Castlevania Symphony Of The Night Rom For Ppsspp

  • Download Castlevania - Symphony of the Night (USA) (391M) Note: This game is a PSX2PSP eBoot and is meant to be played on a Sony PSP. If you are looking for a PSX/PS1 ISO to play on an emulator or console then please check our Sony Playstation ISOs Section.
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Recommended emulators

Symphony of the Night. To unlock the 1997 PSX classic Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, you must head to the alternate version of the third stage in the 3D remake. Once there, head upward to the topmost level of the stage, where you fight a bone snake that's attached to the wall. Just left of the bone snake, hanging from the ceiling, is a. The old one was just fine, as it was one of the games trademarks. If you've played through the original symphony of the night. Symphony of the Night is a direct sequel to Rondo of Blood. Unlike the previous installments of the series, the game is set in a castle which the player can explore freely with many different paths, although often items in certain areas need to be found that will allow passage to others.


1. Allowed Emulators
2. Banned Emulators
3. Emulator Rules
4. Rules Regarding Offstream Emulator Runs
5. Emulator Setup
6. Optimizing emulator performance

Allowed Emulators

BizHawk: recommended psx core from since 2016
Mednafen: lightweight accurate emulator
PPSSPP: for now this is the main option for PSP, hopefully Biz gets a core in the future


Banned Emulators

epsxe family: inaccurate rendering, inconsistent performance, optimized for casual play
XEBRA: Unfortunately, even though when it runs normally it seems to perform somewhere in between psxjin and BizHawk, it suffers from framerate fluctuations that can speed up the game during grphical lag. In addition during testing I experienced a game crash. The setup is incredibly convoluted and the emulator lacks a lot of features.
RetroArc: optimized for casual play instead of accuracy.


Emulator Rules

Warcraft 3 full game download. ● The game needs to be ran at 60fps, autodetect fps/skip should be enough
● No input automation of any kind (scripts/macros/etc.)
● Only one button bound per each emu button, with the exception of using dpad and analog stick.
● No lag reduction: ssspsx, pc fps, cpu overclock, artificial multithreading
● No abuse of holding left + right at the same time


Rules Regarding Offstream Emulator Runs

● Reset/power on from the previous run must be included in your run submission video.
● Specify the emulator used in the run and its version in the comments.
● Include all game audio.
● It is strongly encouraged to use input display.
● It is strongly encouraged to show the emulator window with the border included.

Castlevania Symphony Of The Night Rom For Ppsspp


Emulator Setup

● Always load the *.cue file instead of the bin/iso.

These graphical settings will give you square scaled pixels for great representation of the art assets. The game looks differently when displayed on a crt, but the assets are designed for square pixels.

● Always use windowed mode
● Always open the cue file, not the bin/iso

-config > display > scaling filter > none
-config > display > final filter > none
- config > display > maintain aspect ratio ☑

pixel pro
- config > display > use 1:1 pixel ratio ☑
- config > display > stretch pixels by integers only ☑
- PSX > Options > pixel pro mode ☑

tweaked mednafen
- config > display > use custom AR 256x208
- config > display > stretch pixels by integers only unchecked
- PSX > Options > tweaked mednafen mode ☑



- Texture filtering > Nearest
- Screen scaling filter > Nearest
- Rendering resolution > 3x
- Layout Editor > Options > Stretching
- Window size > ~1176x827 (not perfect)

LEGACY psxjin
Window Mode > 1030 X 962 (3x3 square pixels) , 518 X 480 (2x2 square pixels)
Window Mode > stretch to full window size ☑
Window Mode > No dithering ☑


Optimizing emulator performance

Castlevania Symphony Of The Night Rom For Ppsspp Pc

The emulators can sometimes stutter even on high-end powerful systems. Streaming, having a web browser open or using a browser source in OBS can all cause these performance issues. Changing the Config > Display > Display Method to OpenGL can sometimes help with these issues. A main reason seems to be that the emulators tend to focus on using one or two cores at most. These adjustments have proven to be effective in spreading the load to different cores:
Set emulator affinity to the last two cores of the system. Since doign that manually from the Task Manager is not permanent it is preferred to customize the shortcut instead.
Target: C:WindowsSystem32cmd.exe /C Start /affinity 0xC insert path to emulator exe
Start in: C:WindowsSystem32 (or alternative system location)

Castlevania Symphony Of The Night Rom For Ppsspp Download

The set of cores is set via the bit mask, in this case 0xC for cores 3 and 4 (counted as 2 and 3). Use 0x30 for 5+6 and C0 for 7+8. For a custom set of cores convert a binary string of zeroes to hexidecimal with windows calculator in programmer mode, placing a 1 in place of cores you want to select. The order is back to front. For example cores 3+6 in a 6-core processor would be 100100.

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