Arma 3 King Of The Hill Download

Hi guys
I decided to make a tutorial on arma 3 king of the hill mode
What do you do in King of the Hill?
You hold the zone represented by a geometrical figure on your map.(m key) You hold it by being alive inside that figure.


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Arma 3 King Of The Hill Download

The UI – you can see there is your money, your level, your team points, enemy teams points, amount of players in that team and amount of players in the AO from that team.

How to get to the objective?
Use a community hely, or truck. OR, hop in one of the other players hely, note that you do not want to try to steal other players vehicles, this is bannable and trust me the admins are always online on teamspeak.
Usually u can tell if the person if ok with you going in their vehicle (its unarmed) and willing to give you a ride. Your best bet is helicopter, but sometimes when there is an enemy jet camping the spawn your best bet would be a ground vehicle.

What to do in the objective?
Just stay inside. If your team has the most players inside – you will eventually have 100 points (takes about 50 minutes) and you win the round. Also you make money while staying inside every tik that your team takes a point for holding the AO. If you want a pro tip on how to make money – watch the video I made on this with other pro tips.

There is a perk system in place you can check out what each of the perks does in the tooltip. Try to unlock all 3 perk slots as FIRST THING!

Where to get parachute?
You automatically get it when you are out of a hely and you are above 100 meters. If you are below 100 meters and you jump out – you are dead. So make sure it’s the right time.. wait for someone to jump first and see if they look like a star or they look like they are standing. star – good to go.

What happens when you die?
When you die you can wait to be revived by a teammate, or respawn. Note that, you will lose all the gear you bought once when you die.

How to unlock things?
You unlock things with levels and with buying it. Even skins for weapons and skins for hummingbird, also you unlock different apparel.

What you should not do?
Do not kill your teammates – they are represented by a square above them, try to keep them alive, revive them, help each other out it’s a team game.
Do not try to steal or damage your teammates vehicles – it’s bannable.

Arma 3 King Of The Hill Download

Where do I spawn?
You spawn inside a spawn area where you and your team and your teams vehicles are invulnerable. The invulnerablity area is represented on the map by a geometric ellipse area. Also it extends just 50 meters above the ground so note that.

How to make money faster, any pro tips?
Always join the group. If there is any groups on your team – ask for invite.( you can join the group via special menu that is accessible by pressing TILDA key, the key that opens console in most games) if there is no group – invite everyone and write in your side chat(blue , . key to switch) (/ key open up chat) that you made a group for everyone.

Arma 3

Why join the groups? Because you will be able to see any enemy that was spotted by your group member on the map. It’s pretty op. (On most servers this is enabled but not on all)

PRO tip
Open GPS – right CNTRL + M – this way if you are in a group you will be able to spot people around you that someone else saw from your team.

Pro tip
Stay inside the AO – that is by far the best early money maker. If you stay alive in the ao the whole round for 100 poinst you get 20 000 cash, plus victory bonus if your team won doubles that to a total of 40 000 per shortest game. Plus if your kill someone you also get money, revived teammate – made money – blew up enemy tank or quadbike – more money. But the staying inside the AO alive for as long as possible is the best money and XP method early on.

Pro tip – join opfor, they win most of the time if you really want that xp and money fast. Then if you master any of the vehicles availible in arma you can probabbly beat that, but ONLY if you REAly know what you are doing.

Pro tip
Make friends, and revive each other in the AO. Just try to find a dude or a couple and try to team up. If someone gets sniped – you can help him and vice versa.

Pro tip
Dont buy once anything from the gear. Always and only perma unlock. This way you make sure you will have enough money to play around with tanks and stuff like that and unlock whatever gun AND scope you want.

pro tip
After you unlocked 3 perk slots – go for Titan AA perma unlock – this is why. Try to target hummingbirds when they are flying low so the pilot will not be able to get it above 100 meters and you get all the kills. Hummingbirds dont have any countermeasures – so you will always make extra money this way.

pro tip
take explosive perk and launcher perk to get 2 rockets for your Titan AA.

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If you think that I helped you with this video, you know what to do.

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