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BackTrack is the most top rated Linux live distribution focused on penetration testing. BackTrack consists of more than 300 different up-to-date tools which are logically structured according to the work flow of security professionals.

Download BACKTRACK 5 R1 GNOME direct link 32-bit. BackTrack was an open source Linux distribution that could be used by security professionals for penetration testing and digital forensics tasks in a native computing environment dedicated to hacking. It has been officially discontinued in February 2014. DOWNLOAD BACKTRACK 5R3 FREE - LATEST (32 & 64 BIT) BackTrack 5 R3 is one of the Most Powerful Linux Distribution used for Penetration and Find Loopholes in Websites, Software and Application. Basically, it is Based on GNOME Linux Distribution and Include many of Top used Security Tools Like MetaSploit, Wireshark, AirCrack, Nmap and other.

It's evolved from the merge of the two wide spread distributions - Whax and Auditor Security Collection. By joining forces and replacing these distributions, BackTrack has gained massive popularity and was voted in 2006 as the #1 Security Live Distribution by Security professionals as well as new-comers are using BackTrack as their favorite toolset all over the globe.

It takes advantage of SLAX's modular design and structure to enable the user to include customizable scripts, additional tools and configurable kernels in personalized distributions.With no installation whatsoever, the analysis platform is started directly from the CD-Rom and is fully accessible within minutes.

BackTrack's functionality further increases with the arrangement of each tool in 16 categories. The tool categories are as follows -

  • Enumeration
  • Exploit Archives
  • Password Attacks
  • Fuzzers
  • Spoofing
  • Sniffers
  • Tunneling
  • Wireless Tools
  • Cisco Tools
  • Database Tools
  • Forensic Tools
  • BackTrack Services
  • Reversing
  • Misc
Backtrack 3 free download for android tv

In relation to basic software packages, BackTrack includes some ordinary desktop programs such as Mozilla Firefox, Pidgin, K3b, and XMMS.

In short,BackTrack is a must have for any security expert out there.


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Odin3 is a free PC application which can flash and root Android-based phones.

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Backtrack 5 download

With Odin3, you can flash your Samsung cell phone and overwrite the system files. You can install any version of the Android OS on your smartphone before your phone manufacturer has released an update, putting you on the bleeding edge of software. Once your phone has been rooted, you are able to do all sorts of things.

Odin3 makes a phone rootable by installing a custom kernel giving you permanent root access. Users are however cautioned because installing custom operating systems or kernels can brick your device.

Please note that in order for Odin3 to run properly, you must run it as an administrator. In addition, edit the INI file included to your specification.

Odin3 is software which can update phone firmware.

Odin3 3.14.4 on 32-bit and 64-bit PCs

Backtrack 3 Download

This download is licensed as freeware for the Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system on a laptop or desktop PC from mobile phone tools without restrictions. Odin3 3.14.4 is available to all software users as a free download for Windows.

Backtrack 3 Free Download For Android Phone

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