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Convert Ps1 Iso To Psp Eboot

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In order to play PSX games on your PSP you need to change the ISO file or the CD version of your game to an Eboot file, which sometimes people confuse. I have seen many people searching and spending lot of time to know how they can load such a PSX file to play in a PSP. To begin converting PSone games to PSP you must first extract the ISO to your PC. Insert the CD of your PSX game into your PC. In IsoBuster you will see the the session (s), track (s) and file-systems of your disc. Right-click the CD listing at the top of the tree on the left and choose Extract CD RAW (.bin,.iso). /kerio-control-license-key-generator/.

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How Do I Convert Ps1 Iso To Psp Eboot

Already created a PSX ISO from your game disc? Where do you go from here to get the game running on the Sony PSP, you ask? Well my friends, you found the right tutorial right here. Follow the step by step process below and you'll be playing that old PSone game you loved so dearly long ago on your PSP handheld. *Note: Theses PSX eboot files will only work on a PSP thats running a custom firmware.*
Step 1: Download the software below if you don't have it already.
IceTea 1.3 -
Step 2: Extract the software to your PC and run the IceTea application.
Step 3: You will see the main window open that displays all the basic tasks needed to create the eboot from the PSX ISO. *Supported File Types: (*.img) , (*.iso) , (*.bin)* In the 'PSX Image' box, select the PSX image you made using Alcohol 52% or Alcohol 120% (See supported file types) Once you have selected the PSX image you want to convert, the 'Game ID' & 'Game Title' boxes should fill in with info automatically. If they do, skip to Step 5. If the boxes don't fill in automatically, continue to Step 4.
Step 4: Enter the Unique Game ID into the boxes. It's a four letter prefix & 5 digits. This number can be found on the actual PSone game disc. (Example: SLUS55124 or SCUS55124) Next, enter the name of the eboot as it will be shown in the XMB in the 'Game Title' box. (Example: Parasite Eve (Disc 1) [NTSC-U] or C&C Red Alert (Allies Disc) [NTSC-U])
Step 5: In the 'Compression' box, move the slider to best compression. This makes the eboot file size a lot smaller. It doesn't affect the gameplay or performance of the PSX eboot whatsoever.
Step 6: In the 'Output Directory' box, set where you would like to save your soon to be created eboot file. (Desktop usually is a good idea) Finally, hit the 'Let's Go' tab and sit back for a couple minutes while your eboot file is being created. After the file is created, it'll be saved to the directory or folder you chose.
Step 7: Create a new folder titled the name of the game you just converted into an eboot. (Example: Parasite Eve or C&C Red Alert) Place the eboot into that folder. The game is now ready to be transfered to the PSP.
Step 8: Place the folder with the eboot you created in it inside the following directory on the PSP: MS0:/PSP/GAME (Example: MS0:/PSP/GAME/Parasite Eve/EBOOT.PBP) Disconnect the PSP from your PC, scroll over to the Game option in the XMB and you should see your PSX game. Thats all there is to it. The P.O.P.S. (Playstation One Portable Station - Sony's offical PSX emulator built-in their newer firmwares and almost ALL custom firmwares 3.03 OE-C & above) is fully adjustable, adjust the settings of the playstation emulator by pressing the home button on the PSP. Here you can change the screen size, control scheme, disc speed, volume, and brightness options.
Tip: If the eboot isn't playing properly, you may need to update your firmware to a newer version to receive the latest P.O.P.S emulator. (Example: Dark_AleX 3.30 OE-A to Dark_AleX 3.40 OE-A or Team M33 3.51-7 to Team M33 3.52-4) With each new firmware, Sony updates their emulation software for more support.
Tip: Once you load the PSX eboot on your PSP for the 1st time, it will automatically generate a 'Save Game' file in the Save Data Utillity inside the 'Game' tab of the XMB. This file saves your custom P.O.P.S. settings as well as acts as original PSone memory card(s).
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