voltage Controlled Amplifier. The VCA uses multiple ‘detectors’ to monitor the input signal, so response times are fast.
VCA compressors are particularly versatile, and perform well in critical situations where hard compression is required.


'I...was amazed by the reaction of the [VC 160]. I can dial in the same settings and it really sounds like a lovely DBX.'
Zdar (Producer for Phoenix, Beastie Boys, The Rapture)
'Now, with the VC 160...we have a complete powerhouse that goes way beyond the capabilities of the original unit.'
Stephen W Tayler (recording and mixing engineer for Kate Bush, Tina Turner, Underworld)
'The VC 160 is my weapon of choice for a lot of compression duties...with all the snap of the original.'
Robbie Bronnimann (producer, recording and mixing engineer for Howard Jones, Nicki Minaj, John B.)


Product type High-quality vintage VCA compressor emulation
For use with All popular host sequencers as a native plug-in
Effect category Studio Compressors
Size (Mac / PC) Mac: 108 MB, PC: 45 MB
User manual Download Manual
Dbx 160 Vst Download


Dbx 2 Download Free

macOS 10.14, 10.15 or 11 (latest update)
Windows 10 (64-bit, latest Service Pack)
Intel Core i5 or equivalent AMD CPU, 4 GB RAM (6 GB recommended)
An Internet connection and a graphics card that supports OpenGL 2.1 or higher are required to download and activate this product. Once installed and activated, the product can be used offline.
Supported interfaces:
Windows (64-bit only): VST, AAX
Mac OS X (64-bit only): VST, AU, AAX

Dbx 160 Vst Download

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