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Bad Time Simulator (Sans Fight) 672,131 play times. Idinagdag sa iyong profile favorites. Idagdag sa favourite. I-report ang bug. Pagpapatunay ng katauhan. Salamat, ang boto mo ay nairekord na at malapit ng makita. AUSTALE bad time. SnightCoder Role Playing. Add to Wishlist. In this game, you play as the human fighting Sans the skeleton from other Aus. The game simulating battle between human and the skeleton.

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A downloadable amazing, free game for Windows and macOS

Welcome to Yet Another Battle Simulator!

In this free, low poly game, you'll be able to have fun simulating all the battles you want with several different units to choose from. But you might think, why would I play yet another battle simulator? Is it gonna be like any other game of the genre? Well, here are some features that are or will soon be in the game that not many other games offer:

- Full control over time scale: go from 0.05x slow-mo to 2x speed just by scrolling your mouse wheel during the game


- Community units: every suggestion for a unit that I get on Discord will sooner or later make it into the game

/virtual-dj-8-karaoke-plugin-download/. If you already have a license, download the trial and enteryour license details when prompted to do so.The latest version ofVirtual DJ & Karaoke Studio is8.1.2, released June 25th, 2020.Download or upgrade using one of the links below:Primary Download Server:25.0 MB (32/64 Bit) - VDJ.Net ServerAlternative Download:Alternate Download Server:Be sure to leave a review on their site!If you are currently using an older version, you can install this Free Trialside-by-side - it will NOT affect your current installation. DownloadsYou can download a free trial of Virtual DJ & Karaoke Studio by clicking one ofthe links below.

- Campaign: while this isn't very unique, I thought I should mention the game includes pre-made levels that you can progress through

- It's free!: no cost now or in the future, you can't say that of other games (in-game purchases need to die..)

- Fortifications: an innovative way of customizing the map to make your battles even more interesting. Deploy this assets to created cover or obstacles for your troops.

Before the battle, left click to spawn troops and right click to delete them (I still have to put that instructions in-game sorry)

Please keep in mind that the game is very new and it doesn't have many things yet. However, I have found out that creating new units is actually very easy so expect many more of those, as well as maps and other features such as fortifications, spells, slow motion, custom units, maybe more factions.. who knows.

Bad Time Simulator Download Game Windows 7

Thanks to the use of Unity's Lightweight Render Pipeline and code optimization, the game can run many AI agents without performance issues. This means you could play the game even if your computer is a potato!

Lastly, I encourage you all to join my Discord server if you want to give feedback or ideas or just hang out with other cool people :) Something I'd actually really appreciate and encourage is that if you have a Twitch/YT channel you could record some gameplay so that I can post some links here. That way I can show some gameplay before people have to download the game and your channel gets more visits. The language doesn't matter and you could send me the link via Discord or comments.

Bad Time Simulator

Anyways, what are you waiting for? Just download the game and start playing to test it yourself! Thanks for playing and have fun!

(By the way it seems like there is some UI scaling issue in Mac but nobody knows how to fix it sorry)

Trailer made with the help of FameKrafts Studios

PlatformsWindows, macOS
AuthorDelthor Games
GenreSimulation, Strategy
Made withUnity, Blender
Tags3D, battle, Blender, free, Low-poly, simulator, tabs, Unity
Average sessionDays or more

Install instructions

After you download the .zip file, just extract it, find the YABS application and have fun!


Development log

  • Patch 0.8.1 - a patch
    Jul 04, 2019
  • Version 0.7.5 - I'm back!
    Jul 02, 2019
  • Version 0.6.5 - Winter and more
    Jun 27, 2019
  • v0.5.5 - SFX and minor changes
    Jun 25, 2019

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This game is great! Nice job, I can't wait to see future updates. I recommend more maps, and maybe some vehicles/mechs. Stuff like that, some sci-fi additions would be pretty cool. :)

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Bad Time Simulator Download Game Jolt

Thanks! I actually hadn't thought about sci-fi factions so thanks for the idea :) Stay tuned!

Bad Time Simulator Download Game Free

Great ideas, but you should consider joining my Discord because that's where I look when I'm trying to find new ideas

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